Chapter 233 Hanwu University

"Niu Xiangcheng is dead!" Hu Lin sighed, sitting around a table in a biological laboratory at Hanwu University.

"Well, the interstellar hunter came faster than we expected, and teach us what to do next?" Kong Mingxuan said.

"Abominable, these interstellar hunters are really dog ​​skin plasters, they can't get rid of them." Ma Dongdong hated.

"What's wrong with you, Simin?" Hu Lin asked Hu Simin looking at him.

"It's done. I've assigned my scales to the third generation of the ethnic group. As long as they are not actively exposed, Star Hunter can't find them, even if Star Hunter walked past him with a detector. Not detectable!

Hey, Niu Xiangcheng is also unlucky, if he comes to Hanwu University with us, he will not be killed!

It's yours now, hide my scales close by, I don't want to hear any more of you being found dead! "

Hu Simin said, spreading out a palm, and saw a few glittering scales grow out of her palm.

Alas ... Several scales flew in front of Hu Lin, who took it and hid it.

Hu Lin said: "In the words of the earth star, it is always fate, and Niu Xiangcheng's destiny should be so. We don't have to remember the dead people. What we have to do now is how to survive and reproduce on the earth star.

The interstellar hunter has arrived and killed Niu Xiangcheng. It will be sooner or later to find us along this line of Niu Xiangcheng. "

"Hum! Come on, kill him when you come!" Ma Dongdong hummed.

"Don't underestimate the interstellar hunter, and at the same time don't underestimate the terrestrial star. I checked a lot of information these days. The terrestrial star is not as simple as our predecessor knew. Maybe ... no, there must be an extraordinary life.

If the interstellar hunter and the extraordinary life of Earth Star are linked and cooperate, it is definitely not good news for us.

We have to plan for the worst! "Hu Lin said.

Hearing that Hu Simin and others were all stunned, and then they focused their attention on the safety of their lives, and no one dared to take care.

Seeing such expressions from Hu Simin and others, Hu Lin nodded contentedly, and he was worried that these second generations had looked down on the enemy and had been hanged for many times, and had told him that he must not look down on any enemy.

Hu Lin continued: "How about Ye Feng?"

Peng Meijia curled her hair with her fingers and hummed, "That guy's self-awareness is so strong that he doesn't want to be mixed with us!"

Hu Lin rubbed his eyebrows and said, "Then don't worry about him. His ability to hide. The individual soldier may be better. Simin, has your scale been mailed to him?"

"Well, it has already been mailed, and he will soon receive it!" Hu Simin said.

Hu Lin nodded, and then said, "Where is Niu Shuo?"

"According to the customs of the Earth Star, he went home and went to the funeral!" Said Ma Dongdong: "Hey, that guy should not be unlucky and encounter the interstellar hunt like Niu Xiangcheng, was he killed?"

His predecessor is a father-son relationship with Niu Xiangcheng's predecessor. "

"Hum, you're killed, I won't be killed!" A cold humming sounded, and Niu Shuo kicked in the door of the laboratory and walked in.

"Come back, how?" Hu Lin asked.

"Shenlong County is hunting down the killer who killed Niu Xiangcheng, but if you want to catch the interstellar hunter, it is impossible to rely on those ordinary people.

During the time I went back, I really felt the breath of the interstellar hunter and wandered in Shenlong County. But it looks like he's looking for nothing. "Niu Shuo sat politely in a chair.

"You didn't take the initiative to expose it !?" Hu Lin nodded first, then stared at Niu Shuo with burning eyes.

"How is that possible? How could I take the initiative to expose it!" Niu Shuo spread his hands. No flaws were visible on the surface, but cold sweat was left on the back.

"That's good!" Hu Lin said irresponsibly, and then he looked at the crowd and said, "I have already said what I should say. As for how to do it, I think you have everything in your heart. If it's okay now, just leave the meeting. Well, you have to tell those three generations not to be actively exposed, at least not for a short time! "

"I see, Professor Hu, we will tell you!" Hu Simin and others agreed.

"Huh!" Hu Lin nodded, and said to Hu Simin: "Simin, you give Niu Shuo your scales, does he not?"

"Okay!" Hu Simin responded and shoved a new scale to Niu Shuo. She said, "Take it well, as long as the Star Hunter and you are in your arms, you won't find your truth if you don't take the initiative to expose it. Identity. "

"Ha, Simin, your ability is really great!" Niu Shuo took it happily, praised, and followed the others out of this biological laboratory.

Soon Hu Lin was left alone in this biological laboratory. Behind the window, the light did not shine on the front of Hu Lin, making Hu Lin's face even darker.

Hu Lin crossed his fingers with his fingers and leaned on the table, wondering what he was thinking.


"Is this your university on your planet?"

Su Yu finally drove to the gate of Hanwu University. Looking at the people coming and going, Jarvis asked with interest.

"Huh!" Su Yu nodded. "Does Orion have a university-like facility?"

"Of course, our people in Orion also attach great importance to education. They will not only impart various abilities and combat skills but also impart various cultural knowledge." Jarvis said.

"It's five o'clock, they are out of school!" Xuan Nv glanced at the time, and then walked directly into the campus, immediately attracting the attention of the students. There was no way. Xuan Nv was too beautiful. Everywhere will be noticed.

Not to mention Xuan Nv, Su Yu and Jarvis are also rare and handsome guys, and they are equally eye-catching on the university campus.

The key is the temperament of the three, which is not comparable to students who have not yet entered the society.

"Leader, shall we just go to Niu Shuo directly?" Su Yu asked beside Xuan Nv.

"Why not?" Xuan Nv kept walking.

"Eh ..." Su Yu said for a moment, "Leader, you just go directly to find this way, I don't think it's appropriate. Although we already know about Niu Shuo's major and class, others don't know, Hanwu University But it's not small. If he doesn't see us on purpose, we really can't find it. "

"Then what do you want to do?" Wen Yan said, Xuan Nv stopped and looked at Su Yu.

"Go to the school affairs office, find the school's duty teacher, and ask the duty teacher to help me find someone. He can find all of Niu Shuo and others over the phone. We don't need to find it ourselves!" Su Yu laughed.