Chapter 232 Analysis

"What? Xu Li is not at home? We did send them home." The relevant department in Shenlong County, Su Yu and the three met the staff responsible for sending Xu Li's mother and son home. He heard that Xu Li's house was empty. When I was surprised.

After hearing the words, Su Yu said, "Sent back? Isn't he here?"

"Well! Nothing, the related matters are over, no need to bother them anymore!" The relevant staff nodded, and then said: "Oh, yes, Ms. Xu Li's son was sent home by us, he's back to school, or should we drive to the station! Ms. Xu Li should be at home! "

Upon hearing this, Su Yu raised an eyebrow and said, "Niu Xiangcheng has just died, and his son is going to school?"

"Well, it was Ms. Xu Li who took it away personally. It may not be possible to return to Niu Xiangcheng until the case is broken!" Said the relevant staff.

Su Yu heard his words and nodded gently.

Xuan Nv asked: "Do you have any contact information for Ms. Xu Li here? Please contact us, we have something to look for her."

"Okay, wait!" The relevant staff nodded, and found Xu Li's phone and dialed it.

Soon the staff member shook his head and said, "She shut down!"

Hearing that Su Yu and Xuan Nv and Jarvis glanced at each other, and there was a speculation in their hearts. Xu Li probably was aware that Niu Xiangcheng was killed, and then she escaped!

"Thank you very much for your trouble. In this case, we will leave first!" Su Yu said to the relevant staff.

"It doesn't matter, I will also contact Xu Li here. If they are contacted, I will notify you as soon as possible!" The relevant staff smiled.

Subsequently, the three Su Yus left the relevant department. Su Yu said, "Leader, Jarvis, what do you think?"

Xuan Nv groaned and said, "It is very likely that Xu Li is a snake of destruction. Since she inherited everything from Xu Li, then she naturally has Xu Li's emotions. When she sees Niu Xiangcheng be killed, she has fear. Mentality, and then fled! "

Jarvis said: "Well, this is indeed possible. What do the next two plan to do? Walk around?"

"Well, just walk around and wait for the news from Xuan Dian!" Su Yu nodded and was getting ready to get in the car. This time, Xuan Nv got another big G to make things easier.

Buzzing, Benz is on fire, and it is about to start. At this moment, suddenly aura flashed out: "Wait a minute, leader, have we missed something?"

"???" Xuan Nv and Jarvis were stunned at Su Yu's words.

Xuan Nv said: "miss something?"

Su Yu squeezed his chin and pondered for a while: "Can we think in another direction, Xu Li is not a snake of destruction, but Niu Shuocheng's son Niu Shuo is a snake of destruction?"

"Isn't that possible?" Jarvis said: "Don't you say that Niu Shuo has been going to school in other places before, hasn't he had any contact with Niu Xiangcheng?"

"Well, that's right. Niu Shuo has been going to school, but it doesn't mean that Niu Xiangcheng and Niu Shuo haven't had contact before. The traffic is really too developed. It shouldn't be difficult for them to meet.

Xuan Nv blinked, "It's possible."

Su Yu continued: "Look at you, Jarvis said that there are two situations where the snake of destruction wants to be exposed. One is to inject the transformed person with snake species, and the other is to eat. time.

If Niu Shuo destroys the snake, then Niu Shuo eats Xu Li, Niu Shuo is exposed, and Xu Li is also missing. Is it reasonable? "

As soon as Su Yu said this, Xuan Nv and Jarvis were both stunned, and then suddenly thought it was too reasonable!

"Xuan Zhen, go and ask, which university Niu Shuo attends!" Xuan Nv said.

"Okay!" Su Yu responded, then quickly walked into the relevant department again, and soon came back to the lane: "Niu Shuo went to school at Hanwu University!"

"That's right!" Xuan Nv said, "Look at this information. This is what Xuan Dian just transmitted to me. It's Niu Xiangcheng's whereabouts for more than half a month!"

Su Yu took the tablet handed over by Xuan Nv, looked, his eyes narrowed immediately: "Niu Xiangcheng and the biological investigation team of Hanwu University visited Shenlong Mountain 20 days ago? He returned six days ago?"

"Huh!" Xuan Nv nodded.

Su Yu looked at Jarvis and said, "Jarvis, do you know where the snake species landed after entering the planet?"

Jarvis heard the words and pointed to the direction of the Dragon Frame: "Just in that direction!"

"Shenlongjia? Then you're right!" Su Yu sniffed and said, "Leadership, you see, the snake of destruction came to the planet with a snake species, and happened to meet Niu Xiangcheng, who was selling and examining in Shenlong Mountain. Then, Niu Xiangcheng and others were transformed, and then they waited in the mountains to mature themselves and came out of the dragon frame.

Niu Xiangcheng returned to his home, while the rest of the expedition returned to Hanwu University.

Niu Shuo is the son of Niu Xiangcheng, and a classmate or student of the team. Because of this relationship, there are other snakes of destruction who transformed Niu Shuo! "

"No, no!" Jarvis frowned and shook his head.

"What's wrong?" Su Yu snorted after hearing the words, and he felt that he was correct!

"Time and quantity don't match. According to what you say now, the number of snakes of destruction is added by 343.

In addition, the number of days is not right. The snake species of destruction came to the planet about ten days ago.

And they entered the dragon frame twenty days ago.

Niu Xiangcheng and others have not encountered the snake species of destruction for dozens of days.

There will never be a third-generation snake grow up!

Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you one thing. The snake species of the Serpent of Destruction that came to Earth Star can only transform one person, and after the snake species is injected into the transformer, the snake species of Destruction will be Death, it cannot be regarded as the generation of the snake of destruction.

The one who was transformed by him was regarded as the generation of snakes of destruction.

And when I killed Niu Xiangcheng, I checked it specifically. Niu Xiangcheng's snake species is not mature yet. It will take some time for it to grow. After all, if Niu Xiangcheng is alive, it is almost mature now. "Jarvis said.

After hearing the words, Su Yu was silent for a while and found that it was indeed the case. Then he held the tablet and calculated it silently, saying, "Well, I did say something wrong before, but it is not wrong.

The biological investigation team, a total of seven people, one of them was transformed into a generation of destroying snakes. After he matured in the dragon frame, he transformed the cattle into six people, then returned from the dragon frame, and transformed the cattle. !!

Alas, in this calculation, there are seven members of the biological investigation team, plus Niu Shuo, one generation plus two generations, a total of eight, this number is right! "

"Not good!" Xuan Nv suddenly said at this time: "The second-generation Destruction Serpent is now mature. At this time, it should be transforming the third-generation Destruction Serpent!"

With that said, Xuan Nv started the car, rushing out of the string and heading towards Hanwu University.

At the same time, the three also passed on the news to others, and most of them were heading for Hanwu University for a while.