Chapter 231 Plan

After introductions, Xuan Dian and others met with Jarvis, and then Jarvis put on his equipment one by one, and suddenly found that one of his equipment was missing: "Hey, destruction What about the snake's detector? Anything else can be lost, and that thing can't be lost. Then we can use it to find the snake! "

Su Yu heard a smile and said, "Don't worry, the detector just let us boss to research it, and see if we can imitate some. One detector is not enough."

Immediately, Jarvis breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he couldn't help secretly laughing. Although he thought that the technology level of Earth Star was good and exceeded his imagination, it was funny to want to copy the detector Already.

The detector looks simple, but the technology content is extremely high. In order to be able to detect the snake of destruction, it has been specially developed by several interstellar civilizations and has many special technologies.

Jarvis doesn't think that the technology level of Earth Star can be imitated.

Of course, Jarvis also thought in his mind that there was no change on the surface. Next, the two sides still have to cooperate.

After waiting for about half an hour, Xuan Laogua came, here again, carrying a large pocket in his hand, and before everyone asked, Xuan Laogua took the lead to speak at the same time, and at the same time stuffed Bluetooth headsets into the hands of everyone. : "I remodeled the translator in my spare time, and you all bring it on so that you can communicate with Jarvis without any obstacles."

Hearing that Su Yu was happy and was about to take off the stupid headset, put on the headset, and communicate with Jarvis, let Jarvis also put on, and then said to Xuan Laogua: "Boss, can the detector be copied? ? "

After hearing that, Jarvis shifted his eyes to Xuan Laogua, and the corners of his mouth could not help but raise his head as if he had seen Xuan Laogua shaking his head, and everyone was disappointed.

Xuan Laogua did shake his head, but it almost made Jarvis spray the blood.

Xuan Laogua shook his head and said, "I did not imitate the imitation. Although the technological content of that thing is good, it is so careless. On top of this, I made a transformation to extend the original detection distance of five kilometers to a radius of ten kilometers. Radius, extending the nearest two-meter detection radius to a five-meter detection radius. Within the five-meter detection radius, you can also accurately lock the target! "

Speaking of Xuan Laogua, he also took out the appearance of a cell phone and said, "Time is a little bit rushed, so I made dozens of them. You can make one for each one now. Now there are more productions, and more will be sent. Give some relevant departments so that they can detect them at any time! "

"Yes, boss!" Su Yu and others responded in unison.

And Jarvis's whole body was aggressive. The imitation was indeed not imitated, but was transformed, and also transformed stronger. Not only was it produced, but it was produced dozens of times. The most important thing is that in · Production!

Horror, Jarvis realized the real horror of the technology of the Earth Star.

At the same time, Jarvis was also glad that he had not expressed his disdain and other emotions before, otherwise his face would be beaten now.

Of course, Jarvis was still a little unbelievable, but when he also took one, he mumbled for a while and then convinced.

"Okay, put away the equipment. Next, let ’s go to the conference room to work out a battle plan. We must find and destroy all the snakes of destruction at the fastest speed. Xuan Zhen, you first talk about what you have now. All the information on it! "Xuan Laogua said.

"Good boss!" Su Yu said as he walked, telling all the information about the Serpent of Destruction.

It happened that Su Yu had just finished speaking, and everyone also came to the meeting room. Xuan Laogua sat in his chair and said, "Well, I know, let me think about how to do it. Everyone thinks about it and brainstorm!"

Then the meeting room fell into silence.

A few minutes later, Su Yu first said: "I think we can do this. According to the breeding characteristics of the snake of destruction, we need to start from the cow to the adult. He is the first snake to be exposed and identified.

Most breeding of the snake of destruction will start from the people around us. We can investigate all the actions of Niu Xiangcheng in the past half month, his itinerary, and who have been in close contact with.

No matter whether Niu Xiangcheng is the first-generation destruction snake or the second-generation destruction snake, he will certainly have direct contact with at least one destruction snake to lock in the possible scope of some destruction snakes!

Use the bull's head as the point, then lock in a large number of people who may be the snake of destruction.

Although this may take a lot of work, it can ensure that most of the destroyed snakes will not be missed! "

Upon hearing this, Xuan Laogua thought silently for a moment: "Well, just do it, but it needs to be expanded. According to Xuan Zhen, it is not difficult to find the next snake of destruction.

So when you find the next snake of destruction, check it in the same way.

Xuan Dian, to inquire about Niu Xiangcheng's itinerary and half-month's itinerary, and who have been in close contact with you, it's up to you. What kind of manpower is needed from the Ministry of Intelligence? "

"yes! My boss, we promise to complete the task!" Xuan Dian exclaimed.

Subsequently, everyone began to put forward feasibility opinions to improve the battle plan.

Then everyone put the first target on Xu Li's mother and son, and Niu Xiangcheng became the closest person to Xu Li's mother and son, but Xu Li's suspicion is the biggest, and it is likely to be the next snake of destruction.

Because Niu Shuo has been going to school in the field all the time. He came home when Niu Xiangcheng was killed by Jarvis. Before that, he had never had contact with Niu Xiangcheng at all.

So from this point of view, Niu Shuo has a zero chance of being transformed into a bull.

"Jarvis, did you detect the snake of destruction at Niu Xiangjia?" Xuan Laogua asked.

"Well, when I got there, there was no one in Niu Xiangcheng's home!" Jarvis said.

Xuan Laogua tapped with his fingers and said, "Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, the two of you, Jarvis, act together, investigate the mother and son of Xu Li, see where they are now, go to the relevant Department of Magic Dragon, you can find out News, they may not be at the relevant department at the time! "

Speaking of Xuan Laogua, he said to others: "As for the others, now they are going to the North Lake Province with their instruments scattered and conducting a comprehensive detection. Most likely, the snake of destruction will be in North Lake Province.

At the same time, always ready to receive Xuan Dian's intelligence. The specific operation is based on intelligence operation. Now the operation begins! "

"Yes, boss!" The crowd responded loudly, and then acted quickly. The crowd who had just returned from North Lake Province plunged into North Lake Province again.