Chapter 230 Cooperation

Watching Su Yu and Xuan Nv leave, Jarvis shouted, "Hey, shouldn't you let me go? I'm here to save you. You can't do this to me. Without my news, you still haven't Knowing that the Serpent of Destruction has invaded your planet, I am your benefactor ... "

Su Yu and Xuan Nv ignored him and went straight out.

"What do you think?" Xuan Laogua asked outside the interrogation room.

Su Yu scratched his head and said, "I feel that Jarvis is telling the truth. There is no need to lie. Otherwise, it would not have gone to 1,500 light-years away. The snake of destruction may really exist!"

"I agree with Xuan Zhen!" Xuan Nv said.

Others also nodded in agreement. If Jarvis was a liar, it didn't matter. At least he was playing with it, but the snake of destruction was really the case.

The snake of destruction would rather trust its existence than its credibility.

Xuan Laogua said: "Okay, let's treat it as if the snake of destruction really exists. I will study this instrument. If the snake of destruction really exists, this instrument will be of great use. Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, The two of you continue to interrogate and ask everything about the Serpent of Destruction. "

Having said that, Xuan Laogua smiled and said, "If the Serpent of Destruction really exists, then Jarvis is right in saying what he said just now. He can really be regarded as the benefactor of our planet.

Treat him well, wait and see. "

"I see, boss!" Su Yu laughed, watching Xuan Laogua leave with the instrument.

Then Su Yu and Xuan Nv came to the interrogation room again, Jarvis said: "How about, you can discuss the results, now you can let me go, but time is not waiting!"

"Don't worry, we believe what you say, but we still have a lot of questions to ask, I hope you can answer them one by one! Hey, this is our food on earth, do you taste it, do you like it?" Su Yu With a smile, he delivered a large tray of dishes, including Mapo Tofu and Kung Pao chicken, to Jarvis.

Jarvis took a look at the food in front of him, smelled the scent, and swallowed: "Okay, if you have any questions, just ask, I can say everything I can."

Then Jarvis began to eat and drink without being polite.

Su Yu smiled and said, "Jarvis, you just said that you came to Earth Star after the snake species. When did you arrive? When did the snake species come to Earth?"

"I arrived today when your earth star and the sun rose. As for when the snake species came to earth star, it is not very good to judge, but it will not be too long. It is at most 7 days to 14 days. Time, but it should be fast! "Jarvis said.

"That said, the number of snakes of destruction on Earth Star is now between eight and fifty-seven!" Su Yu squeezed his chin.

"No!" Jarvis shook his head: "I killed one, and now there should be between seven and fifty-six snakes of earth star destruction!" Jarvis shook his head and denied.

Su Yu nodded and said, "Yes, why did you go to Niu Xiangcheng's house? You really don't know that it is Niu Xiangcheng's house?"

Jarvis said: "Of course I don't know. I don't understand your language. How can I know that it is Niu Xiangcheng's home? I went there only because of the detector alarm, and there were traces of exposed snakes of destruction.

It's a pity that when I got there, the newly exposed snake of destruction had left and camouflaged.

Then, just as I was about to leave, you came. I thought you were the snake of destruction, so I stayed in the room waiting for you, ready to detect whether you are the snake of destruction.

Uh, I do n' t need to say what happened next! "

Jarvis looked at Su Yu with a resentful look. Su Yu coughed awkwardly: "No need to mention the latter, let's talk about the transformation and reproduction of the snake of destruction and exposure."

"Okay!" Jarvis nodded indifferently, without tangling in the misunderstanding between the two sides.

"You said that the destroying snake transformed and reproduced, and the selected transformation were not randomly selected. You must have high enough wisdom to do it, right?" Su Yu asked.

"Well, only the wise race will be the target of Serpent's transformation." Jarvis nodded.

"So, besides this, are there any other requirements for transformation? For example, Niu Xiangcheng is a snake of destruction. After maturity, he will choose the relatives around him to transform, or choose others to transform?" Xuan Nv said.

Jarvis paused. "That is not. The choice of the transformation of the snake of destruction is basically random. Of course, there is a high probability that they will start from the people around them."

Upon hearing that, Su Yu frowned slightly, and the snake of destruction was hard to find.

"Then let ' s talk about exposure. Under what circumstances will the Serpent of Destruction be exposed?" Su Yu said.

"I say absolute, when the snake of destruction destroys the snake species into the transformant, it will be exposed. It cannot be concealed. This is an absolute situation.

The second case is not necessarily the case, and it will be exposed when the snake of destruction destroys it.

Of course, this is not absolute. After many times of destruction, the snake of destruction has known its weaknesses, so it has been trying to overcome it. Although it cannot overcome the first point, it can be overcome. Underestimated the wisdom of the Serpent of Destruction. "Jarvis said.

After all, Jarvis had a full meal, and he had eaten the food in the tray. He smiled: "The food of Earth Star is delicious!"

Su Yu said with a smile: "Like, you will eat more in the future."

"Let's get back to business, can you let me go now?" Jarvis wiped his lips.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv glanced at each other. Su Yu said, "Of course! However, we still have a request. We hope Jarvis can act with us to find and kill all the remaining snakes of destruction. Drop. "

"Don't say that I'll ask like this!" Jarvis shrugged.

"Haha!" Su Yu haha ​​smiled: "Then I wish we happy cooperation, formally meet, you can call me Xuan Zhen!"

Xuan Nv: "Xuan Nv!"

"Jarvis, it's nice to meet the two!" Jarvis laughed.

"Let's go out. I'll introduce you to my colleagues. Next, our cooperation will be essential and we will also take your equipment. Also, look at what else you need. Can provide! "Su Yu said.

Later, Su Yu and Xuan Nv took Jarvis out of the interrogation room, met with Xuan Dian and others, and knew each other.