Chapter 229 Enhanced Version

After hearing Jarvis' words, everyone could not help but imagine it. According to the maximum reproduction speed of the destroying snake, the formula for the increase in the number of destroying snakes was this: 7 ^ 0 + 7 ^ 1 + 7 ^ 2 + 7 ^ 3 + ... + 7 ^ n

This is an equal-number series formula. After a few calculations, if the number of destroyed snakes really multiplies and increases in value according to this formula, within 12 weeks, all humans on the planet will become snakes of destruction.

Of course, this is calculated from the ideal breeding environment of the destroying snake, which is actually not the case.

However, even if there are many restrictions on reproduction, it is extremely scary.

Thinking of this, everyone was shivering involuntarily.

The breeding method of the snake of destruction is really terrible. If Jarvis is true, there is such an extraordinary life as the snake of destruction, then it is reasonable for other civilizations in the universe to kill and destroy the snake.

Everyone looked dignified, Xuan Laogua shouted into the interrogation room through the microphone: "Xuan Zhen, you ask, what other racial characteristics of the snake of destruction?"

Hearing Xuan Laogua's words, Su Yu nodded solemnly, repeating Xuan Laogua's question and Jarvis again.

Jarvis also looked solemnly at this moment. He knew that his words had begun to attract the attention of the extraordinary people such as Earth Star.

Jarvis organized the language and said, "The horror of the breeding speed of the Serpent of Destruction is one of their racial characteristics and the most terrifying point. In a short time, a race will be completely transformed into their race.

Of course, the snake of destruction is pickier. Not all races will choose to transform. Only intelligent life with a relatively high level of intelligence can become their transformation target. "

After hearing the words, Su Yu raised an eyebrow and said, "What is the strength of the destroying snake? You just said that the single strength of the destroying snake is not strong!"

Jarvis said: "No, no, no, it seems you misunderstood what I meant. Although I said before that the unit of the destruction of the snake is not strong.

But that's not to say that the Serpent of Destruction really has no powerful combat power.

I say that just not so much compared to their horrible reproduction speed.

In fact, the single strength of the Snake of Destruction cannot be ignored. "

"Specifically!" Xuan Nv asked.

Jarvis continued: "The weakest snake also has a mysterious order, and the strong one may reach the heaven order. As for how strong the destroyed snake is, it depends on the target strength and potential to be transformed.

For example, a snake species of destruction entered my body and began to transform me and eat me from the inside out. After the transformation is completed, the strength of the destruction snake will also have my strength, and Will inherit my abilities.

If I add my potential, the destruction of the snake will exceed my strength.

Of course, their strength is not achieved overnight, and it takes time to grow! "

"Does the Serpent of Destruction have any other racial characteristics?" Su Yu said.

"Of course, the Serpent of Destruction has a very strong ability to camouflage. It is like I have been converted. Without being actively exposed, you can't find that I have been transformed even if I am by my side.

Because after the transformation of the destroyed snake, the destroyed snake has inherited everything from me, not just ability, thinking, memory, and interpersonal relations, it has inherited. He is a version of me, maybe even more than me. More like me. "Jarvis said.

Su Yu could not help but grin, could this Destroyed Snake not be an enhanced version of the parasite! terrible!

Su Yu took a deep breath. "Since the disguise of Destruction Snake is so strong, how did you discern Niu Xiangcheng from Destruction?"

"Just that!" Jarvis pointed to the device, which looked like a cell phone. "This device is designed to detect the snake of destruction.

I said we can't find the Serpent of Destruction without actively exposing it. This device can't detect it at a long distance.

However, the snakes of destruction will always be exposed automatically, and they will be exposed when they eat and when the snake species is injected into the transformed body, revealing their body.

As long as it is within the detection range, the instrument can detect it. "

"What if it's not in the detection range?" Su Yu asked.

Jarvis shrugged. "Then you won't find it!"

Su Yu frowned. "Then this thing, can you lock the other party directly? As long as it is exposed!"

"How could it be? If this instrument is so powerful, the snake of destruction may not be intimidated. After the snake of destruction is exposed, the instrument can only lock where it was at the time of exposure. Notify me to get over it." Jarvis slipped his lips.

"That said, this thing is only able to tell you that there is a snake of the destruction nearby, not to tell you which is a snake of destruction!" Su Yu frowned. This function said it was useful, it was useful, it was useless and not use.

"Yes, so!" Jarvis nodded.

"Then how did you confirm that Niu Xiangcheng was the snake of destruction?" Xuan Nv said, feeling that Jarvis's words were always contradictory.

"Speaking of which you may not believe, Niu Xiangcheng was not exposed. I just followed Earth Star's route of escape from the snake species, and the previous city was the city closest to the place where the Serpent landed.

If that snake species choose to breed, that city is the first choice.

So I searched in that city. Coincidentally, I just arrived in that city and soon met Niu Xiangcheng. After discovering that Niu Xiangcheng was the snake of destruction, I didn't hesitate to take a shot. What happened next? You should all know! "Jarvis spread his hand.

"Wait for a second, you're wrong. Didn't you say that when you weren't exposed, you couldn't find the snake of destruction? Then how did you see that Niu Xiangcheng was the snake of destruction? Don't tell me that it is intuitive!" Su Yu Road.

"Of course not intuition. This instrument told me. What I just said was his long-range reconnaissance function. It also has a close-range reconnaissance function. As long as the snake of destruction appears within two meters of it, it will be accurate. Lock of Destruction Snake.

At that time, Niu Xiangcheng passed me by and I was so locked up! "Jarvis said.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu smiled and said, "You are really lucky!"

Jarvis shook his head and said, "No, it's not me who is lucky, but he is bad enough."

"Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, come out now!" Just as Su Yu was preparing to ask some questions, Xuan Laogua's voice came in. Su Yu and Xuan Nv glanced at each other, and they packed up and left. Out.