Chapter 228 Interrogation

"Bring this!" Su Yu said and motioned to put a headset on his ear, which had been opened by Su Yu.

Jarvis watched Su Yu's movements, nodded gently, and put the headset on his ears in a similar way.

"Can you understand what I say?" Su Yu asked Jarvis with his headset on.

Jarvis was silent for a while, and said, "I understand, can you understand what I say?"

"Yes!" Su Yu nodded likewise. At the same time, the voice heard the headset passed outside, listening to the conversation between the two, everyone was a joy, and finally able to communicate normally.

"Well, now that you can understand, then the interrogation has begun. Listen, we ask you what you can answer!" Xuan Nv said, his voice cold and unemotional.

"Wait a moment, an interrogation? You said you were interrogating me?" Jarvis frowned.

"Crap, don't interrogate you, is it interrogating us?" Su Yu rolled his eyes.

"Uh ... then I'll ask the second one. What crimes have I committed? You should interrogate me? Do you know that it's against the interstellar law to detain me like this!" Jarvis said, as The criminals interrogated and Jarvis couldn't bear it.

"Interstellar law? We don' t understand what interstellar law is. Here we have to follow our laws. You said you did n' t commit a crime? Then you killed someone on the street, what is that?” Su Yu yelled, without giving Jarvis a good look Look.

"Well, the interrogation begins, don't talk nonsense! We ask you anything, do you know what you say?" Su Yu knocked at the table.

Jarvis shrugged and said it was okay, he knew it would not be good for him to continue.





"Where are you from?"

"I am from Orion, Orion, 1500 light-years away from your planet!"

I heard that Su Yu's pupils shrunk slightly and secretly said that the goods were really aliens. If it hadn't been for the crocodile people of alien races, it would be enough to surprise Su Yu now, but Su Yu was still calm at this time.

Su Yu said, "Why did you come to Earth Star? Why did you kill our Earth Star citizens? What happened to Niu Xiangcheng, why did you kill him cruelly?"

Jarvis squinted at Su Yu and said, "I came to Earth Star to hunt down the destroying serpent. As for you saying that I killed your Earth Star citizen and wronged me, I never killed innocent people!"


Xuan Nv patted the table and said, "I still want to quibble, do we all see it wrong?"

"Calm!" Jarvis raised his hands and felt the coldness of Xuan Nv a little irritated.

Jarvis swallowed and then said, "While the guy I killed was a human, was he called Niu Xiangcheng? When I killed him, he was dead, he was no longer a human!"

"What do you mean? What made him dead when you killed him?" Su Yu asked.

Jarvis said: "What you heard, Niu Xiangcheng you saw is actually not Niu Xiangcheng, he is already the snake of destruction. I said that I came to the planet to hunt down the snake of destruction.

Otherwise, there were so many people at the time, why should I kill him? Can you think about it, what reason do I have to run a place 1500 light-years away to kill an earth star? "

Upon hearing this, Su Yu and Xuan Nv glanced at each other and said, "What evidence do you have that shows what kind of snake of destruction you killed? What else is a snake of destruction?"

"Well ..." Jarvis groaned slightly: "The snake of destruction is an extraordinary life, and it is a very, very terrible one. A lot of civilizations have been destroyed in the hands of the snake in the sky.

Because of the harmfulness of the snake of destruction, the snake of destruction has been strangled by all civilizations in the starry sky.

After a long battle, most of the destroying snakes were destroyed, but in order to prevent their own race from being destroyed, the destroying snakes launched a lot of snake species into the universe on the eve of the death. To ensure that the race is immortal or rise again. "

Jarvis paused and continued: "Of course, most of the snake species of destruction was intercepted and destroyed when it was launched.

However, there are always lucky people who escape the net.

In order to prevent the destruction of the snake from rising again, the major civilizations in the universe have given out rewards and began to really treat the surviving snakes of destruction.

And for the reward, I came here to destroy the destroying snake that escaped here. "

"For a reward?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

"Me?" Jarvis also raised an eyebrow. "You have to listen well. My profession is very great. My profession is a great interstellar hunter, who specializes in completing various dangerous tasks and receiving rewards. It is a profession that only the strong can do! "

Su Yu touched her nose. How did Jarvis feel a second-degree illness?

After coughing, he said, "Well, let's not talk about your profession. Since you said that Niu Xiangcheng is the snake of destruction, why didn't you leave after you killed him, but instead go to Niu Xiangcheng's home?"

Hearing Jarvis's brows frowned: "Niu Xiangcheng's home? Do you mean the house we met in the home of Niu Xiangcheng? No wonder there will be other waves of destruction."

Hearing Jarvis's words, Xuan Nv sneer said, "You don't even know it's Niu Xiangcheng's home? Oh, interesting, you can really compose a story, even a snake of destruction.

Don't you think your words are inconsistent? What you said earlier was 'that one', which means that there was only one snake of destruction that you hunted down, but you also said that you sensed other snakes of destruction. Are you acting like a fool? "

On hearing that, Jarvis's eyes were round and round, and he thought about it for a while, and he really said that before, and then he slumped, and quickly explained: "I didn't lie to you, I fled to the destruction snake of your planet There is indeed one, but the snake of destruction can reproduce!

The reason why the Serpent of Destruction is jeopardized by the civilization in the sky is not how powerful the individual strength of the Serpent of Destruction is.

It's because of the racial character of the Serpent of Destruction.

One of them is the speed of reproduction. Although a destroying snake can only reproduce once in a lifetime, the destroying snake will mature in a week and be able to reproduce, and it can reproduce seven new destroying snakes at one time Almost in the form of a power of seven.

Of course, the specifics are not as exaggerated as I said. The breeding of the snake of destruction must be injected into the boarding body!

Although, this restriction limits the speed of reproduction of the snake of destruction, the speed of reproduction of the snake of destruction is also terrible.

You can imagine it! "