Chapter 227 Translation Machine

In the interrogation room of the Detective Bureau, the crowd looked at Jarvis, who was sitting in the interrogation room honestly, across a one-way soundproof window, and his expression was a little incredible.

In the public's impression, Jarvis should be the kind of wicked villain, and anything can be associated with Jarvis, but he cannot be alone with honesty.

However, the fact was that everyone broke through their glasses, and after Jarvis was liberated from the seal, it was absolutely abnormal cooperation. Whatever he did, it was incredible.

Xuan Dian said silently: "This guy doesn't look like a badass!"

Everyone heard the words and could not help but nodded, all a little embarrassed, and did not understand why a person like Jarvis would kill Niu Xiangcheng on the street.

The crowd looked at Xuan Laogua, who was examining the equipment that had been removed from Jarvis.

The language is unavailable, and interrogation cannot be interrogated. I can only expect Xuan Laogua to find some useful information from this equipment, such as where Jarvis came from, and what language was spoken.

Xuan Laogua's preparations for Jarvis's body were studied after the minutes passed, and Xuan Laogua exhaled a long breath.

Xuan Shui said immediately after seeing this: "Boss, do you know what happened? Where did the guy come from? Why has he never heard the language?"

Xuan Laogua said: "It's normal to haven't heard. He's not from our world. He comes from the sky!"

"His ~" When they heard Xuan Laogua's words, everyone couldn't help but inhale: "He's an alien? A human in the sky?"

"Well, it should be!" Xuan Laogua nodded. "I researched his equipment. All the technologies are not in our world, and the language is not the language of any life on Earth. Even the language in the record also matches. No.

Combining the above two points, more than 80% of the probability, the guy inside is from the starry sky! "

Speaking of Xuan Laogua picking up something like a wristband: "You see, this legendary energy shield is not the ability of the other party, I checked him, he should be a single-powered person, able to imitate the difference Is another extraordinary weapon.

Whether it's the Thunder Spear you saw or the long flame of fire as Xuan Zhen said, it's a change of his ability.

However, he is now at the limit of being able to imitate weapons of two different families, as to whether he can imitate weapons of other families is unknown. "

Hearing the words of Xuan Laogua, Su Yu was a little surprised. Su Yu could feel the power of the opponent when he played against Jarvis, but it was not as powerful as expected.

In terms of level, Jarvis is higher than Su Yu, but in the fight, it was clear that Jarvis had already used three abilities, but tied with Su Yu.

At that time, Su Yu thought it was caused by Jarvis's illusion back and forth using a single ability.

It now appears that Jarvis is not three capabilities at all, but one.

Everyone still believes in Xuan Laogua's judgment, so Jarvis is an alien and everyone has agreed.

Xuan Yi played with the scalpel and said, "Human race in the starry sky, oh, I don't know what is different from our structure, I really want to dissect him!"

Everyone knows very well what kind of person Xuan Yi is, so it's no wonder that Xuan Yi's words have long been.

I would like to ask, who is present, Xuan Yi does not want to dissect? The difference is which one she wants to dissect.

After everyone agreed with the aliens of Jarvis, not only did the puzzles not be solved, but they were even more confused. An alien came to Earth to kill an ordinary person?

"Boss, is there any way to communicate with the other party?" Xuan Nv said: "If he can't communicate with him, he won't know why he will kill Niu Xiangcheng. I think this is a very important reason."

Xuan Laogua said: "Of course there is a way, remember the last time of the crocodile-lizard spaceship? Although the spaceship was broken a lot, many technologies have been cracked.

One of them was to crack a language translator tool manufacturing method in the spacecraft's Smart Brain, which originally felt useless. Now it seems that the thing is prepared for today. "

"Great, my boss, did you make a language translator?" Su Yu said.

"Hahaha!" Xuan Laogua said with a smile: "It happened to be boring a few days ago, I really made one, you guys wait for me to get it now!"

Soon, Xuan Laogua came back with a few headset-like things and said, "This language translator contains almost all the languages ​​of our planet, and there are also a large number of extraterrestrial languages ​​collected by the Crocodile family. As long as the language of the person is in the collection. With this headset, you can automatically translate and communicate! "

Su Yu and others listened to Xuan Laogua's explanation and thought it was a good thing, but it looked a little embarrassing when looking at the appearance!

"Cough!" Xuan Laogua couldn't help but coughed for two channels when he noticed the eyes of the crowd: "This is just what I just do. It will be improved at that time. It will be changed to an infinite headset or embedded.

Alright, let's do it first, Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, you were arrested by you, and the interrogation is also handed to you!

Come, let me teach you how to use it first. This is a switch, this is an external amplifier. We can hear this when we turn it on, and it will be played in our language! "

"Okay, boss!" Su Yu took the headset.

Xuan Nv also took over, and the two were ready to walk towards the interrogation room.

"Wait a minute!" Xuan Laogua then said again: "Bring his equipment in, I haven't figured out the specific effects of some things, and you also ask about their specific uses!"

"Okay, I see!" Su Yu picked up a few pieces of Jarvis's gear and went into the interrogation room.

In the interrogation room, Jarvis was a bit bored and couldn't figure out why Su Yu and others left him in this room and ignored him.

However, he was silently shocked. At the moment when the seal was lifted, he saw many extraordinary people, many of whom were not weaker than him. He was fortunate that he had surrendered. If he hardens, he feels that he may already be Break into scum.

Shocked and relieved.

It is a good thing for him to have an extraordinary life on this planet, at least someone can work with him to deal with the snake of destruction.

As for whether Su Yu and others will cooperate with him, Jarvis has 100% confidence.

As long as the harmfulness of the snake of destruction is mentioned, no one will choose not to cooperate, and he has already experienced such things several times.

Just as Jarvis thought about how to communicate with Su Yu and others, the door was opened.