Chapter 226 Surrender

"Huh ~ hh ~" Jarvis gasped, this wave of attacks cost him a great deal, and he needed to slowly, the longbow of fire in his hand slowly dissipating.

Moreover, Jarvis also felt that under his violent bombing, Su Yu should be honest. In the bombing, Su Yu may be killed. He did not intend to kill Su. Yu kills them both.

But the next moment, Jarvis couldn't help but widen his eyes, unbelievable.

In the blazing flames, a monstrous cold broke out suddenly, and all of a sudden swept the square, everything froze, and even the flames froze and became ice sculptures.

In an instant, the world of flames became a frozen world.

With the sound of Kara, all the ice collapsed in an instant, turning into crystal clear ice crystals flying in the air, shining brightly in the sun.

Stepping ... the sound of footsteps, two figures came out of the ice crystal, Jarvis could not help but bitterly, cursing: Special, or human, even without any injuries?

Alas ~ The next moment, Jarvis felt a gloom before him, and a figure appeared in front of him.

So fast! Jarvis thought that before he could open the shield, he had to raise his arms to block.

With a loud muffled sound, Jarvis instantly felt his arms lose consciousness, and the ceiling under his feet could not withstand the force of terror, and immediately burst open, exposing holes.

With a slap, Jarvis was slammed into the building by Su Yu.

Boom! boom! Boom ... Boom!

Jarvis smashed through the ceiling, layer after layer, and finally stopped on the ground before stopping, and the whole building was shaking.

And Su Yu didn't stop. At the moment when he flew to Jarvis, Su Yu's figure rushed down immediately.

At the same time, punches continued to bombard Jarvis.

The rumbling ... The building finally couldn't bear the two people's battle, it collapsed, and a large amount of smoke was raised.

Alas, the ruins exploded, and two figures rose into the sky. It was Jarvis and Su Yu.

Jarvis continued to attack Su Yu with the Thunder Spear, and Su Yu showed no weakness. Although he was bare-handed, he did not fall into the wind. Daodaoquan cut through the void and blasted towards Jarvis.

Dang Dang Dang ... The fists and spears collided, making a series of sounds of metal impact.

With every sound of metal impact, a circle of shock waves erupted.

Suddenly, Su Yu and Jarvis had hundreds of moves against each other.

Strong, Jarvis is very strong. Su Yu felt it really. Although he still had shock power not used, Su Yu had a feeling that he used shock power, and the fight against Jarvis was also very heavy.

Su Yu did not use shock power, but Su Yu could also feel that Jarvis had other cards.

However, Su Yu smiled. Although he couldn't win Jarvis himself, he could win with Xuan Nv. Jarvis didn't run away.

"Abominable!" Jarvis gritted his teeth and realized this, watching Su Yu and Xuan Nv look dull, knowing they couldn't beat, and running was also difficult.

Turning his heart around, he raised his hands and said, "I surrender!"

Since he couldn't fight and couldn't run, Jarvis simply surrendered. Of course, the main reason for Jarvis's choice to surrender was after some fighting. It has been found that Su Yu and Xuan Nv did not mean to kill him.

Otherwise, he won't surrender.

Su Yu, who was still thinking about continuing the fight, stopped suddenly when he saw this. Although he didn't understand Jarvis' words, at this moment he understood Jarvis's meaning-surrender!

"Leader, he surrendered!" Su Yu said here, "What next?"

"Now that he has surrendered, take him back to the bureau for questioning, but beware of fraud!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu nodded slightly, then walked towards Jarvis. The two stood opposite each other one meter away. Jarvis still held his hands high at this moment in order to maintain his attitude.

"Are you going to surrender?" Su Yu came to Jarvis' side, and although he couldn't understand it, he couldn't help saying it.

"Huh! Huh!" Jarvis nodded, and he couldn't understand Su Yu's words, but at this moment Jing Yu could probably guess what Su Yu meant.

Seeing this, Su Yu breathed a little sigh of relief, but was alert but did not relax, took out the seal pestle, and regardless of whether Jarvis could understand, he said, "Although you surrendered, in case of an accident, I still want to sell you, this is our bottom line. "

Jarvis didn't know what Su Yu was muttering, looking at the seal pestle, and frowning. Although he hadn't seen the thing, he had seen something similar and had guessed the use of the seal pestle.

The seal is definitely not good. Jarvis has rebelled from the bottom of his heart. It's a bit upset: I have surrendered. Do you still want to seal me?

He wanted to shake his head to refuse but felt Su Yu's rising momentum gradually, and Xuan Nv slowly pulling out the long sword, Jarvis was discouraged, and nodded suddenly: "Okay, seal Right! "

Seeing that Jarvis nodded, Su Yu was relieved again, this time without any hesitation, he stabbed the seal pestle directly towards Jarvis.

Xuan Nv was on guard next to him. Once Jarvis had any wrongdoing, she would have her headache.

With no surprises, Jarvis was sealed in a seal pestle.

Su Yu looked at the seal pestle in his hand, a little shaking, too fast, how long did it take the prisoner?

Su Yu turned out to be unreal.

Su Yu couldn't help but said, "This case is over, it doesn't feel like it!"

Xuan Nv nodded gently: "Well, this man really does not look like a wicked man. Although the previous battle was fierce, I never felt the intention of killing the other person.

Although angry, it is pure, just like we want to bring him down, and he wants to bring us down too! "

"Huh!" Su Yu nodded gently, "I feel the same way, but he is the one who killed Niu Xiangcheng, but why did he kill Niu Xiangcheng?"

Su Yu and Xuan Nv were a little confused for a while, Jarvis was too obedient, and the submissive Su Yu and Xuan Nv thought they almost caught the wrong person.

"Forget it, let's go back to the bureau and talk, and see if anyone can understand him, and you can understand the reason after interrogation!" Su Yu scratched his head.

Xuan Nv nodded and reached out to recall the enchantment beads. The two returned to the real world without too much delay. The two notified their colleagues who were active in Beihu Province that the prisoner had been caught and returned to detectives. Board.