Chapter 225 Three Kinds of Abilities

Shoop~~ Shoop ~

Two airborne sounds came, and Jarvis couldn't help cursing, and his body fell back sharply.

Jarvis had just left, and with a bang, Su Yu fell to the place where Jarvis had just stood.

The roar rang, and the broken ground shattered again.

The billowing smoke soared into the sky, and Su Yu stepped out of the smoke, and his body was surrounded by a blue arc.

Jarvis looked suspiciously at Su Yu and Xuan Nv. Su Yu and Xuan Nv felt powerful threats.

Jarvis smiled bitterly. This world not only has an extraordinary life, but it is also very powerful.

Not only that, but Jarvis also found that he also underestimated the technology of this world, and looked around, and he knew that he was included in the dimension world (projection world). This is not the world technology he knows. Did it.

Jarvis was speechless and didn't understand why the extraordinary and powerful technology in this world was hiding.

At the time of Jarvis's wild thoughts, Su Yu made another move. In Su Yu's opinion, this guy is a murderer, and he must be right.

Stepping on your feet, rushing towards Jarvis again, while drinking: "Say, who the hell are you? Why are you in Niu Xiangcheng's house? Mother and son Xu Li, what have you done to them?"

Bang, the wall of a building was blasted by Su Yu's fist, and Jarvis escaped the bombardment of Su Yu.

"Damn!" Jarvis looked at the hole that Su Yu blasted out, couldn't help but yelled, and said loudly, "Who are you? Why did you hit me?"

However, the conversation between the two was like talking to a chicken and a duck, and they didn't understand at all. Anyway, they felt that the other was angry.

Su Yu is angry because Jarvis is so arrogant as a murderer.

Not only did he kill Niu Xiangcheng, he even went to Niu Xiangcheng's home. What he wanted to do, Su Yu had made up for it according to the routine.

In my mind, Jarvis was a very vicious person, and even Niu Xiangcheng's family did not let go.

Jarvis was angry because he was doing something good, but was attacked for no reason, and his handsome face was deformed.

Both of them had reasons for anger. They suddenly felt a little unpleasant when they saw each other. Although they had a feeling in their hearts that they might have misunderstood something because of the lack of language, they both ignored it at this moment.

Both had an idea in their hearts. To bring down the other side, as long as the other side is down, you can have a better conversation. Whether it is interrogation or explanation, only one side can be truly honest.

This time Jarvis took the lead and reached out a hand and a Thunder Spear appeared in his hand.

With a bang, Jarvis threw at Su Yu as if through space and came to Su Yu in a blink of an eye.

Seeing this scene, Su Yu and Xuan Nv both determined that Jarvis was the murderer who killed Niu Xiangcheng. If the two were a little skeptical because of their appearance, then there is no doubt now.

So at this moment Xuan Nv also shot, and with a slam, the sword came out of the sheath, and a sword light cut at the Thundering War Spear.

Boom ~ The two collided and exploded, creating a loud noise, and the two's attacks annihilated the air.

When Su Yu attacked and exploded, he retreated at a rapid speed, avoiding the damaged area of ​​the explosion, and appeared beside Xuan Nv.

"Fuck, it's not fair!" Seeing Jarvis angered, one-on-two, Jarvis thought he might not be able to do it.

Xuan Nv frowned slightly. She couldn't understand Jarvis's words, and asked Su Yu next to her, "Xuan Zhen, what do you think he was talking about?"

"I don't know, but the probability is that you are scolding someone? No matter what, let's talk him down!" Su Yu said, and before the words fell, people had already rushed out.

Xuan Nv nodded slightly, lightly at his feet, and the immortal rushed towards Jarvis.

The distance between the two sides was fleeting. Su Yu had already arrived in front of Jarvis, and Su Yu volleyed into Jarvis's head.

Jarvis raised his shield to parry.

There was a loud noise, and the two met fiercely. There was a ripple of ripples between them, and it was a shock wave caused by the collision between the two.

With a click, at the same time, the ground beneath Jarvis's feet shattered, forming a huge pit.

Huge power broke out between the two, Su Yu's body couldn't help being bounced high, and Jarvis was rolled backward by the impact of the huge power, crushing a hundred meters long on the ground. Gully stopped.

"Is the energy going to run out?" Jarvis glanced at the illusive shields and frowned. At the same time, he felt a crisis coming, but he didn't think about it.

The moment he avoided, he saw Xuan Nv come down, the beauty was like a goddess fairy, but the long sword that shimmered in cold light caused his hair to stand upside down.

Hearing only a bang, the long sword chopped down before him and stood, and the next moment there was a bang, a huge kilometer-long sword mark appeared on the ground, and even several buildings were divided into two.

Jarvis was cold and sweaty, and he felt that the world was full of scammers. He was so beautiful and shot so ruthlessly. If this sword is true, he is likely to be split in half by a sword.

Jarvis rose into the air, fell to the top of a tall building, and the light shield and thunder spear disappeared in his hand, replaced by a longbow burning with flames.

Without any nonsense, the longbow was opened immediately, and the flames converged into an arrow.

With a bang, the flame arrow burst out, and in the air one, two, two, four, and eighth ... In a blink of an eye, it became densely packed.

It burst into Su Yu and Xuan Nv like raindrops.

Boom! boom! boom!

The flame arrows dropped and a series of dense explosions occurred. The power of each flame arrow was several times greater than that of the high explosive grenade.

Large pits with a diameter of ten meters were continuously blown out, the shock waves were scattered, the buildings were crumbling, and some buildings were even collapsed.

Jarvis's move covered a large area, almost covering thousands of square meters, covering Su Yu and Xuan Nv.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv didn't expect that Jarvis had such a trick. He didn't check the road for a while, and his heart was even more shocking. Jarvis has now used the third ability!

Boom! boom! boom!

The roar continued to ring, and the blazes of fire continuously rose on the ground. The blaze of the fire has completely blocked the ground. The arrow rain bombarded by Jarvis lasted for more than a minute before it stopped.