Chapter 224 Encounter

"Huh? Have you left?" Jarvis rushed to Niu Xiangcheng's house as fast as possible, looking at the empty house frowning, and couldn't help cursing in his heart. He could know the true face of another snake of destruction Already.

Just as Jarvis was about to leave, suddenly his ears moved, and he heard two footsteps outside the door.

As soon as my heart moved, and I gently touched my face, the whole person quickly became transparent, and he was ready to see who it was.

Is it the snake of destruction that has returned.

Jarvis is very confident in his current disguise. No one in this world can see through it, because in the impression of Jarvis, there is no extraordinary life in this world, and the technology is not developed. He wants to see through his invisibility. It is impossible.

So, Jarvis was standing in a corner almost swaying and watching.

Outside the door, Su Yu and Xuan Nv came here. As Xuan Nv was about to knock on the door, Su Yu's eyes quickly grabbed Xuan Nv's wrist.

Xuan Nv's body froze immediately, and Su Yu's palm was about to break open, but he saw Su Yu pointing at the door.

Xuan Nv was stunned, only to find that the door turned out to be hidden and not closed. It can only be said that Jarvis was careless, and when he opened the door, he forgot to close the door tightly.

The two eyes met: someone inside the house, outsiders!

Su Yu pointed his mouth silently. Xuan Nv immediately understood what Su Yu meant, and Su Yu was saying, let him come.

Xuan Nv nodded, Su Yu grinned immediately, then reached out and knocked on the door: "Is Ms. Xu Li at home? We are in!"

Of course, no one answered, so just after Su Yu opened the door and walked in, Xuan Nv followed Su Yu.

On the surface, the two walked in casually, but in fact, they were extremely vigilant and able to cope with any sudden crisis.

Su Yu said, "Ms. Xu, are you there?"

Su Yu looked around, but did not see any figure, but was able to feel someone in the living room.

And can accurately sense where the other party is.

Su Yu is a little hesitant and doesn't understand why the other party should not hide the hidden point.

In Su Yu's view, the ability of Jarvis to hide at this moment is also confusing to ordinary people.

Don't say that Su Yu is a little embarrassed, Xuan Nv is a little embarrassed, hold back to Su Yu with a voice that only Su Yu can hear: "What is that guy doing? Are you playing with us?"

Su Yu shook her head and said she didn't know, but she said, "Ms. Xu, Niu Shuo, are you home?"

When Su Yu and Xuan Nv couldn't understand what Jarvis was doing, Jarvis had a headache because he couldn't understand the conversation between Su Yu and him, but at this distance, the detector has not responded yet. Si has determined that neither Su Yu nor Xuan Nv is snakes of destruction.

After confirming, Jarvis decided to leave, walked out of the corner, and walked in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu couldn't help but her eyes widened, and secretly said, is this guy so arrogant that he has ignored them? Or is this guy confident that he was not found?

Su Yu tends to the latter, but either way, Su Yu is a little upset, and he is not ready to let this guy go. At this time, when he came to Niu Xiangcheng's family, and he was still hiding, Su Yu thought of a possibility. That guy Bacheng is the prisoner who killed Niu Xiangcheng.

Su YuXuan Nv's eyes exchanged for a moment, and they understood each other's thoughts.

Su Yu shouted at once: "Oh!"

Jarvis heard Su Yu's sudden shout and was shocked. He turned around subconsciously, and then he saw a casserole-sized fist slammed into his eyes.

Before Jarvis had any reaction, he felt severe pain in his face, and the head of the melon buzzed, and the whole man flew out.

Su Yu hit a punch in the face of Jarvis.

Xuan Nv also activated the Enchanted Bead for the first time and pulled the three into the projection world.

With a bang, Jarvis smashed through the security door of Projection World's Niu Xiangjia's family, then smashed into a wall and smashed into another house before stopping.

Jarvis was snoring. He didn't know why he was beaten suddenly. He stood up staggeringly, touched his face, touched the blood of his hand, was injured, and a spirit was awake.

Jarvis now knew why he was beaten suddenly because he had felt the extraordinary fluctuations in Su Yu and the extraordinary fluctuations on Xuan Nv.

Can't help but yell: "Damn, doesn't the internet say that there is no extraordinary life in this world? Ah, what is this? Especially, scammers, the entire network is a big scammer!"

Jarvis thought that there was no extraordinary life in this world, but at this moment, he met them and still encountered two at a time, and each was not weaker than him, and his mouth was as bitter as eating Huanglian.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv suddenly heard Jarvis's alien words, what did they murmur?

Although he didn't understand, looking at Jarvis's expression knew that it was not good words.

Su Yu was even more annoyed, even dare to swear?

With a footstep, Bang rushed forward, his legs drew like steel whip, and said at the same time, "Who are you?"

Jarvis noticed the crisis and was not in the mood to call the Internet a liar. He felt the horror of Su Yu as a thief. He immediately held it in his palm, and a transparent shield of light appeared on his arm.

With a bang, Su Yu's legs were drawn fiercely above the light shield. Jarvis was pumped out by Su Yu like a ball, and banged through all the walls and flew directly to the street. on.

"Dual capable?" Su Yu couldn't help seeing the shield of light.

Xuan Nv's expression was also stunned. Thinking of the video I saw in the morning, he was obviously a thunder system. Now he is showing a light shield that is not a thunder system. Obviously, he is already a dual-power person.

The two looked at each other. Since they are dual-powered, they can't let the other side run anymore, and the harm is at least a half-star upgrade.


The two broke out at speed and chased after Jarvis directly.

With a bang, Jarvis landed heavily on the ground, and the powerful force directly cracked the asphalt road, sinking into a large pit.

"Damn, so much power, is that guy a monster? How could there be such a strong power? Damn it, my arm!" Jarvis couldn't help but cursed as he saw the cracked light shield on his arm. Su Yu almost kicked his arm off.