Chapter 223 Hungry

"Ms. Xu, please change your grief, we will return to the bureau first. We will inform you of the latest developments in the case as soon as possible!" After the relevant personnel sent Xu Li's mother and son home, they simply said a few words. Ready to leave.

"Trouble, Comrade has troubled you. You must catch the murderer as soon as possible. You must not let him go free. My boss is ... heh!" Xu Li held tears in the hand of the relevant staff.

"Ms. Xu, this is no trouble. This is our duty. Please believe us. We will catch the murderer as quickly as possible and will never let him continue to be impunity." The relevant staff voice solemnly said.

"Woohoo ..." Xu Li held her hand and just cried.

"Mom, let go of your comrade's hand. You are dragging people like this. How can they handle the case!" Niu Shuo said aside.

Xu Li came back and hurriedly released, and said, "Comrade, sorry, I'm giving you trouble!"

"No trouble, we can understand, classmate Niu Shuo, your mother will take care of you, and we will go back!" Said the relevant staff.

"Yes, I will take care of my mother!" Niu Shuo said, his eyes were also reddish, and he nodded heavily.

"No, Niu Shuo, you go, go back to school, your father ' s biggest wish is that you can get ahead, your schoolwork must not be deserted, go back, your mother and I can take care of myself, without your care, pack up and hurry Go! "Xu Li said when Niu Shuo's voice fell.

"Mom, is this the case at home, would it be appropriate for you to leave me? I ..." Niu Shuo cried loudly.

"are you disobedient, aren't you? If your father is gone, you will be disobedient? Hurry back to school and go to school!" Xu Li drank.

He opened his mouth and tried to persuade him, but he didn't know how to speak.

"I don't leave, I'm not at ease if you're home!" Niu Shuo said with stubble in his neck.

"Are you, you, your skin child annoying the old lady?" Xu Li cursed, and Niu Shuo would be beaten when she took off her shoes.

Relevant staff can't watch it anymore, stopping Xu Li: "Ms. Xu, calm down, don't do it, is there any problem, just sit down and talk?"

"Okay, I listen to you, comrades, but you can talk, but this kid must roll me back to school and go to school. He doesn't need him at home!" Xu Li said.

"You ..." Niu Shuo seemed very angry and shouted, "Okay, if you let me go back, I will go back, and I will leave after I have finished saluting!"

Then, Niu Shuo shook his hand and walked into his room, and then the sound of rumbling and flipping inside the cabinet was heard.

"Comrades, let you see the joke, please go and don't worry about us!" Xu Li sighed sighing after seeing Niu Shuo entering the room and then said to several related staff.

After looking at several related staff members, one of them said, "Are you all right?"

"It's all right, you can leave with confidence!" Xu Li said.

"Well then, let's go first, don't fight, just call us if you have anything, we can come anytime!" Said the relevant staff.

"I know, I know!" Xu Li watched the staff members leave, and then sat on the sofa in front of the door and wept.

Click ~ Niu Shuo's door rang, and Niu Shuo was dragging his suitcase out of the room.

Xu Li wiped two tears at random and looked at you and said, "It's noon, I'll cook for you, and leave after dinner !?"

Niu Shuo touched his stomach and said, "Yeah, I'm hungry. I'll leave after eating! Mom, do you miss my dad?"

Xu Li: "Huh?"

Niu Shuo: "Will I send you to see my dad?"

Xu Li: "Child, what are you talking about?"

Niu Shuo stepped towards Xu Li, and then Xu Li's eyes became extremely frightened. Under her eyes, Niu Shuo's head became a huge snakehead, and he opened his mouth and bite at Xu Li.

Xu Li didn't even scream and was bitten by Niu Shuo, and then only heard a grunt, Niu Shuo swallowed Xu Li as a whole.

Immediately, Niu Shuo's skull became normal. He wiped the corner of his mouth and said, "I have already eaten the rice, and I will also send you to see my dad. I can finally go to school at ease!"

Then, opening the door, Niu Shuo dragged his suitcase and went out.

Soon Niu Shuo came downstairs, and the relevant staff members just picked up the car and met Niu Shuo and said, "Classmate Niu Shuo, you really want to go back to school?"

"Well, go back, I want to listen to my mother!" Niu Shuo smiled bitterly.

"Let's get on the bus, we will take you to the station, just the way!" The relevant staff member smiled.

Niu Shuo thought for a moment, and said, "Well then, please trouble some comrades."

Niu Shuo put his luggage in the trunk of the car, then sat in the car and headed for the station.


"Oh ~" Su Yu was full, and finally was full. He threw the chicken bones into the trash can and took out a wet wipe to wipe the corners of his mouth and fingers. Look! "

"Huh?" Hearing, Xuan Nv frowned at Su Yu. "Why? Did you find anything?"

"No!" Su Yu shook his head and said, "But I think it's better to ask it myself! And it's not a way to find it so aimlessly! And, that Niu Shuo felt strange to me, I don't know how What happened? The more we think, the weirder! "

Xuan Nv frowned, recalling that she didn't notice the difference between Niu Shuo and opened her mouth and asked why.

Without waiting for Xuan Nv to speak, Su Yu held out a hand and said, "Don't ask why but ask his intuition!"

Xuan Nv: "..."

"Okay, then let's check it out!" Xuan Nv suppressed the urge to give Su Yu a sword, said so.

Then they hit a car and headed for Niu Xiangcheng's home.


The time was slightly ahead of a few minutes. In the crowd, he was also aimlessly looking for the snake of destruction. Suddenly his eyes brightened and he looked at the appearance of the mobile phone and said, "Ha ~ another little snake has exposed its tail. I don't believe you can hold back from eating! Hey ~ Xiao Snake is waiting for Uncle! "

After all, the figure flickered and disappeared, and the direction to go was exactly where Niu Xiang married!