Chapter 222 To Maintain Good Physical Fitness

"I got it! My boss!" The crowd responded again.

"Very well, you can complete this case as soon as possible, but pay attention to safety, the criminals are very strong, you must pay attention to safety when hunting, although I hope you complete this case as quickly as possible, I don't want to see any An accident happened alone! "Xuan Laogua concluded:" Now the meeting! "

"Yes, boss!" The crowd yelled again, and then everyone rushed out of the conference room, and the entire Detective Bureau was suddenly busy.

Those who did not have a job at hand passed through the door of Xuan Kong's space and entered the territory of Beihu Province in batches.

At the same time, on a high-rise building in Shenlong County, the criminal Jarvis, who was being pursued by Su Yu and others, was lying on the rooftop, with a transparent mask on his face.

Countless streams of light and shadow information flashed in front of Jarvis's eyes, and he is familiar with the world by browsing the information on the Internet.

Of course, he can't understand the language of this world, and he can't understand, but he can understand the pictures.

After some browsing, Jarvis determined one thing, which confirmed that there is no extraordinary life in this world.

Suddenly, he said, "This world is too backward, isn't it that technology is backward, not even extraordinary? Thanks to me, or you will soon be destroyed!"

Haha, am I a savior of this world? "

Thinking of the crisis this world is facing, and the world has no extraordinary life and no super technology, Jarviston felt that he had a great responsibility.

But when he thought that he had saved the world in the crisis, he felt that the scenery was infinite, and finally, he couldn't help laughing.

Later, Jarvis started to browse again. It didn't matter if he couldn't understand the text or the language, he could see the pictures.

For example, Jarvis knew that he was wanted when he saw his vague portrait. This made Jarvis slightly angry and mumbled, "I'm wanted? Are people in this world stupid, I'm here to save you It ' s really hard to understand people! "

But soon I didn't care, I touched my chin and said, "Forget it, the great interstellar hunter and savior Jarvis will not see you in general, hunting the snake of destruction is my main goal! But it looks like, The next step cannot be too ostentatious, hide it! "

Speaking, Jarvis gently touched his mask and saw that the mask changed rapidly. Jarvis's appearance and clothes have changed a lot. If he is not a person who is particularly familiar with Jarvis, he may Think of Jarvis before and after the change as two people.

After completing the change, Jarvis leaped from the high-rise building, and the figure quickly became transparent during the descent, disappeared, and appeared quickly after falling to the ground. This process was extremely fast, and no abnormalities were found at all.

Even if someone notices it, it will be dazzled.

Soon Jarvis got into the crowd, holding a mobile phone-like instrument in his hand and whispering: "Little snakes, show your tails quickly, let me kill you one by one!"

On the other side, Su Yu and other people from the Detective Bureau came to the scene of the incident, where they have been completely under martial law.

Looking at the big pit in front of him, and the victim who turned into coke, his expressions are a little dignified. From the fluctuations of the superpower remaining on the scene, the criminal's danger level is at least above the Black level, and he is a very powerful and extraordinary person.

And the shots are decisive, extremely dangerous, and not easy to deal with.

Except for the residual superpower fluctuations, there were no other useful clues. The crowd stayed for a while and then separated into two groups of four and began to hunt for Jarvis.

At the same time, there were also dedicated comrades to modify some of the memories of those who were at the scene of the crime at the time.

A group of Su Yu and Xuan Nv started to go straight to Niu Xiangcheng's family. Niu Xiangcheng's home was in Shenlong County. In addition to his wife, he had a son who attended college in Hanwu City.

Niu Xiangcheng's wife is called Xu Li, a factory female worker, and her son is called Niu Shuo. After knowing that Niu Xiang was going wrong, Niu Shuo returned home from the university.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv found Xu Li's mother and son from the relevant department in Shenlong County. The related personnel was questioning and comforting their mother and son.

Regarding the arrival of Su Yu, Xuan Nv, etc., the above had already been greeted, and after showing the relevant documents, the two were not blocked in any way. When they arrived, they discovered that not only were they here, but also Xuan. DianXuan Huo and others.

The crowd did not go directly to Xu Li's mother and son, but observed it through a window, listening to the questions from the relevant personnel and Xu Li's answers, hoping to get useful news.

For example, Niu Xiangcheng and who have resentment and so on.

However, everyone ran for nothing. Niu Xiangcheng was an honest man. He never had enemies with others, and the possibility of hatred could be ruled out.

After the relevant personnel asked questions, Xu Li and her son were sent home by the relevant personnel.

And Su Yu and others can only spread out again and pursue a needle-like a haystack.

Su Yu was holding a glass of ice cola in his hands, drinking it with great enthusiasm. Although this case made people feel a headache, it did not prevent Su Yu from eating and drinking. Besides, how could you report it if you were not full?

Of course, this is why Su Yu was so impressed.

Xuan Nv is not as heartfelt as Su Yu. He did not get useful information from the relevant departments. After walking on the street for a long time and still having nothing to gain, the beautiful eyebrows frowned.

Seeing Su Yu can't wait to rub it away, Su Yu said, "Leader, don't frown. It doesn't matter if you are in a bad mood, and the prisoner will not jump out and surrender because of your bad mood.

Let go a bit, how happy are you like me? "

Su Yu said he took another cola and took long snoring.

Hearing Su Yu's words, Xuan Nv couldn't help but give Su Yu a glance. If she belonged so indifferently, she would not be here, and sighed: "The killer can see that it is a terrible evil He can kill once in the street and twice.

This time he killed an ordinary person without any reason, and next time he can kill more people without any reason.

The best option is to catch him before he commits another murder. "

Su Yu nodded when he heard what he said. Xuan Nv was right, he thought about it, but think about it, the prisoner did not rush to get angry, he would run out by himself.

Su Yu thinks that this case will definitely not end in a day or two. It is not good to maintain physical strength. Before he catches the prisoner, maybe he will ruin himself first.

Thinking of this, Su Yu took out a secret big chicken leg and walked to eat it, which was called a fragrant, Xuan Nv couldn't eat it, he could eat it.

Xuan Nv's brow frowned deeper.