Chapter 221 Murder in Public

【Hello every one, here is the XX rule of law channel. The remote building materials company announced bankruptcy early this morning because of alleged ***, and the remote company chairman and company legal person Lu Yuan was taken away by the ** department to investigate ... Come down and see the detailed report! 】

These days, whether on TV or on the Internet, the overwhelming news is about the bankruptcy and failure of Luyuan, the king of building materials, and Lu Yuan's own suspected crime.

When Su Yu saw the news, he knew that the relevant departments of Kyushu had taken action, but Su Yu was not surprised because the relevant departments made sense to the big bosses of Xiangfei Village, Lu Yuan.

It's just a little surprising that the relevant departments are really fast in doing so, so decisive.

Looking at the big bosses who used to have great scenery in the past, Su Yu couldn't help but sigh. Everything that was obtained without proper means belonged to the aerial pavilion. It seemed magnificent and magnificent, but it would collapse and collapse at any time.

Of course, Su Yu was also emotional and then started to do her own business. Instead of going to the practice room, she sat in a chair while reading Daos Gui's "Monsters are all around" while doing in-house training.

Su Yu can now try to achieve dual-use, but it is not yet proficient, and will always come out of the dual-use state at any time. It is far from being able to concentrate on dual-use.

However, the length of in-training that can be performed has improved a lot, from two hours to three hours.

In addition, the time available for in-training is extended slightly every day.

Exhale ~ inhale ~

If you pay attention, you can find that Su Yu's breathing during training is very regular, not long or short, and the frequency is maintained at the same frequency every moment.

After Su Yu had practiced in the seat for an hour, Xuan Laogua came to the office area with a serious expression: "Everyone will meet in the meeting room, now and immediately!"

After all, Xuan Laogua turned away with blackface.

Seeing this, Su Yu and others were all shocked, and immediately realized that there must have been a major case, and it was the one with the worst impact.

Immediately, no one dared to delay, and soon the meeting room was full of people.

Xuan Laogua sat there with a black face and saw everyone coming together before he said, "Comrades, just now there was an extraordinary case that affected extremely badly in Shenlong County, Beihu Province. An extraordinary person was in full view. Superpower killed an ordinary person and caused great panic in the local area.

Moreover, because of the wanton behavior of this extraordinary person, many ordinary people have known about the existence of an extraordinary person, and its influence is far-reaching.

The above attaches great importance to this matter, hoping that we will capture the extraordinary person as soon as possible and eliminate the impact of this matter.

The above does not hope that the existence of the extraordinary people and monsters will be known to ordinary people.

This superhuman is doing a serious provocation to our Monsters Detective Agency. Now as the director of the Monsters Detective Agency, I order you to find and catch this Superhuman as quickly as possible.

The majesty of the Monsters Detective Bureau cannot be provoked. All those who do not have a job at hand now put me into this case! "

Hearing Xuan Laogua's words, Su Yu suddenly understood why Xuan Laogua was so angry. In the past, regardless of the monsters or the extraordinary one, although he often committed crimes, he had never committed an uncovered crime in a densely populated city like this time.

Especially when human superhumans commit crimes, they will be cautious, because they all know some bottom lines of the detective bureau. As long as they do not touch certain bottom lines, the people of the detective bureau will not explode, although they will not let you go, It will never appear to be endless.

So even if most human beings are not doing good things, they will follow the bottom line of the detective bureau, and even most monsters will follow that line.

So if you touch that line, whether it is monsters or human beings, they will be stared at by the detective bureau.

"Look at this live video, remember this extraordinary person above, grab him!" Xuan Laogua said, and a video was played on the big screen.

The incident occurred in a park in Shenlong County. Two men met in the picture. One was a middle-aged man dressed in a rustic style, and the other was a handsome weird dark-haired man.

The two seemed to talk a few words, and then the dark-haired handsome man shot violently, holding the palm of his hand, and a thunderous spear appeared in his hand, throwing at the rustic middle-aged man.

The screen flickered, and the dazzling light appeared on the screen. That was the dazzling electric light.

The electric light dissipated quickly, and the picture returned to normal. In the picture, the exhaled middle-aged man turned into a section of coke lying in a huge deep pit.

And the handsome dark-haired extraordinary person has disappeared and left when the electric light burst.

The picture ends here.

Xuan Laogua continued: "See? Lawless, this black-haired superhuman is almost indiscriminate. I don't care what method you use to catch him as fast as you know?"

"Yes, boss!" The crowd promised.

"Boss, why do black-haired superhumans kill middle-aged uncles? What is the relationship between them? Can their identities be confirmed? It looks like they are talking before they start!" Su Yu asked.

Xuan Laogua raised his hand and said, "Only the identity of the victim can be confirmed. The victim is just an ordinary person in Shenlong County, named Niu Xiangcheng. Because he is very familiar with Shenlongjia, he is in the guidance industry.

Perennially serves as a guide for those teams who want to enter the Shenlong frame for scientific research.

As for the transcendent, there is no relevant information, and the identity is extremely mysterious. This transcendent appears as if out of nothing.

It stands to reason that there should be no relationship between them, but from the picture, they seem to be related, but unfortunately, the distance is a bit far, and lip experts can't decipher what they are talking about.

It is even more secret why this extraordinary person killed in public! "

I heard that everyone frowned slightly, and felt that things were a bit tricky. It can be said that except for what the black hair superhuman looks like, the rest did not know. It was very difficult to catch the other person.

As long as the other party is not stupid, they will be hidden after committing the crime, at least they will cover up their looks.

"Well, no matter how difficult this case is, you must complete it as fast as possible, understand it?" Looking at the expressions of everyone, Xuan Laogua knew what everyone was thinking and knocked on the table. Stressed.