Chapter 220 Black Snake

Stars flickered in the sky, and insects sounded everywhere. Although it was already autumn, the climate of Shenlongjia was still a little stuffy.

In a vacant lot, seven single-person marching tents have been set up. In the middle of the tent, a marching stove is burning vigorously, making a crackling noise.

Grumbling, the flame licked the bottom of the pot, and the water in the pot was turned over. Peng Meijia and Hu Simin were cooking dinner, while Ma Dongdong and Kong Mingxuan were fighting next to the two girls.

The dinner of Hu Lin's biological inspection team was egg noodles, which was quickly prepared. Only the noodles had no eggs.

After having dinner with Hu Lin and his team of seven, they chatted around the fire for a while and then returned to their tents to sleep.

They have been coming to Shenlong for biological investigations for less than half a month. The long-term scientific examination has exhausted everyone and it is not wasted to be able to sleep early.

Of course, Ye Feng, who is responsible for the safety of Hu Lin and others, did not fall asleep immediately, but stayed at the campfire in the middle of the night and then switched to work with Niu Xiangcheng and others before falling asleep.

In the middle of the night, the vigils were Niu Xiangcheng and Ma Dongdong. They whispered around the campfire.

"Brother Niu, do you say that the kind of snake really exists? We have been searching for half a month and haven't found it, can we still find it?" Ma Dongdong whispered.

"Then who knows, I also heard that there is a particularly strange snake in the dragon frame, which can be split into several snakes and merge into one snake, but I haven't seen it!" Niu Xiangcheng said, his heart was speechless. , Secretly, these people in the city are really so busy with money, but after hearing a legend, they ran to Shenlongjia to investigate.

Ma Dongdong nodded. Although he was disappointed and did not find the legendary snake, the harvest was not small, so there was not much loss. After chatting with Niu Xiangcheng again, Ma Dongdong looked up at the stars in the sky.

Suddenly Ma Dongdong's eyes brightened, and he said softly, "Meteor?"

Immediately, Ma Dongdong closed his eyes and began to make a wish. He didn't realize that the shooting star was not too far from them.

Although Niu saw it, he did not care and did not consider why the meteor fell without making a sound.

A few hundred meters away from the biological investigation team, an object the size of an ostrich egg was suspended in the air, where it remained suspended for a while before falling into the moist rotten leaves.

Then, with a click, the egg-shaped object cracked, and the cracks were thick with fingers, and the light was shining from the inside.

Hissing ~ A black snake with a finger on the triangular head about ten centimeters in length crawled out of the crack.

A pair of rice-sized eyes glittered with wisdom, and the snake spits out a letter and looked at the surroundings.

A huge figure came out in the dark, and even a leopard saw a black snake and yelled in his throat.

The little black snake crooked his head and looked at Hua Leopard, and then his tail rolled round and round, his body came out like a bullet.

Roar ~ Hua Leopard growled, raised his paw and patted it towards the little black snake: Demo, you can't shoot you!

However, the next moment the leopard scared urine, and the black little snake opened his mouth fiercely. The mouth became arrogant as time, as thick as a water tank, and immediately bit on the leopard's body.

Just listening to the grunt, the leopard was swallowed by the snake. At first, the snake's body was very thick, but soon the snake's body became the original thickness.

After eating a flower leopard, Xiao Snake's eyes seemed to be lazy, his mouth opened as if he yawned, swimming around his body, found a satisfying branch and climbed up, curled up and closed to sleep.


"Professor Hu, what do you think I found?" In the morning, Hu Yan's smoke rose, and Hu Lin just drank hot tea and heard Ma Dongdong's shooting excitement.

Ma Dongdong's shouts ranged from near to far, and I saw Ma Dongdong bouncing from a distance, dragging a transparent canned bottle in his hand, which contained a little black snake.

Hu Lin was sizzled by the hot tea, but Hu Lin didn't care but stared at the canned bottle in Ma Dongdong's hands, his voice was a little excited: "Where did you find it? It is what we are looking for a Strange snake? "

Talking about reaching out is to pick up a canned bottle in Ma Dongdong's hand.

Ma Dongdong stuffed the canned bottle into Hu Lin's hands and smiled, "Yes, professor, this is the weird snake we are looking for-Broken Snake. I wonder if we are going back soon, so I want to try it. Can you find the broken snake?

I didn't expect it to really hit me, I saw it on a tree branch! "

"What? Dongdong, did you find the snake?"

"Fuck, boy, you're lucky, you have to buy a lottery ticket when you go back."

Hearing Ma Dongdong's words, Kong Mingxuan, Hu Simin, Peng Meijia, and others couldn't help but come closer, staring at the little black snake.

Hu Lin dragged the can and watched it carefully, then shook it violently, and the snake inside broke off, and then the snake that broke soon merged together.

After seeing this, Hu Lin laughed and said, "Yes, this is definitely a broken snake. Let ’s go and have breakfast. We just packed it up. I was planning to wait for two more days to try my luck. Now that I have found the most wanted There is no need to continue to find the broken snake! "

"Long live Professor Hu!" After listening to Hu Lin's words, the two girls immediately cheered and lived on Shenlongjia for half a month, but they are not what ordinary people can bear. They already wanted to go back.

"Dine, eat!" Hu Lin greeted.

The crowd then sat around the bonfire and began to eat breakfast. At the same time, Hu Lin was watching the little black snake in the can, and Hu Lin found that at this time the little snake woke up and was vomiting a letter from his head to look at him.

Hu Lin took a bite of noodles and smiled, "Well, the little guy woke up and was quite able to sleep!"

He said that he stretched out his finger and shot the canned bottle. The clang didn't make any sense. The bullet hit the lid of the can, and the lid of the can fly up, and the snake jumped out of the can with a bounce of its tail. go with.

No one had expected this sudden change, and everyone had no time to exclaim: "Professor Hu be careful!"

The next moment, the little black snake bit his finger on Hu Lin's finger. Hu Lin was in pain, and he flew out of the black directly after a subconscious fling, and it happened to fall into the stove by accident.

Ye Feng responded the fastest. One step was to come to Hu Lin and say, "Professor Hu, are you okay?"

"Don't worry about me, save the snake! The broken snake is not poisonous!" Hu Lin shoved Ye Feng.

"Professor is useless, already familiar, um, you smell it, it is quite fragrant!" Peng Meijia said at this time, holding a wooden stick in his hand, and there was a small snake braving the steam, the fragrance permeated the tip of everyone's nose.

"What is this, what is this!" Hu Lin patted his thigh desperately, regretful: "The plan just canceled, let's stay for another two days!"

Six others: "..."