Chapter 22 Discord

This mysterious island occupied a large area, and there were forests, mountains, rivers, and streams. Following the remaining traces, the three entered the mountain forest from the beach on the seashore.

[ I'm so lonely and so boring, who can talk to me and chat? ]

Suddenly, Su Yu heard similar words again, but when Su Yu tried to listen carefully, he never heard again.

Looking at the two people who were not aware of it in the front, Su Yu thought that he had a hallucination. The sound was not small. There was no reason that only he could hear it, but others could not hear it.

Whoa ~

As the three walked, a dark shadow emerged from the mountain forest. It turned out to be a wild boar that was nearly two meters tall and weighed more than two thousand kilograms.

This wild boar was extremely dangerous even if an ordinary person holds a gun in his hand. But in front of the three, beat the wild boar was just like eating a piece of cake! A water sword shot from Xuan Shui's hands, cutting a huge wound on the boar's body.

Blood spurted out instantly.


The wild boar screamed, his little eyes were full of fear, and the beast's intuition was very keen, and it immediately realized that the three humans in front of him were not able to deal with, and immediately turned around and ran.

"Eh, now, even animals know that they can beat weak and afraid of strong!" Xuan Shui said, watching the wild boar running towards the depths of the forest. Xuan Shui didn't want to kill the wild boar.

However, at this moment, a cold light flashed away, and a sigh, a sharp arrow shot from the darkness, hit the wild boar, the archer's arrow was very accurate, and an arrow was shot into the wound caused by the Xuan Shui. A wild boar killed in one hit.

A sharp arrow entered the body, straight through the heart, the wild boar just screams but loses its voice.

The sudden changes made the three startled by surprise. They didn't expect there were other people hidden in the dark. Xuan Shui immediately yelled, "Who? Come out, or don't blame me if I kill you by accident!"

Xuan Shui looked at the direction of the arrow, and the super power was running, the water vapor condensed among Xuan Shui's hands, and he could launch an attack at any time.

"Who am I? I also wanna ask who you are and why did you appear on our island?" A man's voice sounded, and a figure came out slowly behind a big tree.

Looking at the man walking behind the big tree, the three felt a strong sense of discord about their clothing style.

At this time, the sky was already bright, and the other person's appearance and clothing could be clearly seen.

The man who walked out was wearing a suit and pedal shoes, which were obviously modern clothes, but the other person was wearing a hat made of animal bones and fur and wearing bone jewelry elsewhere.

The three looked at each other, and Su Yu said with a smile: "We are tourists, and we are out sea for fun, then just happened to see an island here, so we came up and looked. Bro, what to call you?"

"Oh? Are you coming from the mainland? We meet people like you from time to time here, let's go, I will take you to our tribe to see it!" the strangely dressed man said.

"Haha, thank you, bro ..."

"My name is Mark, just call me Mark!" Mark laughed, showing talkative sense.

"Okay, Mark. How old are you this year, have you always lived on this island?" Su Yu asked, following Mark, it seemed like gossip, but he was quickly gathering intelligence.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Shui did not speak, but just watched Su Yu's action, and they felt something weird about Mark.

Mark said: "Well, we have lived on this island for generations. I have never left this island. You are lucky today. If you didn't encounter me, you would be very unlucky to meet the wild boar. It's dangerous. "

"Yes, yes, Bro, you are very good at shooting arrows." Su Yu quickly flattered, "What do you do?"

"My work? I'm just the captain of our hunting team. Every day the task is hunting. If not, how do you think my archery was practiced?" Mark said, and when he raised his archery, his face showed a sense of complacency.

"Come, brother, take a hand and take this wild boar back to the tribe with me ... Well, you have great strength!" Mark came to the wild boar and said, the boar's taste was excellent, and we won't throw it away.

"Hey, I have nothing, but my strength." Su Yu smiled, wondered why Mark lied, though it was true that he was good at shooting arrows.

But Mark said that he was the captain of the hunting team and hunted every day, but Su Yu did not think so.

Although Mark's clothing was a little dirty, he was very clean on the whole, his skin was white and smooth, and it's an impossible thing if he hunted every day.

If he throws away the messy clothes on Mark, he was just a man who lived in an urban city and had nothing to do with savages or tribe people.

Su Yu was a little confused as to why Mark wanted to lie, and it was still such an easy-to-see lie, but he lied so naturally.

Was this the thing that if you want to deceive others, you need to first deceive yourself?

Su Yu scratched his head. After walking for an hour on foot in the mountain forest, four people finally passed through the mountain forest and came to an open area.

This area had a simple wooden and grass-made house, and from a distance, they can hear people talking.

Mark smiled and said, "That's my tribe. Go, go to my house. I'll cook this boar and make a wonderful boar feast for you. I promise you will like it."

"Ha ha ha, thank you, Brother Mark, we are looking forward to it!" Su Yu laughed.

"Yes, I am looking forward to it!" Xuan Shui said.

Xuan Nv just nodded, it was a sign of approval.

Approaching the tribe, someone immediately found Mark and the huge wild boar. Of course, Su Yu and the three were not ignored.

"Ha ~ Mark, have you hunted the wild boar again? It's amazing, you should really be the captain of the hunting team."

"Mark, will you have a boar feast for a while? I'll be at your house for a while."

"Well, Mark, who is behind you?"

Mark responded: "They are my friends, from mainland tourists. I met them when I happened to be hunting a boar. I will make a wild boar feast to treat my friends. Whoever wants to eat wild boar feast are welcomed to my house! "

The three of Su Yu kept smiling and nodded to those people, but the sense of discord became stronger, because the so-called tribal people in front of them all dressed like Mark, wearing modern clothes, and some women even wearing evening dress!

Hey, what the hell?

The three questioned at this moment.

Of course, the three have slowly got an answer in their hearts.