Chapter 219 End

Su Yu chased for a long time without catching up with the five Spirit Captain seals.

Five Spirits felt a sense of danger in the four of Su Yu. Five Spirits was scared, but when Su Yu was turned around by them, but they couldn't catch up with them, Five Spirits was not afraid.

Dodging Su Yu's pursuit again, Xi Ling couldn't help laughing at him: "Hahaha, human, you still want to catch up with us Sage Five at this speed? Don't dream!"

It was said that Su Yu gritted his teeth, and Te Mo himself made five of the Yellow Level 1 monsters laugh at him!

A blue halo appeared on Su Yu's body. A flicker of his body appeared in front of Five Spirits. With a snoring noise, Su Yu hit the air.

Hum! Shock power surged, and the sound of cracking and cracking of the glass continued to sound. With Su Yu's fist as the center, cracks spread in all directions in the air.

Kara, with a crisp sound, the air in front of Su Yu broke apart.

However, the punch was still missed!

However, Su Yu's fist is enough to scare Five Spirits, and his body is trembling. It feels that if Su Yu's fist is solid, they will die and be seriously injured.

Immediately, the Five Spirits came up with an idea, that they ran away from Su Yu and others, and finally, they returned after Su Yu and others left!

Thinking of this, Five Spirits acted immediately, Dongling sneer said: "Hahaha, human, you are strong, but you can't catch up with us, how can you help us? Human, Grandpa Sage Five will not play with you, and walk! "

The words of Five Spirits dropped, and they slammed into the ceiling. As soon as they left here, the heavens and the earth would let them cross.

However, this time, Five Spirits found in horror that they couldn't hit the sky guard, but instead fell into the ground with dizziness.

"What's going on? Why can't we wear through the wall?" Five Spirits was a little stunned, this is the first time they encountered this situation, Five Spirits smashed into five different positions, but were bombed without exception. Come back.

Xuan Kong then said: "Don't think of running away, you can't escape from my space prison!"

"Space Prison? What is Space Prison? Damn it, stupid and greedy humans, let us go out!" Five Spirits slammed against the ceiling wall, roaring, but he couldn't help panic. The roar was just shit. Just performance.

"Don't think about letting you out!" Xuan Kong shook his head, hands clasped towards the center, and invisible walls in all directions converged toward the center, continually reducing the scope of Five Spirits' activities.

Although Five Spirits can penetrate many substances and unhindered movements, it cannot penetrate the prison formed by the force of space. The force of space can restrain the Five Spirits from penetrating ability.

The space prison was continually compressed, and it quickly became a transparent cube the size of a basketball. Five palm-sized statues were red with red eyes and rushed to the left with a cloud of billowing smoke.

Su Yu moved again at this time, the seal pestle in his hand flung out, broke away, stabbed directly on a wooden statue, the seal started, and after a breath, Five Spirits was sealed in the seal pestle.

The four looked at the basement hall and walked towards the ground only after there were no omissions.

This process seems to take a long time to say, but in fact, just a few minutes have passed.

Therefore, the Xiangfei Villagers who ran towards the temple side just ran here, and just happened to run into the front of the temple with the four of Su Yu.

"Who are you? Why are you in the shrine in our village?" Xiangfei Villagers glared at Su Yu and glared at them.

Su Yu didn't plan to talk with these villagers of Xiangfei Village and said directly: "Five Spirits has been sealed by us, and the crimes you have committed will naturally be dealt with by the relevant departments. You will wait for the people in the village to take you away. ! "

As soon as Su Yu said this, Xiangfei Village, who came here, was suddenly struck by lightning and his face turned white instantly. They didn't know what the seal said by Yu Yu.

But they all understand that the Five Spirits incident has been exposed, and they also know where they have spent their money over the years, and what punishment they will get after the incident is exposed.

The people in Xiangfei Village are confused, and most people feel the sky is falling.

However, there are also a few people whose thinking is exceptionally clear. They feel that things can be saved. Looking at Su Yu, the four of them are suddenly jealous. They feel that as long as they leave Su Yu, they can still live in the past.

Some villagers yelled at the four of Su Yu: "The villagers listen to me. As long as we leave them, we can still live the life we ​​want. We must not let them leave. They only have four people. We leave them under!"

As soon as this word came out, the villagers of Xiangfei Village were shocked physically, as if they had found hope. After looking at the people around them, they rushed towards the four of Su Yu.

Seeing this scene, the four of Su Yu looked indifferent but sighed in their hearts. Most of the people in Xiangfei Village were completely unhelpful.

Su Yu stepped forward and watched the Xiangfei Villagers rushing towards them sighing: "Why? Why not just wait for the punishment!"


The words fell, Su Yu's momentum broke out, and powerful power pressure permeated out, crushing towards the villagers of Xiangfei Village.

Su Yuthe Black level's powerful pressure is not something that ordinary people can live in. In an instant, all Xiangfei Village villagers within a radius of 100 meters are overwhelmed to the ground. When these villagers fall to the ground, they cannot bear this powerful pressure. His eyes passed out.

The scene was instantly clear.

Later, in order to ensure that no other troubles occurred, the four of Su Yu stayed at Xiangfei Village for nearly half an hour, until a large number of relevant staff arrived and returned to the bureau through the door of space.

At this point, this time the case is merged into one case and it is over!

Of course, there are still various finishing tasks, such as writing a case report, and interrogating Five Spirits, and asking how much money Five Spirits has stolen over the years.

But the main thing is to ask clearly where the Five Spirits came from, and whether there are other Five Spirits.

After a few inquiries, I already knew what I wanted to know, and also knew that these Five Spirits were supported by an old Taoist priest. So far this old Taoist priest has become the target of an investigation by the Detective Bureau.

However, Kyushu is big and the world is bigger. The old Taoist priests who appeared in Xiangfei Village more than ten years ago are just like one second.