Chapter 218 Weak But Fast

"Let's go, it's time to solve the Five Spirits. Huang Qiu, you just stay at home and wait for the relevant people to come in!" Xuan Kong said, then turned away.

Then Su Yu also left Huang Qiu's villa.

In the big villa, there was only Huang Qiu alone. Although Huang Qiu was also a man in the past, he never felt anything special, but he suddenly felt that the villa was so big and empty today. The big villa made him feel scared. .

I suddenly remembered that before I met Five Spirits, the house I lived in was dilapidated and small, but it felt safe.

Only at this moment did Huang Qiu find out that it was his real home!

Huang Qiu did not choose to escape because he knew he could not escape.

Of course, Huang Qiu didn't want to run. He already wanted to understand that it was time for him to repay everything. He always had to pay back when he came out.

This is also the main reason why Su Yu dare to leave Huang Qiu alone in the villa.

On the other side, the four of Su Yu walked towards the ancestral hall and didn't go to find someone to open the door, because there was no need, even if they found it, the people in Xiangfei Village would not cooperate or even obstruct it!

Soon, the four came to the ancestral hall of Xiangfei Village. Looking at this ancestral hall, Su Yu was a little speechless at this moment.

This shrine looks like the spirit of a dead man in Xiangfei Village, but at the moment I want to come to hide the Five Spirits and hide all the secret truths of Xiangfei Village.

This time, Su Yu directly used force and came to the huge donation table. He pulled his hands firmly and split the donation table into two, revealing the shiny insurance door.

"Leave it to me!" Looking at the door, Xuan Kong said, stepping forward, pressing his hands on the door, the force of space erasing started.

Visible to the naked eye, the metal gate disappeared inch by inch and soon appeared in a passage leading to the underground.

Without hesitation, the four of Su Yu walked in.

At the same time, all the households in Xiangfei Village's villagers rang an alarm. Upon hearing this alarm, the villagers of Xiangfei Village all turned wild, and then went madly towards the shrine.

The four of them went all the way down, after passing through a long gangway, they came to an empty underground hall. This is a huge hall with nearly 1,000 square meters. It is only over one meter high except for some bearing columns. Shitai.

The stone platform is one-meter square, and there are five black-red palm-sized statues on it. Although they are statues, when they saw the statue, they all felt a living creature.

"Is that Five Spirits?" Su Yu said, looking at the five statues.

"Well, the Five Spirits, the five statues of the Five Spirits boarding body, generally Five Spirits will sleep and rest in the boarding body!" Xuan Kong nodded.

Huh, ~ Xuan Kong's voice just fell, a violent wind rose from the air in the underground hall, thick black smoke surged out from the seven holes of the five dark red statues, and instantly turned into five huge black figures. , Can't see clearly, all shrouded in black smoke, can only see a pair of huge blood-red eyes.

"Humans, we are the rich Sage Five. Say your desire for money, and we will be satisfied, and only need to pay the corresponding price!" A huge voice came from Five Spirits.

If it is an ordinary person, seeing this scene will inevitably be stunned by this scene, but Su Yu, the four people, even Su Yu, who has been in the Detective Bureau for the shortest time, is well-informed and unaffected.

Even the first feeling of seeing these Five Spirits was so weak!

It's really weak. If you divide it according to the level, the level of the Five Spirits is also the Yellow level.

For the four of Su Yu, the Yellow level A is too weak.

For a moment, Su Yu even felt a little disappointed. I thought how powerful Five Spirits would be. I didn't expect to be five weak chickens!

"Who's coming?" Xuan Kong said, without any desire to act, and felt like he was bullying Five Spirits. He hasn't completed such a low-level conspiracy for a long time.

Xuan Nv did not speak or move.

Xuan Feng and Su Yu glanced at each other. Su Yu saw the idea that Xuan Feng didn't want to move, but rolled his eyes helplessly: "I'm coming!"

Then, Su Yu stepped forward.

"Human, tell us your wish for money. Drop blood on us, and we will help you fulfill your wish!" Five Spirits saw Su Yu step out, so said.

"Okay, you hear me clearly, but my wish is a bit big, I'm afraid you can't achieve it!" Su Yu responded casually, and at the same time, grabbed the seal pestle in his hand toward the stone. The platform went.

"Hahaha ..." Five Spirits laughed when he heard it: "As long as it is about the desire for money, we can realize it no matter how big it is, let's say, humans, we have to see how big your desire is."

Su Yu came to the side of the stone platform, grinning, "Then you have to listen, my wish ..."

"What?" Five Spirits said, not finding Su Yu's true intentions at all.

"... peace and love!" Su Yu cried out loud, let alone Five Spirits, and the Xuan Kong and other two people heard a word and muddled.

Five Spirits was a little angry, and said, "Humans, you are playing the fool with us !?"

"What's the matter with you?" Su Yu sneer said the seal pestle in his hand pierced the five statues. These are the shells of Five Spirits boarding. Sealing these shells is equivalent to sealing Five Spirits.

Seeing the actions of Su Yu, Five Spirits noticed that it was not good, and immediately moved, Su Yu only felt the flash of black mist in front of him, and the five statues on the stone platform disappeared.

It was so fast that Su Yu couldn't find out how Five Spirits removed the five statues.

Su Yu even suspects that Xuan Kong's teleportation is not as fast as Five Spirits in a short distance!

Five statues were incorporated into the black smoke by Five Spirits. Five Spirits clearly appeared in a corner of the basement hall. Dong Ling asked, "Humans, who are you? What do you want to do to us?"

Five Spirits' huge eyes stared at  Su Yu tightly. At this time, they finally felt a thick threat to Su Yu and others. This kind of dangerous feeling they only felt in the old man who raised them.

"Will you cut the waist?" Su Yu sighed, slamming, his body rushed like a shell, and the seal pestle in his hand pierced the statue of Five Spirits again.

However, it stabbed again.

The speed of Five Spirits is really too fast, beyond the speed of common sense, and the speed beyond Five Spirits' level is too much. No matter how fast Su Yu explodes, he can't catch up!