Chapter 217 Regret

Hearing Huang Qiu's words, Su Yu frowned: "Since you are the owner of Five Spirits, then you are also the owner of them to some extent, and you should obey your orders. Why is there still an anti-office phenomenon? "

Huang Qiu smiled bitterly: "It was true at the beginning. I am indeed the owner of Five Spirits. Every owner can be the owner of Five Spirits. As long as the ceremony is completed and the equivalent exchange is performed, Five Spirits will fulfill your wishes according to your requirements.

Without completing the ritual and making no request, Five Spirits will not appear and will be in a dormant state.

But that was just the beginning. One day, Five Spirits was able to recover on its own, and even actively asked the owner to ask for them to complete.

If you don't ask, they will prank you! "

"Like it to you?" Su Yu said.

"Yes, almost, but it's not as extreme as mine." Huang Qiu replied.

"It seems that Five Spirits has broken a certain limitation and started to seek self-growth!" Xuan Kong frowned. "The Five Spirits are no longer ordinary Five Spirits, although some rules of Five Spirits are still followed. Act, but have gradually begun to break some rules! "

Xuan Feng asked, "What do you mean?"

Xuan Kong said: "I said before that Five Spirits is not a natural thing. It is artificial. It is like artificial intelligence. No matter how intelligent it is, it still operates in artificially set frames. Great Law.

Similarly, the Five Spirits activities follow the rules set by the people who support them, live and fulfill the requirements of the owner, everything can be said to be passive.

But now, the Five Spirits have broken the rules set by some people who support them, and have begun to make demands to get more and become stronger.

This is like, the artificial intelligence lost in the movie is no longer the owner's helper, but wants to become the owner. "

As Xuan Kong said, everyone, is clear. To put it simply, the Five Spirits of Xiangfei Village has broken some restrictions and has become dangerous.

Su Yu nodded, then looked at Huang Qiu and said, "Mr. Huang, Zhang Qiang suddenly violently, isn't it a curse? It should be Five Spirits!"

"Yes, there is no curse at all, that I made up to lie to you. Zhang Qiang and others were violent because they were drained of energy by Five Spirits. And Five Spirits are now feeding us from every moment. The Lord draws energy from his body.

Although not many, it is enough to be the last straw on some people, crushing him!

I didn't want to die like Zhang Qiang, so I kept looking for ways to get rid of them, and then I inquired about the existence of you strangers and strangers and wanted to get rid of them with your hands. "Huang Qiu is telling the truth at this moment.

"You have a good abacus. Unfortunately, you underestimated us!" Xuan Feng sneer said.

Huang Qiu smiled at the words and said nothing.

Xuan Kong said: "It seems that the Five Spirits are more difficult to deal with than expected. When we go to seal them, be careful, the main thing is to prevent them from escaping!"

"Okay, I see!" Several of Su Yu nodded.

Xuan Kong looked at Huang Qiu and said, "You should know where the Five Spirits are now, isn't it in the shrine? Lead us, and you should be able to open the door?"

"Sure enough, you all know, but it's a pity that I can't open the door. The villagers have excluded me!" Huang Qiu said: "If you want to enter there, you can rely on yourself. Not busy at all. "

"Exclude you? Why is this?" Xuan Feng said.

Huang Qiu smiled bitterly: "Comrade Xuan Feng, not everyone is like me and wants to get rid of Five Spirits. For me, Five Spirits is a weapon that can kill me at any time, and I certainly want to get rid of it.

But for the villagers, Five Spirits is a cash machine that can withdraw money wirelessly.

It is almost impossible for us, those who have been used to gaining a living, to throw it away. "

After hearing the words, everyone knew it, and if you think about it, you can understand that this human nature, sometimes in the face of temptation, greed can overcome the fear of death, or the moment of death cannot be understood.

In the face of a Five Spirits that can help them as long as they have a desire for money, those owners will only choose to ask for more and more, even if they know that doing so will threaten their lives and will not stop.

Because of greed, they would only think that I would have more, nothing more, but in fact, such a little pushed them to death.

Unable to do this, Su Yu somewhat admired Huang Qiu. Although Huang Qiu planned to use him to make Su Yu a little unhappy, Huang Qiu was able to maintain his sanity when faced with such temptations without letting greed destroy it. Not everyone can have it.

Of course, Su Yu admires Huang Qiu's determination and admiration. Unhappy or unhappy. In general, Huang Qiu is not a good person.

Xuan Nv said: "Huang Qiu, you should know that everything you have now belongs to improper gains. You should also know what you are going to face!"

"Yes, I know!" Huang Qiu said, bitterly, with the feeling of lifting a stone and hitting his own feet. He just wanted to use Su Yu to get rid of the entanglement of Five Spirits but never thought of himself now Everything is turned in.

However, Huang Qiu regretted it too late. When he knew that Su Yu and others also knew Five Spirits, Huang Qiu had already guessed what his final result would be but knew that Gui knew that when he thought about what he would face in the future Life in prison, Huang Qiu felt his mouth bitter, his face pumped together

Su Yu already wanted to understand what Huang Qiu had done before. He had no sympathy for Huang Qiu.

Looking at the old faces that Huang Qiu pumped together, Su Yu almost slaps them over. This Huang Qiu is really shameless and said coldly, "Did you feel that you regret bringing us? Huh, tell you, you What you will face is what you deserve most.

Do you still have a bitter face? After more than ten years of unobtrusive life, you should be satisfied.

You know, most people in the world may not live like you for a few days.

What's so special, really hard people are suffering, garbage like you are enjoying! "

Hearing that Huang Qiu pursed his lips and did not speak, but when he heard Su Yu say that, Huang Qiu felt that he had not lived in vain and enjoyed it. It was time to return it back, it was time to pay back everything. Already.

Suddenly, Huang Qiu regretted it. He should not have opened the seal of Five Spirits to make himself look like this, and hurt other people in the village. Huang Qiu knows that the life he faces in the future is also the greatest in the village. Most people will face it, even before, because there are too many greedy people!