Chapter 216 Hypnosis

Su Yu was a little muddled by what Xuan Kong said. After thinking about it for a while, it was not clear. I thought of one thing and asked: "When was the case where the cash disappeared out of thin air last night?"

Xuan Kong pondered for a moment: "The time is about one or two, and I don't know when.

What, Xuan Zhen, did you think of it? "

Su Yu immediately told the strange behavior of Xiangfei Village last night and asked bloody things about those villagers.

Su Yu now thinks about the bags in each of the villagers who came out of the secret road, the contents of which are likely to be cash, and the more they think, the more they look!

"That's right!" Xuan Kong clapped his hands and said, "If you want to instruct Five Spirits to steal, you need to perform a blood sacrifice ceremony. You need to wake them up with blood, and then exchange them for Five Spirits. Money "

Xuan Kong said, a few people looked at each other, and the case is finished? Even the nest of Five Spirits was found!

The case ended so abruptly, Su Su was a little dazed.

Xuan Feng said, "Let's seal those Five Spirits now?"

"No!" Su Yu said in a voice: "I think we should talk to Huang Qiu first!"

Although the type of monsters has been determined, and the positioning of Lao Chao is inseparable, Su Yu still has too many doubts to let go.

"What's going on? Huang Qiu, the case-handler of the lateral case? Is there anything wrong with him?" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu groaned for a few seconds, rationalized her thoughts, and then told the two about Huang Qiu.

Xuan Kong listened and frowned, "This Huang Qiu is very interesting. From your description, he knows a lot and probably has seen the true face of Five Spirits.

But why didn't he make it clear? As long as he made it clear, you have already solved the case of his horizontal displacement?

The case where cash disappeared was also solved!

How do I feel like he wants us to help him solve the problem, but does not want to expose the meaning of Five Spirits?

Uh ... it's not because you don't want to expose Five Spirits, but for other reasons, what is it? "

Su Yu shrugged and said, "Yeah, I don't understand this. I don't know what medicine is sold in this Huang Qiu gourd."

"Then go and ask, if he hasn't said it, then don't blame us for being rude, don't forget that we are not the police, there are some means we can use!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu heard his eyes flicker, Xuan Nv awakened his dreamer. He has been following the rules for a long time recently, and almost forgot that he was only a member of the Detective Bureau, not the Kyushu police.

"Hey!" Su Yu then smiled coldly, feeling relieved, and walked towards Huang Qiu's villa.

"Ah!" Huang Qiu, lazily lying on the sofa watching TV at the same time, sneezed fiercely, trembling with trembling, and then bounced off the sofa: "Not good, Why do I suddenly feel a bad breath?

No, I'm going to hide ... "

However, Huang Qiu's voice had not yet fallen, and several figures appeared in front of him. Su Yu was smiling at him with his teeth grinning, and Huang Qiu who was smiling was a little panicked.

"Mr. Huang Qiu, what did you just say, you want to go out to hide? Who do you want to hide? Do you hide us?" Su Yu smiled brightly.

However, Huang Qiu was even more chilled by Su Yu and calmed down: "Where is it, Mr. Xuan Zhen, I think you must be poor, hey, these two are ..."

Huang Qiu looked at Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv and saw Xuan Nv's eyes flashed.

"My colleague, but Mr. Huang Qiu, don't you think your routine of shifting topics is too bad? I think we should talk about it!" Su Yu said.

"Talk?" Huang Qiu's face sank, and he said, "Don't you all want to know what I already said? You don't solve the problem, why do you always come to me? I am the reporter, not the suspect! "

"Yes, yes, you are indeed the case handler, but who stipulates that the reporter cannot be a suspect?" Su Yu said.

Pong~ Huang Qiu banged the table fiercely, angrily: "This comrade, you have to be careful and say what you say is responsible. Do you know if you saw me like this, but you are suspected of slandering me? I think you are young, so I don’t care about you. You leave my house now, and what I have done never happens! "

Su Yu leaped, sitting on the sofa with her buttocks, her body bounced, and she sighed with admiration: "Good sofa, this leather sofa can't be bought without 1200,000?"

"Your comrade, how can you do this ..."

"Hey, Mr. Huang Qiu, leave me alone, take care of yourself first! I won't give you those useless ones.

Let's talk, Mr. Huang Qiu, what is your relationship with Five Spirits? "Su Yu interrupted Huang Qiu's words.

Huang Qiu heard Su Yu's words, her body shook, her eyes looking at Su Yu were incredible.

Su Yu clapped his hands and said, "Well, Mr. Huang Qiu, do you know that this expression is so awesome now, you don't have to speak, you have already explained everything."

"You all know? Do you even know Five Spirits?" Huang Qiu sat down on the sofa with a slump.

"Of course, we know Five Spirits, Mr. Huang Qiu, you look down on our professionalism!" Su Yu stared directly at Huang Qiu.

When Xuan Kong heard the words, they couldn't help twitching your mouth. You are a professional egg. You do n’t even know Five Spirits for a few minutes.

However, none of the three will break down Su Yu's stage and watch Su Yu continue to perform ...

"Well, Mr. Huang Qiu, that's it, you can honestly explain it. Maybe I will give you a generous deal!" Su Yu said, and it looked like a bamboo in his chest.

Huang Qiu was silent for a while, and then leisurely said, "Well, I admit, I know Five Spirits, I have also seen Five Spirits, and I am also the first owner of Five Spirits in the village."

Su Yu heard a word in his head, and although he knew what the word owner, he didn't understand the meaning of the owner of Five Spirits.

Fortunately, Xuan Kong knows it, and Su Yu said, "Since you are the first owner of Five Spirits, why do you report it? Why did Five Spirits move you to the cliff?"

"Because I want to use your hands to get rid of the Five Spirits entanglement, but because I am the first owner, it does not want me to get rid of them, so they keep pestering me, and I do not want to raise them, so I have been hiding them, but they can always find me, and let me carry them to the cliffs to torture me, want me to submit to them! "Huang Qiu said in a deep voice.