Chapter 215 Foursome

Huang Qiu took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I answer your question. The reason why Zhang Qiang didn't leave a dead body is that the people in our village have been cursed and they might die suddenly and then melt as the green smoke dissipating, and remains nothing.

Since you already know that Zhang Qiang was buried under air traffic control, you should also see the cemetery in the cemetery to the west of the village.

The cemetery in our village for the living and the dead.

Because no one knows who will be suddenly violent next.

Sometimes death is a relief. "

"Curse? What curse? Is it related to your being moved laterally?" Su Yu frowned.

"I don't know about this. It may or may not matter.

As for what kind of curse, I don't know even more!

I think you can ask other people in the village. "Huang Qiu said.

Hearing that Su Yu almost slapped the other's face with a slap, it was obvious that Huang Qiu was not telling the truth.

Xuan Feng may be aware of Su Yu's anger, and said at this time: "Okay, we won't bother, we will ask other people, we will leave first!"

"Then I won't send two of them!" Huang Hehe smiled.

"Farewell!" Xuan Feng shuddered and then left the villa of Huang Qiu with Su Yu.

"Damn, this guy definitely knows a lot, but he doesn't want to say more!" Su Yu punched Dashu with a fist.

"It's true that Huang Qiu concealed too much of us. Zhang Qiang's surveillance of him, Huang Qiu should know, but he pretended to be surprised and scared. It was too obvious. As for what kind of curse, he may also be known.

I even suspect that we are here for Huang Qiu's intentional guidance, and may show us the secret of Xiangfei Village! "Xuan Feng said.

After hearing Xuan Feng's words, Su Yu thought about it for a while. It was really possible. After they came to this village, they started to encounter various strange things. Everything seemed like a coincidence, but if you think about it carefully, It seems like it was intentionally arranged.

But Su Yu couldn't figure out if all of this was arranged by Huang Qiu, what is the purpose of Huang Qiu?

And what is the curse in Huang Qiu's mouth?

Su Yu thought, his brain was a bit big. At this moment, the watch vibrated. Su Yu seemed to be electricity Xuan Nv, immediately connected, Xuan Nv came coldly: "Xuan Zhen, where are you now?"

"We are now in Xiangfei Village, the village where the reporter is!" Su Yu replied.

"Okay, you guys are waiting for us there, and we'll be there soon!" Xuan Nv said, before Su Yu said more, Xuan Nv hung up.

Su Yu and Xuan Feng glanced at each other. Xuan Feng said, "Xuan Kong their case is completed?"

Su Yu squinted his teeth and said with a voice, "Looks like we are completely behind this time!"

Two hours later, the four met, Xuan Feng, said, "Xuan Kong, your efficiency is high enough to complete the case so quickly? We are still in a mess!"

"How can it be so fast. We just found a small clue!" Xuan Kong laughed.

"Then why are you two here? Don't say that the clues you found point to Xiangfei Village !?" Xuan Feng wondered.

"Well, that's true. I think our two cases can be combined into one case!" Xuan Kong nodded.

Su Yu and Xuan Feng are a little dazed. How can the two cases that look at each other be together?

Su Yu asked, "Leader, what have you found? What is it that cash disappears out of thin air?"

Xuan Nv said: "It is a kind of thing called Five Spirits. It is a very ancient technique. The theory is a bit inaccurate. It should be said that it is an ancient way to cultivate evil spirits. By means of support, evil spirits with specific abilities will be formed.

Evil spirits with specific abilities are mostly used for stealing. In ancient times, people called this method Five Spirits to make money! "

"Five Spirits can make a fortune? Does this technique have anything to do with our case?" Su Yu was puzzled.

"Five Spirits makes money, also known as the Five Spirits.

Five Spirits is not only able to remove money, but also to carry other things. It is no problem to carry a living person for thousands of miles a night.

Five Spirits are incredibly fast. "Xuan Kong said.

"Xuan Kong, do you mean that Huang Qiu was transposed by Five Spirits?

Even if Five Spirits did it, how did you judge Xuan Kong, then Five Spirits is in Xiangfei Village? "

Su Yu asked, although it was a question, he already believed what Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv said!

Xuan Kong said: "It is also a coincidence that we went to the crime scene where the cash disappeared out of thin yesterday to check the news and found out that Five Spirits did it.

However, the clue was broken here, but it was a coincidence that last night when we checked the file of cases of cash emptying and disappearance in Beihe Province all night, a bank not far away had another case of cash disappearance.

Because of the close distance, we were able to rush past the first time, just to see Five Spirits escaping from the bank, we began to follow! "

"Then the two of you have been chasing here?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow. If that was the case, Xuan Nv would be lucky enough that the prisoner would deliver it to him.

Xuan Kong shook his head and laughed: "How can it be that simple, Five Spirits monsters may not be powerful, but there is a very powerful ability, that speed, too fast, we were thrown away just after we were chasing!"

Su Yu looked at Xuan Kong speechless. Since it wasn't for this reason, what use do you say?

When Xuan Kong noticed the change in Su Yu's look, he knew what Su Yu wanted to express, and smiled, "Don't think that this is nonsense. Although we were thrown away by Five Spirits, they left us when they fled. Next important clue. "

"What clue?" Su Yu asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Direction!" Xuan Kong said: "People who do n’t know about Five Spirits monsters may think that Five Spirits' escape direction is useless.

But in fact, it is very useful. Five Spirits monsters have a habit. After getting money in one place, they will return to the starting point as soon as possible, and they will return straight, regardless of the distance.

So, we locked where Five Spirits started, right on the line where Five Spirits escaped!

Then, we searched for some relevant information overnight, and finally locked this Xiangfei Village, and then thought that the case you are going to do is also in Xiangfei Village, so combining them before and after, our two cases may be a case! "