Chapter 214 Empty Coffin

Huang Qiu and others showed a kind of indifference to the death of their fellow villagers, which made Su Yu feel goosebumps.

Just when Su Yu thought about what made these people like Huang Qiu so indifferent.

Xuan Feng suddenly said: "Dead !?"

"who is dead?" Su Yu whispered.

"Xuan Zhen, I just say that there was someone watching Xuan Zhen last night. The recently buried Zhang Qiang watched the person who was watching Huang Qiu last night." Xuan Feng said.

Su Yu's pupils narrowed sharply, and said, "Such a coincidence, isn't it?"

"Yeah, this coincidence made me unsure. Last night, he was okay, but he died at dawn. Otherwise, Zhang Qiang was the one who was last night. Damn, what happened? "Xuan Feng said, looking a little angry.

Originally, Xuan Feng planned to talk to Zhang Qiang and ask Zhang Qiang why he would monitor Huang Qiu.

However, now that people are dead, they can't ask any questions.

Now I can only step back and ask Huang Qiu, but Xuan Feng has a feeling that he can't ask anything about Huang Qiu, even if what Huang Qiu said is not necessarily true.

Su Yu's expression was also slightly sinking. The longer I stayed in this Xiangfei Village, the more I felt that this Xiangfei Village was strange.

After the burial there, the family members of the deceased and the villagers walked towards the ancestral hall in the village. The family members of the deceased put the deceased's tablet on the table and the villagers dispersed.

Su Yu and the two thought that when someone died in Xiangfei Village, they would be silent for a period of sadness, at least for a while.

But Su Yu found that he was completely wrong. When the villagers returned, they changed their clothes, and their indifferent faces were all filled with a beaming look as if they had encountered a happy event.

Even the others, Zhang Qiang's family, his wife, and children did the same, and all the sadness was gone, replaced by joy as if the previous sadness was all fake.

However, Su Yu could feel that the sorrow of Zhang Qiang's wife and children was not fake.

Su Yu couldn't help but curse in her heart, it felt really weird.

"Should we talk to Huang Qiu and tell him about Zhang Qiang's surveillance of him last night and see how he reacted?"

Su Yu and Xuan Feng hide in the canopy of a large tree, Xuan Feng asks.

"The question is to ask, but not now!" Su Yu groaned. "I think Zhang Qiang's death is too strange. I think it's more appropriate to find out the cause of Zhang Qiang's death first. What do you think?"

"Okay, then go to Zhang Qiang's cemetery first!" Xuan Feng thought for a moment and agreed with Su Yu's suggestion.

Then they headed towards the cemetery and soon came to Zhang Qiang's grave.

Although it is immoral to open the coffin for inspection without the consent of the family members, in order to handle the case, the two did not pay attention to those. After carefully opening the Zhang Qiang coffin, Su Yu and Xuan Feng were stunned because the two People found that this was an empty coffin, and there was no Zhang Qiang's body at all.

"How is this? Burial under the air traffic control? Or is Zhang Qiang not dead?" Su Yu's head suddenly widened.

Xuan Feng is also a little dazed. He has encountered a lot of strange things. This is the first time he has encountered an empty coffin burial. Generally, the empty burial occurs without the dead body.

But how could Zhang Qiang be dead without a body?

Xuan Feng also thought of the possibility that Zhang Qiang was not dead, but how could Zhang Qiang be held without a funeral?

For a time, Su Yu and Xuan Feng were both caught in a mystery.

"Huh? Xuan Feng, look at this grave!" Su Yu's eyes flickered, and she suddenly swept to a grave, couldn't help exclaiming, because the tombstone had a name familiar to them both.

"Huang Qiu?" When Xuan Feng heard the words, he suddenly exclaimed. The tombstone read the words "Huang Qiu's Tomb".

"This is Huang Qiu's grave? Why didn't he die, so he built a grave for himself?" Su Yu wondered, then looked at the graves one by one, and Xuan Feng was the same as Su Yu.

Soon after, the two met, Su Yu said, "These graves are strange, some are buried in empty coffins, and some are empty at all!"

"Same, the ones I checked are the same. Those of the empty coffin should be buried like Zhang Qiang. The empty tomb should represent that the owner of the tomb is alive!" Xuan Feng said.

"Fuck, people in this Xiangfei Village are all sick? Have you ever arranged a grave for yourself before you die? Damn, shouldn't even a newborn baby have its own grave?" Su Yu couldn't help scolding.

"Let's go, I think we should talk to Huang Qiu for a good chat!" Xuan Feng said with a gloomy look.


In Huang Qiu's villa, the three were sitting opposite each other, and the atmosphere was a little silent. After a long time, Huang Qiu said, "You two ask what you want to know, and I will answer whatever I can."

Su Yu's eyes narrowed slightly and he said, "You know we'll come to you again?"

Huang Qiu nodded: "Yes, if the two do not leave, then we will find an abnormality in our village! And if they find out, they may come to me to inquire about the situation."

"Mr. Huang is really full of wisdom!" Su Yu sneer said, "So why didn't you tell us directly yesterday?"

Huang Qiu's face was also slightly cold, saying: "The two do not come to ask, why should I tell you? The things in our village cannot be disclosed at will!"

Xuan Feng frowned slightly and said, "Those things are not important. What's important now is what Mr. Huang will tell us? Forget it, let's ask, let's just ask what Mr. Huang Qiu answers!"

"Please!" Huang Qiu held out a hand.

"Is Zhang Qiang really dead? Why is Zhang Qiang's grave an empty coffin!" Xuan Feng asked, eyes fixed on Huang Qiu.

"Zhang Qiang is indeed dead. He can't die anymore!" Huang Qiu said, "As for why Zhang Qiang's grave is an empty coffin, it is because there is no dead body left after Zhang Qiang died!"

When they heard that Su Yu was shocked, Xuan Feng said, "Why is there no corpse left? Didn't he die at home? I saw Zhang Qiang last night. He came to your villa and watched it. He left during the meeting, and he died at dawn! Is he watching you? If so, why is he watching you? "

"What?" Hearing, Huang Qiu straightened up from his seat, his voice frightened, staring at Xuan Feng: "Do you mean it? Did he really come outside my villa last night?" "

"Of course, what I said is true, but now you have to answer my question!" Xuan Feng lived on the table with both hands, leaning his upper body forward, near Huang Qiu.