Chapter 213 Dead

When Su Yu was struggling to follow up and see, Xuan Feng voluntarily said, "Xuan Zhen, if you want to see it, just go there. I can watch it here, in fact, I'm also curious those people want What to do. "

Su Yu groaned, without refusing to say, "Okay, I'll go and see. It's going to work for you. If the target appears, watch contact!"

After all, Su Yu's figure flickered toward the strange villagers, and they hung behind them.

A few minutes later, Su Yu followed these people to a luxurious shrine.

After the villagers came here, they went in.

Seeing this, Su Yu raised her eyebrows and wondered: Is this a special worship ceremony at Xiangfei Village?

When Su Yu thought, there was no pause under his feet, and he quietly touched in, but shortly after Su Yu went in, Su Yu was surprised because nearly hundreds of villagers who entered the ancestral hall ... were gone!

"I lean! Where did all the people go?" Su Yu muttered, looking for three laps inside and out. Su Yu didn't find out where the villagers went. Although the shrine was not small, he wanted to hide a hundred people. It is difficult.

However, the fact is that one hundred people disappeared after entering the shrine.

Su Yu used a lot of methods and didn't find out where the disappearing villagers went, which made Su Yu scratch his head.

This Xiangfei Village is abnormal, Su Yu thought to himself, and then waited for the disappearing villagers in the hidden place of the shrine.

This waited until the sky lightened slightly, and those disappeared villagers reappeared.

Su Yu shook the ground slightly, Su Yu saw, the huge table in the shrine suddenly split from the middle, and a metal gate was exposed. This huge metal gate is similar to the insurance gate of a bank vault but Bigger than that.

With a bang, the metal door opened automatically, and a villager shrouded in a black robe appeared again.

"Originally, there is a secret road here, no wonder!" Su Yu smiled at first, but frowned, wondering why these villagers wanted to build such a secret passage in the shrine, and still used this super insurance door. ?

Such a gate, Su Yu dare not promise to be able to break it with a punch.

"Huh?" Su Yu suddenly sucked his nose and smelled a faint bloody smell on the villagers. Although it was not very strong, it did exist, which made Su Yu even more confused.

What did these villagers do in it, and the bloody smell appeared on their bodies?

And Su Yu can feel that these villagers seem to be a lot weaker than when they went in.

In addition, when these villagers came out, they had a black bag in their hands when they went in. They were full of stuff, and the convex shape was a rectangular parallelepiped. The bag looked quite heavy.

Su Yu did not follow these villagers to leave, but after these villagers left, he was going to enter the secret road to check it out. Su Yu had an intuition that there would be a great gain in him.

However, Su Yu thought things were simple. After all the villagers left, Su Yu took a look and found that it was difficult to get in without using force.

However, once force is used, it will inevitably cause great movements and attract the attention of Xiangfei Village people.

Su Yu had to give up the idea of ​​entering for a while but was more curious about what was in the secret passage.

Later, Su Yu and Xuan Feng met, and they both said, "What's the gain?"

Xuan Feng laughed: "I said first that the monsters didn't show up last night, but I found out that someone was watching Huang Qiu, but that person soon left after he arrived.

I'm afraid it was the tiger's move away from the mountain, so I didn't follow up, but, looking at that person, it should be a local from Xiangfei Village.

I have remembered his scent and looks, and I can tell when I meet again. "

"Surveilling Huang Qiu?" Su Yu said with an eyebrow, "It looks like this Xiangfei Village has hidden a lot of secrets, interesting!"

Immediately after that, Su Yu told Xuan Feng what he saw last night. When Xuan Feng was thinking, a cry came into their ears.

"What's wrong?" There was doubt in their hearts, and the cry came from a villa.

At this moment, Su Yu and Xuan Feng saw Huang Qiu walking out of his villa in black and then villagers successively came out of the villa in black.

"Let's go and see!" The two looked at each other, Xuan Feng said, and then quickly walked towards the crying villa.

The two did not show up, but hidden in the dark, observing everything.

The villagers of Xiangfei Village came to the villa where the cries were heard and did not enter it but waited outside.

Soon, the two knew what the villagers were waiting for. The door to the villa was open, and four strong men in black clothes came out of it with a coffin.

A woman with a black veil and an eight- or nine-year-old child walked in front. The child was holding a black and white photo, and the woman was sobbing, holding a tablet in her hand, which read Zhang Qiangzhi's spirit!

Someone died!

Seeing both of them understand.

However, what made the two men's scalp numb was that these villagers seemed to know that someone was going to die. At the moment the cry sounded, these villagers walked out in black clothes, which were dressed in advance.

The coffin passed by among the villagers. Every time he walked in front of a villager, the villager placed the small flower on his chest on the coffin.

Then, the woman and the child walked in the front. Four strong men carried the coffin and followed, while Huang Qiu and other villagers followed the coffin and walked in one direction. About half an hour later, one of The crowd came to a place.

Su Yu and others suddenly realized that this place turned out to be a cemetery, not far from Xiangfei Village.

The cemetery was so large that when they looked at it, they saw no less than a thousand towering stones.

Seeing that they were speechless, Xiangfei Village was actually built beside the cemetery?

Soon, the villagers of Xiangfei Village came to a cemetery and buried the dead villagers. The woman burst into tears and the child followed.

But Su Yu found out that the villagers of Xiangfei Village did not have any expression on their faces, even Huang Qiu.

This makes Su Yu fangs, which is too wrong. Even if a stranger dies and sees it, it is an emotional performance of the individual, not to mention the death of a fellow villager.

However, Huang Qiu and others behaved as if they were a chicken, but this is not right. How do you describe the expression of Huang Qiu and others at this moment? Su Yu pondered it and thought of a word, that indifference!