Chapter 212 Night Watch

When Xuan NvXuan Kong found the clues, Xuan Feng and Su Yu also saw a lazy middle-aged uncle reporter in a luxurious villa.

"You Huang Qiu?" Su Yu looked at Huang Qiu and asked.

"Yes, Huang Qiu, are they two policemen or two?" Huang Qiu looked at Su Yu and Xuan Feng.

Xuan Feng said: "We are not the police but we are professionals who deal with some special cases. Your case is a special case. I mean, you understand, Mr. Huang Qiu."

Huang Qiu nodded softly when he heard the words: "Yes, I understand, but how can you prove that you can handle special cases? Don't hide from you that I have encountered nothing other than ordinary things, ordinary people can't deal with it."

On hearing that, Su Yu raised an eyebrow. Huang Qiu was trying to get them to fix their muscles.

Su Yu and Xuan Feng glanced at each other. Xuan Feng smiled slightly: "Okay, then Mr. Huang will be optimistic."

Speaking, Xuan Feng spread his palms in front of Huang Qiu and saw a small storm forming in Xuan Feng's palm.

"This ..." Seeing this, Huang Qiu's eyes widened sharply, blooming with radiance, and his breathing was quick.

"Mr. Huang, can this prove that we can handle some special events !?" Xuan Feng crushed the storm.

"Natural, natural!" Huang Qiu continued, with a smile on his face, and the whole person seemed a bit more energetic.

"That's good, then Mr. Huang, let's talk about the case? I observe that Mr. Huang's mental state doesn't seem to be very good!" Su Yu said.

Huang Qiu rubbed his temples and smiled bitterly: "Nature is not good. I haven't slept well for a few days. Sleeping every day is worrying. Have you had that experience?

Every day you fall asleep on your soft big bed, but when you wake up, you find that you are on the edge of a cliff, on a tree branch, or on the top of a building. The kind of meat.

I don't dare to sleep now, I'm afraid my eyes will be closed and then they will fall down! "

"Are you sure you are not sleepwalking?" Su Yu heard.

"If sleepwalking, I would not report the case, comrade. Have you ever seen someone who can sleepwalk out thousands of kilometers one night? In fact, I haven't just been home for a long time. The northernmost place in Kyushu flew back! "Huang Qiu smiled bitterly.

"It was a bit incredible!" Xuan Feng heard said: "It appeared thousands of miles away overnight. It seems that you did encounter something special, Mr. Huang.

Oh, by the way, you seemed to say that you encountered that kind of thing, right? Can you tell me what that kind of thing looks like? "Xuan Feng asked.

Huang Qiu groaned and said, "I met you, but I haven't seen the specific appearance. I saw a cloud of black smoke, but there is nothing else!"

"Is that all?" Xuan Feng said.

"Yes, that's all!" Said Huang Qiu, rubbing his eyebrows, and said, "No, I'm in a bad spirit now. I may need a break. You two can rest here. I'll ask the servant to do something for them. Afternoon tea? "

"You're welcome, you don't need afternoon tea. We just came to see Mr. Huang for some information in person. Now we know what you want to know, and if you have said it, we will leave first.

However, Mr. Huang is assured that we will wait nearby and come and wait for a rabbit. If it reappears, we will catch it.

Mr. Huang rested in peace! "Xuan Feng said.

"The two are really reliable. Since the two have already decided, Huang will not be forced to stay in the second place, ha ~ No, I am going to rest now. I am old and my spirit is not good! Sorry for the two, I'm really sorry! "Huang Qiu apologized with fists, yawning in his mouth.

"Mr. Huang doesn't need to do this. You just have to rest. We will be nearby and say goodbye!" Xuan Feng said.

Xuan Feng and Su Yu then left Huang Qiu's villa.

After the two left, Huang Qiu, who was still yawning, immediately stopped yawning and looked at the door of the villa and whispered: "I hope this time, I can get rid of you completely! I also hope that these two monsters are detected Do n’t waste my energy and money. ”

After all, Huang Qiu turned to the bedroom on the second floor and began to rest. He was really lacking.

Outside the door, Su Yu and the two came to a quiet place where Huang Qiu Villa can be observed, Xuan Feng said, "Xuan Zhen, what do you think of Huang Qiu? Is it true or false?"

Su Yu squeezed his chin and said, "Nine points are true and one point is false. Huang Qiu has definitely seen the true colors of the monsters and even knows what that thing is, otherwise he would not be so determined, and would not say 'that thing is not ordinary 'This sentence.

It's just a bit confusing. Since he has seen the true face of that thing, why should he hide it? "

Xuan Feng shrugged and said, "Who knows, but there is always a reason, right? Forget it, we don't have to think about it that much, as long as the monsters dare to appear again, we can grasp all the problems and solve them.

We have to wait now! "

Su Yu nodded, a little under his feet, his body flew up, landed on a branch of a large tree, and sat down with his back against the tree, waiting for the monsters that moved Huang Qiu to appear.

It was calm in the middle of the night and there were no abnormalities. At around 10 pm, Xiangfei Village turned off the lights on time, except for the street lights.

This made Su Yu good. Xuan Feng felt a little surprised. The light went out a little early and was a bit too neat.

However, the two did not think much but waited intently for the emergence of monsters.

The time soon arrived in the middle of the night, it was already one o'clock in the morning, and at this time, a special situation finally occurred.

Not monsters, but some strange people appeared!

Some villagers actually walked out of the villa at this time, and not one or two, but every family had villagers out, and they looked weird, and they were all shrouded in a black robe.

The villagers shrouded in black robes quickly gathered together, but there was no communication between them.

With the exception of footsteps, everything was quiet.

"What do these guys do in the middle of the night?" Su Yu couldn't help but murmur.

Su Yu felt strange, looking at Xuan Feng, who was still staring at Huang Qiu's villa, said, "Xuan Feng, shall we follow it? The villagers behaved strangely!"

Xuan Feng heard a slight brow and said, "This is not good? What if the monsters appear if we leave? If Huang Qiu is removed again, we will fail."

Su Yu heard a little bit of trouble, and Xuan Feng said the pain point-isn't it always has done in film and television dramas, the goal definitely does not appear when you keep it, it will appear once you go away.