Chapter 211 Guess

Xuan Feng was also shocked, and then took out his mobile phone and quickly searched for this Xiangfei Village.

"I'm going, is this village too legendary?"

I didn't know, I was shocked when I checked, and they found out that this Xiangfei Village is a very legendary village.

It is said on the Internet that Xiangfei Village began to make a difference 12 years ago, and one big boss after another appeared in the village, which made the whole village richer.

Even these big bosses are familiar people, such as the villager of Xiangfei Village, a well-known building material king in Kyushu, and the remote building material company he founded is a very powerful company in Kyushu.

The Internet also said that these big bosses collectively contributed money to build a luxury villa for every family in the village.

On the Internet, there are more than 100,000 entries about Xiangfei Village, which is a lot of popularity.


When Su Yu and Xuan Feng came to Xiangfei Village, Xuan Nv and Xuan Kong also came to a place where the cash disappeared. This is a bank and the place where the cash disappeared case happened recently.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Kong were led by the relevant persons to the vault where the cash was stored.

Responsible person: "A total of two billion yuan of cash was piled here the day before yesterday, and it was intended to be transported away the next day. It is not surprising that after opening the vault the next day, two million yuan of cash will be lost!"

After Xuan Nv came to the vault, he walked around in the vault, while Xuan Kong was in charge of talking to the person in charge.

Hearing that, Xuan Kong said: "Are we monitoring in this vault? We need to check the monitoring!"

"Yes, they are ready. Please come with me, but the monitoring did not capture anything. Maybe they will be disappointed!" The responsible person said, leading the way, and Xuan Nv followed him.

"It doesn't matter, even if nothing is captured!" Xuan Kong said with a smile. Some things are difficult for ordinary people to see, and you can rest assured only after seeing them with your own eyes.

Xuan Nv came to Xuan Kong and said quietly: "Xuan Kong, there is indeed a remnant of extraordinary breath in the vault. The disappearance of cash this time is indeed related to the extraordinary or the monsters."

Xuan Kong nodded and understood that the two came to the vault instead of directly watching the video. In order to confirm whether the cash loss was related to the extraordinary or the monsters, if it was relevant, the scope of the investigation bureau's responsibility, no, the other relevant departments of this case were responsible.

Although the Monsters Detective Bureau interacts with other related ministries in Kyushu and sometimes cooperates, most of the time, they are all busy and do not participate in each other. After all, one is responsible for extraordinary people or monsters, and one is for ordinary cases.

It was determined that this case involved extraordinary lives, and Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv were allowed to investigate this case.

Soon a party came to the monitoring room and called up the monitoring picture on the night of the incident.

According to Xuan Kong's request, the screen is played from the first five seconds of the disappearance of cash. The time shown above is 19/09/13, 03:36:54.

First of all, the picture seems to be still. Only the jumping seconds can make people know that this is not a still picture. The time elapsed one second when the time came to 03:36:59, the cash disappeared in the picture. It's gone, and there are no signs of disappearing.

The person in charge said, "In this way, the previous second is still there, and the next second disappears out of thin air. This money cannot be recovered, and my responsibility is great. Two people, please be sure to recover this money for us. what!"

Xuan Kong nodded. "Rest assured, we will do our best."

Then Xuan Kong asked him to replay the surveillance video, repeating it from 03:36:54 to 03:37:00, replaying it over and over again. After replaying it ten times, Xuan Kong said: " Can it be played back between 59 seconds and 00? Turn the multiplier down to 100 times slower! "

The person in charge heard what he said, although he did not understand the significance of such a request from Xuan Kong.

However, when the multiplier was reduced to 100 times slower, the picture was finally different, and the picture that had not changed had finally been different. At the moment when the cash disappeared, the screen suddenly turned black.

But the time was too short. The longest time was 1 / 1000th of a second, and it returned to normal so that ordinary people could not find it at all, and Xuan Kong almost missed it.

"This is it?" The person in charge exclaimed in a low voice.

Xuan Kong did not answer, and continued: "Turn it down to the slowest multiple!"

The person in charge immediately followed the instructions. Thanks to this bank's monitoring equipment were professional enough and powerful enough to reduce the multiple to 1000 times slower. Several people finally gained something and saw the moment when the cash disappeared. At the end what happened.

At that moment, five black smoke were drilled from the wall of the vault, and then circled around the pile of cash, the pile of cash disappeared, and the five black smoke also disappeared into the underground wall of the road. not see.

Vaguely we can see that there are five tall figures shrouded in five black smoke.

"What the hell is that?" The principal asked in surprise.

Xuan Kong still ignored him and continued: "One more replay, I will stop you and press pause!"

Although the person in charge had too many doubts to ask at this moment, he still obediently followed it. The screen was replayed and shown to a certain moment. Xuan Kong yelled, "Stop!"

Hearing that the person in charge shook his hand, and then pressed the pause button to freeze the screen on the monitor.

"Oh!" At the moment the frame was frozen, the person in charge screamed in shock, and a horrible face appeared on the screen.

Xuan Nv glanced at the person in charge, and the person in charge smiled: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, this stuff is too scary. What is it?"

"You don't need to worry about what it is. You just need to know that we have a clue. Don't tell the outside world today, we will recover your lost cash as soon as possible!" Xuan Nv said coldly.

"This ..." The person in charge was really curious about what the creature in the picture was at the moment, and wanted to know, but greeted Xuan Nv's cold eyes, what the person in charge wanted to say immediately changed, and said, "Okay, I know Then just recover the lost cash! "

"Back up this video for me!" Xuan Kong said.

"Okay!" The person in charge responded, and then began to get busy.

"Recognize what it is?" Xuan Kong asked, looking at the screen.

Xuan Nv nodded and said, "Well, it should be the legendary Five Spirits, but the method of supporting Five Spirits has long since disappeared. Five Spirits shouldn't be there anymore. How can they still appear now?"

"It may still exist in some monuments, and then it was dug up and re-bred them and let Five Spirits bring them money!" Xuan Kong guessed.