Chapter 210 Xiangfei Village

Huang Qiu was relatively low-key after getting rich, but Lu Er 'gou and others were very public after getting rich.

Lu Er 'gou and others know what their group's reputation is in the village.

Although they have never bullied other people in the same village except for Huang Qiu, they know that the people in the village hate them and look down on them. They have no other feelings except contempt and fear.

Don't look at Lu Er 'gou, they usually do not have a straight line, it seems that they do not care about anything, but in fact, Lu Er' gou and others are very villagers think of them.

The villagers scorned and feared them. They did not feel happy, but they were a little upset.

What they want is the envy of the villagers.

However, there was no way before, they have no capital to make the villagers envy.

But now it's different. With endless money, people in the village can be envious.

As a result, various luxury cars and luxury goods continue to flow into this small village on this day.

The villagers of Xiangfei Village began to envy when Huang Qiu was rich, but fortunately, because Huang Qiu is very low-key, the emotions of people in Xiangfei Village are limited to the level of envy.

However, when Lu Er 'gou and others became rich, the feeling of envy rose directly to the level of jealousy and even hate.

If other people in the village are making a fortune, the villagers of Xiangfei Village may not be here yet.

However, it was Huang Qiu and Lu Er 'gou who were not rich in learning and laziness. The gap between them was so great that it was unacceptable to people in Xiangfei Village.

Why can people like Huang Qiu and Lu Er 'gou get rich, but they can't?

It's not fair, it's too unfair.

The fire of jealousy was burning in the chests of the villagers of Xiangfei Village, hating God for injustice.

So in this mood, the villagers of Xiangfei Village followed Huang Qiu, Lu Er 'gou and others.

The villagers of Xiangfei Village are not fools. Huang Qiu is rich by himself and may be lucky, but Lu Er 'gou and others also make a fortune following it. It is not easy to explain the word lucky.

Jealousy is ugly and terrifying. Many villagers have used Lu Er 'gou and other people's methods on Huang Qiu, and they have also used them. With some persuasion, Five Spirits' method of making money in Xiangfei Village It is not a secret.

As a result, the carnival of Xiangfei Village came. Everyone was rich overnight. It was not the food but the money that most households had.

In order to keep this secret, not to be known by people outside the village, at the suggestion of one person, the people of Xiangfei Village became extremely low-key after a short carnival, and the money was secretly spent.

So the people outside the village know that the people in Xiangfei Village started to become rich, but they do n’t know how to get rich.

However, people outside the village also found that after Xiangfei Village became rich, there were more violent people. Every so often, a villager in Xiangfei Village would violently.

Therefore, when Xiangfei Village became an enviable village, it also became a scared and cursed village.


In Xuan Laogua's office, Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, and a Xuan Feng who has been returning from other missions and has just returned. A total of four people are listening to Xuan Laogua's mission schedule.

"Now there are two cases to be dealt with in the Beihe Province. They are suspected to be related to monsters. I thought about it. It would be more appropriate for you to give the four of you. Each of you is divided into two groups. Xuan Laogua said while putting the two case files in front of four people.

"Which case do you want to complete? Pick your own!"

Su Yu looked at the two files: the case of lost cash and the case of human lateral movement.

The four did not speak, opened the portfolio and looked up quietly, and soon they all had counted.

Xuan Kong said: "I'll go to the case where cash disappears out of thin air. The probability of cash disappearing out of thin air is very likely due to the power of space. Let Xuan Nv and me complete this case together. Xuan Zhen and Cyclone will investigate this case of the human lateral movement. Xuan Nv, do you think so? "

"Yes, you can!" Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu slightly, seeing that Su Yu was still carefully checking the file, said coldly.

"I have no problem, it's great to work with new colleagues!" Xuan Feng shrugged.

"What about Xuan Zhen? What do you think?" Xuan Kong looked at Su Yu.

"Ah?"  Su Yu said, "I can do it!"

"Well, that's it. Xuan Zhen and Xuan Feng are two of you who are responsible for the lateral movement of the human body. Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv are two of you who are responsible for the disappearance of cash.

However, the case of cash disappearing out of thin air must be investigated as soon as possible. Because of this case in Beihe Province, it has lost nearly tens of billions of yuan in nearly ten years! "Xuan Laogua finally decided.

"Yes, boss!" The four responded in unison, then left Xuan Laogua's office, prepared a little, and the four came to the territory of Beihe Province through the space gate of Xuan Kong.


"Xuan Zhen, how do you want to start the investigation in this case? If you have no idea, this is the first time you and I have cooperated. I think it is helpful to communicate and complete the case.

Although the boss said, we are not in a hurry in this case, but I don't think we can fall behind! "Xuan Feng said this to Su Yu after separating from Xuan Nv. Xuan Kong.

"Well, that's right, it can be done as soon as it can be completed!" Su Yu nodded and agreed. "The rest, let's go to the party who reported the case first, and talk about the situation in detail."

"Okay, that's it!" Xuan Feng nodded.

So they called a car and rushed to the place where the reporter was now.

"This Xiangfei Village? Is it really a village? This ..." Su Yu stared at the scenery in front of him.

After two hours' drive, Su Yu and Xuan Feng arrived at Xiangfei Village, the village where the reporter Huang Qiu lived.

Before entering the village, Su Yu and Xuan Feng were shocked by the richness of Xiangfei Village. Along the way, the two of them have already passed through several villages. Although they look very good, the last sentence is beautiful and rich. The countryside is no exaggeration.

But compared with the village in front of me, it really is nothing. The villages I saw before can't be seen as a village, more or less with a touch of rusticity.

The Xiangfei Village in front of me does not look like a village at all. What I see is not the common buildings in the countryside, but a series of luxurious villas, which are continuous. These villa groups are not many in the first-tier cities see!