Chapter 21 Mysterious Island

For five full hours, the three almost walked around the whole incident area.

The four incidents area were all carefully inspected for any change, even the underwater.

But still nothing was found, and there was no trace of the sense of super power.

"Hmm? Is it really what the pirates did this time, as the internet rumor said?" Xuan Shui said with annoyance, although it wasn't irritating, it was frustrating not to get the slightest clues.

Xuan Nv didn't speak, she just looked at the sea blankly, thinking about something, and then said after a while: "Staying at sea for two days, if it is a weird case, it will appear again. If it's still no strange thing happened, go back to the bureau."

Su Yu had no objection to this decision. He can eat and drank on the yacht, and his training stopped temporarily. He wanted to stay at sea for a few more days if it's possible.

On the first day, the sea was calm, and even the larger sea breeze did not blow up. The sea and the sky were connected, and only the arrogant seagull flew by from time to time.

The next day a breeze was blowing on the sea, the water was wavy, the air became extremely refreshing, and the night fell. The three who did not find any weird thing decided to rest for another night before returning to the bureau.

Just as the three of them went to sleep, the heavy fog suddenly rose on the sea, and the air became extremely humid, hot and stuffy, and the three all woke up.

"Why did it suddenly fog up? It can't happen this time, the temperature difference between night and day is not big, and it shouldn't be foggy!" Xuan Shui said unhappily.

"This fog is a little strange!" said Xuan Nv, with a serious expression: "Be careful, maybe what we have to wait for is finally here!"

"Is it a monster? Why didn't you sense the super power?" when heard Xuan Nv's word, Xuan Shui became serious, unhappy instant disappeared on hid the face,

"There is something in the fog!" Su Yu looked at the foggy road, a huge shadow looming in the fog.

Needless to say, Yu Xuan and Xuan Nv and Xuan Shui also discovered the huge shadow. Xuan Shui said, "What's that? It's big, should we go in and see?"

"Okay, leader, this fog is too big. If we go into it, we may not be able to see anything, maybe we will lose our way, or will we wait for the fog to dissipate during the day?" Su Yu objected.

The strangeness of the fog and huge shadow, Su Yu was still careful. In case it was a trap, he rushed in without any thought, he would encounter any danger. Su Yu didn't want to make an adventure with his own life.

"Xuan Zhen, what you said makes sense, I know what your concerns are, but I'm afraid that after the fog dissipates, the truth will also dissipate with it!" Xuan Shui said.

Su Yu heard silence, and Xuan Shui also made sense. The shadow appeared with the fog, then it may disappear with the fog. If it disappeared, the two days were in vain.

Su Yu and Xuan Shui each have their own opinions. No one can persuade anyone in a short time. In the end, they looked at Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv made the final decision, how to act? Xuan Nv owns the decision.

Xuan Nv frowned, thinking for a moment and said, "Launch a flare first and see if you can see the situation in the fog, then make a decision."

"Okay!" Su Yu responded, and found the flare in the yacht, and then he shot at the direction of the shadow.

The flares flew in the air, emitting dazzling white light, and the light dispelled the darkness. The three of them were finally able to see the shadow for a while, which was a huge island.

The three glanced at each other, all saying: "Mysterious Island?"

Xuan Shui said excitedly: "Is there a mysterious island? The mysterious island appeared, and the missing person is on this mysterious island? The mysterious island disappeared, and they disappeared with it!"

Su Yu was also slightly agitated, lamenting that what he had experienced was getting more and more strange, and even such a large island in front of his could suddenly appear.

Xuan Nv was very calm and said: "Go, take a look on the island, the mysterious island appears in this area, it is likely to be related to the case. This is the only useful discovery so far. We must go and have a look, even if it is dangerous. Xuan Shui, drive the yacht! "

"Ok!" Xuan Shui answered, and soon the engine of the yacht was buzzing. The yacht slowly and firmly sailed towards the mysterious island. It seemed that the distance was very close, but after half an hour, the yacht close to the mysterious island.

Find a suitable place to stop the ship, the three walked to the mysterious island!

[I'm so lonely and so boring, who can talk to me and chat?]

"Huh?" Su Yu suddenly hesitated a moment when his feet were stepping on the beach of mystery island, and he heard something.

"Xuan Zhen, what's wrong with you? Hurry up to keep up, don't fall behind here!" Xuan Nv's voice came.

"Nothing!" Su Yu turned back and looked around but found nothing, then ran two steps to keep up with Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv: "Let's search along this beach first, and if we don't find any clue, we will enter the island to search!"

Xuan Nv looked at the time and said, "It's about to dawn, I hope I can find something today."

"Ah?" Xuan Shui walked forward, and on the beach not far away, he found a lot of crooked ovens.

Xuan Shui said: "Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, look, this is an oven. If you still remember the sign on it, it is the same sign of the cruise ship. Sure enough, the disappearance of cruise ship personnel is related to this mysterious island.

But what about people? Where are the hundreds of people? "

Xuan Shui looked around and wanted to find all the missing people, but there was not even a ghost, let alone the missing person.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv came to Xuan Mu's side, looking at the crooked but not messy oven and other tools. Xuan Nv said: "It seems that the tourists of the cruise ship wanted to have a party on this mysterious island, but it seems that something happened just during the party! "

"They got caught? They got caught by the savages on the mysterious island?" Su Yu said.

Xuan Nv heard the words and glanced at Su Yu, but Xuan Nv wore a mask and Su Yu could not see it, otherwise, he would be surprised.

Xuan Nv: "It's not that they were taken away, it's more likely they left voluntarily. Although they look cluttered here, there are very neat and no signs of fighting. Those tourists left voluntarily, so no accident. They are marching towards the island. "

"Voluntary? Hundreds of people are voluntary? Is this ... a little impossible, right?" Su Yu said in surprise.

"Whether it is voluntary or not is not important, we just bring those people back, just ask them then!" Xuan Nv said, looking at the center of the island, she waved gently: "Go!"