Chapter 209 Change of Master

"Woohoo ..." Huang Qiu cried at this time. He was not a strong person. He can hold on until now. He looked at the fierceness of Er 'gou's younger brothers. Huang Qiu couldn't hold it. Crying: "Er 'gou, I said, I say everything, I want to know what I say!"

Lu Er 'gou laughed at the words and motioned the younger brothers to stop. "Early say it, just say it early, why bother hitting it? Being a human being requires self-knowledge, Huang Qiu, you say your dog Brother, am I right? "

"Yes, yes!" Huang Qiu nodded again and again, how dare he say nothing?

Lu Er 'gou Da Ma Jin Dao sat on the leather sofa in Lu Er' gou's bedroom, smoking a flue: "Well, let's talk, how did you get rich?"

Er 'gou helped a group of people set their eyes on Huang Qiu's eyes. The eyes were burning. Who wants to get rich!

Huang Qiu swallowed and said, "Five Spirits makes money. I got rich because an old Taoist gave me a Five Spirits method of making money. As long as I call for the support of Five Spirits, I can make a fortune by making a wish."

"?????" I heard, Lu Er 'gou and others looked at each other, then Lu Er' gou son was angry, and said: "Huang Qiu, you really do not hit the south wall or look back, really when you Er 'gou brother is What a fool! Five Spirits for making money? Oh, will your dog brother believe me? Damn, it's not honest, okay ... give me a shot!

"Brother, I didn't lie to you. I can give you a demonstration. After the demonstration, you know the truth!" Huang Qiu yelled It was too difficult, to tell the truth, and nobody believed it.

"Huh?" Lu Er 'gou raised his hand when he heard the words, and the brothers who were about to stop stopped again. Lu Er' gou said, "Okay, you can show it to me, hum, I hope you say something Five Spirits is a method of making money. If it is false, you know the consequences. "

"Know, I know!" Huang Qiu nodded again and again, and then came to the bedside table, took out the five wooden villains, and said, "Er 'gou, this is the prop for Five Spirits' wealth."

"Yeah!" Lu Er 'gou glanced at the five wooden statues and nodded his head, "Go ahead!"

"Okay, okay!" Huang Qiu nodded, then placed the wooden statue in accordance with the orientation, bit his finger to bleed blood, worshipped, and said: "Give Five Spirits, quickly show holiness!"

Lu Er 'gou and others looked at the buns beside them and then got a little angry, feeling that Huang Qiu was playing with them again. When Lu Er' gou was about to scold, he saw black smoke rising from the five wooden statues. And then.

"Mortal, wake us, what's your request?" Five Spirits' voice sounded.

"This, this, this ..." The younger brothers of Lu Er 'gou were almost scared to see this scene. When have they seen such a scene, a group of black smoke can speak, I am afraid that it is not a ghost!!?

Screaming, he wanted to run out.

Lu Er 'gou was scared when he saw this scene, but he was calm, yelled, and let the younger brothers stop for a moment, then looked at Huang Qiu.

Lu Er 'gou also thought that Huang Qiu was lying to him, but at this moment he was convinced that the fear was gradually disappearing and replaced by greed, but he remained calm and watched Huang Qiu what to do next. .

"Grand Five Spirits, I want to ask for 10,000 yuan. Grand Fives, please fulfill my wishes!" Huang Qiu said.

"Okay, we'll help you realize your wish. The equivalent exchange begins!" Five Spirits said, then passed through Huang Qiu's body and disappeared through the wall.

At this moment, Lu Er 'gou and others breathed a long sigh of relief. After all, the scene just now was beyond the understanding of ordinary people.

Lu Er 'gou said: "Huang Qiu, the Five Spirits you said just now? What are they?"

"Er 'gou, I don't know what they are, but it is true that they can fulfill their wishes, but only in terms of money!" Huang Qiu said honestly.

"Ha ha ha, enough is enough, only money is enough!" Lu Er 'gou laughed, "Yes, can you achieve your wish just like you did just now?"

"Huh!" Huang Qiu nodded.

"What did they do and when will they be back? And, what do they mean by the equivalent exchange?" Lu Er 'gou asked.

Huang Qiu did not hide it, and answered Lu Er 'gou's questions one by one, and said everything she wanted to say.

Soon, the black smoke from the Five Spirits returned, throwing a pile of red banknotes in front of Huang Qiu and immersed himself in five wooden statues.

Lu Er 'gou and others looked at the red bills and couldn't help but swallow a spit of water, with only one thought: really, this Five Spirits method of making money can really realize the desire of money.

Lu Er 'gou and others breathed quickly. It felt too easy to get rich. Looking at the five statues was extremely hot. This is not a five wooden statue but a golden mountain and a silver mountain.

Lu Er 'gou could n’t help but laughed again: “It ’s time for me, Lu Er' gou, to get rich, brothers, our good days are coming soon! Go, take Five Spirits, and go home with my dog ​​brother Get rich, hahaha ... "

"Dog brother mighty!" Cheers the little brothers, pick up Five Spirits and leaves under Lu Er 'gou.

Huang Qiu was in a hurry. What should he do if he took it away and hugged Lu Er 'gou's thigh and said, "Er' gou, can I ask Sage Five to fulfill my wish in the future?"

Lu Er 'gou looked down at Huang Qiu and silenced for a while: "Okay, you Er' gou, I'm not a solitary eater, if you want to make a wish, go to me, but the Five Spirits statue will return I know, you know? It's too unsafe for them to stay with you. You don't have the ability to own them. "

"I know the dog brother, from today, no, from now on the owner of the Five Spirits statue!" Huang Qiu said smartly.

"Yes, very good!" Lu Er 'gou patted Huang Qiu's shoulder, Huang Qiu was flattering.

Subsequently, Lu Er 'gou and others left Huang Qiu's house, and others waited for Lu Er' gou and others to go away. Huang Qiu then cursed and cursed Lu Er 'gou and others for their death.

Lu Er 'gou and others are here, he dare not do anything, only dare to vent it at this moment, Huang Qiu is so distressed, the Five Spirits statue will not belong to him in the future, which makes Huang Qiu feel that his heart is all Lu Er' gou Waiting for someone to walk away.

Not to mention how Huang Qiu felt heartache, how he cursed Lu Er 'gou and others.

Lu Er 'gou and others returned home for a night of carnival. Everyone started making crazy wishes, and the laughter and screams never stopped.

Until Tianming, Lu Er 'gou and other talented people slumbered on the pile of money.

Overnight Lu Er 'gou and others made a wish of hundreds of millions of dollars.

If it wasn't for the house to hold more cash, Lu Er 'gou and others would continue to ask for more money.