Chapter 208 Beat

As night fell, Huang Qiu had a good night's meal and then waved out the nanny to rest and sleep.

But before Huang Qiu fell asleep, he felt that someone was entering his room, which made him a little scared. However, Huang Qiu was a man, no matter how courageous he was, he turned on the light and took it out. The dagger under the pillow said: "Who? Come out to me!"

"Hey!" Huang Qiu's voice dropped, and a laugh came out, and several figures came out of the hiding place. Lu Er 'gou said: "Huang Qiu, you guy is very alert. How did you find us? ~ "

Lu Er 'gou took a big slap, and a smoky glass of wine wafted through the room.

Huang Qiu's face was a bit black: I can't find it anymore, I'm dead!

"Huh? Why don't you talk and look down on me, Lu Er 'gou? Huang Qiu, you become rich when you have money, don't you? Ah?" Lu Er' gou son saw Huang Qiu not talking and was a little angry. , Shaky body pointed at Huang Qiu.

"Yes, Huang Qiu, do you look down on our Er 'gou help?" Xiaodi A said.

"Brother, he looks down on our Er 'gou help, shall we get him?" Little brother B said.

Huang Qiu couldn't help but frowned when he heard the words: "Lu Er 'gou, my family doesn't welcome you. Please leave now. Do you know that you are in a private house? It is against the law, and I will call the police if I don't leave!"

"Alarm? Hey, you call the police, you can try it, it's the police coming fast, or we kill you fast!" Lu Er 'gou sneer said.

Lu Er 'gou hit another choke, and then said, "And do you dare to call the police? I bet you dare not!"

After hearing the words, Huang Qiu's pupils narrowed slightly: "Don't dare, what am I afraid of? I would like to ask you to go out now, if I don't go out, I would really call the police!"

"Yeah? Huang Qiu is still active, right, you call the police, we will wait for the police to come, I do n’t believe you can tell where your money came from, do n’t tell me what the lottery is to win It ’s okay to lie to those honest people, and I want to lie to you Er 'gou son me? You are still early! "

"I can't understand what you say!" Huang Qiu heard the words, and his heart was a little stunned, but it was calm on the surface.

"Hey, Huang Qiu, it ’s a good person to be blessed by everyone. If you have a way of getting rich, why do n’t you take it out and share it with your dog? Is it bad to eat alone?" Lu Er 'gou said although he was still drunk, the eyes were very bright at this moment.

Huang Qiu knows where Lu Er 'gou came from, but can he hand over Five Spirits money?

No, in Huang Qiu's opinion, he must not give it to outsiders.

His face sank: "Er 'gou, you've drunk too much. Hurry home and go to rest. I'm going to bed too, don't send it!"

Lu Er 'gou's face sank in an instant, and said, "Huang Qiu, you are really toasting, not eating and drinking, let alone, if you don't say it yourself, I will obediently say, go up and tie him up! "

"Lu Er 'gou you ..." Huang Qiu panicked at the sight.

"Good brother, I already wanted to hit him!"

"Haha, Huang Qiu, this is what I found."

Lu Er 'gou's younger brothers, hehe he smiled and walked towards Huang Qiu. As for the dagger held by Huang Qiu, they ignored it directly. Although the weapon was dangerous, it still depended on who used it.

Huang Qiu was holding a dagger. For them, it was no different from a child holding a dagger.

A few seconds later, Huang Qiu was brought to the ground by Lu Er 'gou's younger brothers and couldn't remember it.

That dagger was also in the hands of Lu Er 'gou. Lu Er' gou stabbed his dagger and said, "The knife is good, people are stupid. Huang Qiu, just the work of your three-legged cat, give you a cannon. You also Can't beat us!

Say, where did your money come from? "

"Brother Er 'gou, I didn't lie to you. I really won the lottery!" Huang Qiu said with a weird expression.

"Oh!" Lu Er 'gou scratched his head and said, "Not to tell the truth, you are really a fool when you Er' gou? What special lottery are you, where do you buy the lottery, What lottery did I buy and how much did I win?

I tell you, Huang Qiu, you Er 'gou me, never hit the unprepared staff, know no!

I came to you, it shows that I know you have n’t won the lottery. We in Hebei Province have already won big prizes for more than half a year. Where did your prize go, not to mention in other provinces, what? It ’s been almost a year since I went out. Which one to win? "

"Er 'gou, I really won the lottery!" Huang Qiu said with a sad expression, "You don't believe it, I can't help it!"

"Huh ~" Lu Er 'gou wiped his face hard, a little annoyed, "Huang Qiu, you really don't see the coffin or cry, okay, pull him up!"

"Okay!" The younger brothers yanked Huang Qiu from the ground with a sound, pulling his hair to his hair and pulling his arms.

"Er 'gou, I ..." Huang Qiu looked at Lu Er' gou.

"Shh!" Lu Er 'gou raised a finger, interrupted Huang Qiu, and said, "Don't speak first, I'll ask you one last time, how did you make money, and what was your money? Where did it come from? Think about it! "

Huang Qiu flashed a struggle, but insisted: "Er 'gou, I didn't lie to you, I really won the lottery!"

"啧 ~" Lu Er 'gou snorted and reached out and patted Huang Qiu's face, "Huang Qiu, you Er' gou, I found that I used to look down on you a little bit, don't say it, I just let it you do not say!"

咚 ~ Lu Er 'gou banged on Huang Qiu's belly with a fist, and Huang Qiu immediately covered his face with blue tendons, his face turning red as if bleeding.

However, this is just the beginning. Lu Er 'gou's patience really polished Huang Qiu. This move started, and he couldn't stand it. He punched and kicked against Huang Qiu.

And he also scolded and shouted: "Special, let you toast and not eat or drink! You are especially looking for death, annoy your dog brother and me, somehow, kill your shit.

Let you play it up, and kill you today, don't you say? Isn't it special not to say no? "

The beating lasted for three minutes, and Lu Er 'gou was exhausted. He stopped when he was sweating.

"Huang Qiu, don't you say?" Lu Er 'gou sat on the bed, panting heavily.

"Brother, I really ..."

"Fuck, don't you say it?" Lu Er 'gou knew what Huang Qiu was going to say, and he waved his hand impatiently: "Continue to punch him, you can't kill him until you hit him. maintain!"

"Hello, my brother, it's up to us!" The younger brothers were happy, and one by one was ready to start.