Chapter 207 Change

"His ~ ha ~" Huang Qiu took it, opened a box, pulled out a lighter, it was called enjoyment, it was nice to have money.

"Gone!" Putting the cigarette into his pocket, holding pig's head meat and wine, he went to the house.

"Well, if you have a little money, you will get upset. If not for the money, the old lady will slap you to death. This time, the old lady will see how long your money can last!" In Huang Qiu, the boss vomited. Sighed.

She has had a good chance in such a scene. Every once in awhile, Huang Qiu will sell something for some money, but it wo n’t last long. The boss thinks it ’s the same this time.

However, the boss wondered what Huang Qiu had sold this time, but she knew there was nothing in Huang Qiu's house to sell.

Of course, the lady boss thinks that for her to be able to make money, it doesn't matter where Huang Qiu's money comes from.

Not to mention the boss, Huang Qiu returned home and ate a long-lost piece of meat with a good wine, and then began to sleep and wake up in the evening.

Immediately, Huang Qiu felt that he had regained some of his deficient nutrition. Standing in front of the broken mirror and looking at the filthy self, Huang Qiu couldn't help but let go of his lips. He felt that he should take good care of himself. Hey.

Of course, Huang Qiu is still a lazy man, but he won't clean up by himself, but people are willing to serve him when they have money.

That night, Huang Qiu entered the city, and the next morning, Huang Qiu came back clean and refreshed, holding a newly purchased smartphone.

Of course, for 10,000 yuan, less than two days were spent by Huang Qiu!

However, Huang Qiu didn't care, he asked for the money, and the next night he asked for 10,000 yuan again.

Money comes too easily, and Huang Qiu spends it easily. Basically, two to three days will cost 10,000 yuan.

However, the speed of spending this money has also brought great changes to Huang Qiu. First of all, the overall image of Huang Qiu has changed. Although it is not a big name, it is not something the villagers can easily buy.

Secondly, Huang Qiu's home has also changed. Some originally damaged houses and yards full of weeds have become complete and clean. Spreading out a lot of money, naturally, people are working for him.

As a result, the news of Huang Qiu's fortune spread in Xiangfei County, and it became the envy of everyone in Xiangfei Village. From the most scornful and disgusting person to the most envied person, the change is so fast.


"Damn, why did Huang Qiu's shit-like stuff suddenly make a fortune?" In a private house, a face full of meat and a faded brass chain around his neck, a man in his 30s grunted a sip of beer, Scolded.

"I heard that the guy from Huang Qiu got a lottery ticket and got rich! Especially, it's too unfair. That shit can make a lot of money. Why can't you get rich?" Lu Ergouzi's younger brother was indignant.

"You're right, brother, that shit stuff can make a fortune, and my Lu Ergouzi will be able to make a fortune. Hahaha, as long as my Lu Ergouzi gets rich, he will surely make his brothers fragrant and hot! Lu Ergou laughed.

"Brother Gouzi is full of righteousness. We respect Brother Gouzi a glass and wish him good luck!"

"Yes, yes, toast a brother!"

"Come and drink. Let's go and ask" How to make a fortune at Huang Qiu? " No more than 100,000 awards!

That shit is flickering! "Lu Ergouzi said.

"What? That shit is deceiving? Damn, I'll have to treat him well, I really believe it!"

"Brother, I think it's all right tonight. Let's ask how Huang Qiu made a fortune tonight. If he doesn't say it, let him know how powerful our two dogs are!"

"Yes, let him know how good our two dog gangs are!"

The shouts spread far away, and the villagers passing by also showed a look of disdain, in addition to fear and fear.

There are two groups of people in Xiangfei Village who are very famous. One is Huang Qiu, the other is Lu Ergouzi, a group of villagers. Lu Ergouzi and others are also a group of lazy men, but they are better than Huang Qiu. Fortunately, Lu Ergouzi and others know how to spend money, unlike Huang Qiu, who only kills the old, and then kills the stuff in the seller.

Of course, it's better, actually, fortunately, Lu Ergouzi and others are not so lazy as Huang Qiu.

The villagers are more afraid of Lu Ergouzi and others because Lu Ergouzi and others have never done good things.

If it is not for fear of revenge, Lu Ergouzi and others rarely bully the villagers and others for reasons. People in the village would have reported Lu Ergouzi and others to them.

Here, Lu Ergouzi and others were drinking wine and hitting their ideas on Huang Qiu. Huang Qiu was looking at a notebook.

The above is the data of the time when he asked for money, the amount of money, his physical condition, and so on since these days.

These days Huang Qiu is doing nothing and thinking nothing. Huang Qiu has been experimenting with himself as the experimental target to try out the most appropriate amount of money and the interval.

Huang Qiu always feels that the Five Spirits' method of making money is a bit wicked. Asking for more money at a time, and the interval is not good.

The fact is exactly what he thought.

After some days of recording, Huang Qiu has discovered that once the amount of money requested exceeds the limit of 100,000 yuan, Five Spirits will absorb more energy from his body, instead of multiplying, it will give the body It causes a lot of damage. It will become extremely difficult to recover and it will take a long time to recover.

The greater the amount of money requested, the greater the degree of damage to the body, the time needed to recover, etc., will increase by multiplication.

After the amount of more than one hundred thousand, basically what is paid is always greater than the gain.

After several times of experience and summing up money, Huang Qiu has figured out his best amount of money, and the time interval between each time.

The best amount of money he asked each time was about 80,000, and he asked again after five days. By doing so, the five days would not only replenish the energy absorbed by Five Spirits but also have a lot of remaining money.

Basically, within this amount and time frame, Huang Qiu's gains will be great.

"Well, I will ask for this amount and interval in the future!" Huang Qiu looked at the notebook softly. He didn't know that he had been spotted by Lu Ergouzi and others. A crisis was coming to him.