Chapter 206 Have Money And Have No Money


"Hoo ~" Huang Qiu exhaled a spit, and sat on the ground with a buttock, a little scared, and then began to examine his body. Nothing was missing, not only wasn't missing, but Huang Qiu also found that the wound on his finger had already Disappeared.

Of course, Huang Qiu's other feelings are still there, it feels more hungry and weaker at the same time.

Huang Qiu understands that this should be the consequence of paying the price, it just makes him weaker.

However, Huang Qiu is not worried. Huang Qiu was previously studying at the Medical University, and he knows his physical condition very well. He knows that his current state is just a lack of nutrition. As long as the nutrition keeps up, he will soon lose it. The energy is back!

Huang Qiu had just thought of this, and he saw five black clouds of smoke appear in the house, four of them were submerged into the four wooden statues, and only one black smoke made a circle around Huang Qiu. A stack of red banknotes fell in front of Huang Qiu.

Dongling Road: "Mortal, this is your wish, what other wishes in the future, just wake us up in the way we did before!"

After all, Dong Ling entered the statue.

Huang Qiu didn't actually hear what Dong Ling said, and his attention was all attracted by the red banknotes.

Huang Qiu now has only one idea, then his wish to get rich can finally be realized. He happily picked up the paper currency and confirmed that it was true several times. Then he finally felt relieved and put the five wooden figurines close to each other. Folding money to sleep again.

This night, Huang Qiu dreamed. Huang Qiu dreamed that he had become the richest person in the world and had everything.

In such a dream, Huang Qiu woke up slowly when he fell asleep until dawn.

He first looked at the statue and the money. After making sure it was not a dream, Huang Qiu exhaled a long sigh of relief, completely relieved that he knew that his dream of getting rich was not far away.

"Huh? How do you feel like you're not hungry? Your body seems to be strong!" After Huang Qiu was happy, she suddenly felt like she was full of energy. Yesterday, that weakness disappeared.

This made Huang Qiu a little confused, but he didn't care about it. He just felt that he was full of energy just because he thought he was too excited.

He didn’t even wash his face and walked towards the store in the village. Huang Qiu decided last night. I must have a good meal today. No, I should eat every meal in the future to supplement my nutrition.

Although Huang Qiu felt energetic, he could still feel that his body was still weak and lacked too much nutrition. When he was studying at the Medical University, he was a senior student and knew his physical condition best.

People are refreshed at every happy event. Although Huang Qiu wears some tattered clothes, he has money in his body, Huang Qiu feels different from usual. He walks a lot more mentally.

"Madam, give me two bottles of the best shochu, and weigh me two pounds of pork head meat!" Soon Huang Qiu came to the stand, and people shouted before entering the house.

"Huang Qiu, do you dare to come?" A woman's voice sounded loud. When the voice sounded, a short woman came out of the kiosk, holding a fly swatter in her hand, pointing at Huang Qiu: "You still want to eat pork head meat, Believe it or not, your mother made you such a pig?

Huang Qiu, you don’t even count how much you owe us till now? A total of 1,120 yuan, when will you return it?

You paid it back, or you can come back and buy pork meat! Don't even think about it now!

Go and go, while you stay, don't block my doorstep and delay my business. "

Dumpy boss lady, waving a fly swatter to drive away flies like Huang Qiu.

This damn old lady, Huang Qiu scolded in the heart, but on the surface said with a smile: "Do n’t you, boss, am I here to pay the money? He doesn’t think of you as soon as I get rich Come on, come and take care of your business right now! "

"What do you mean, what is taking care of my business?" The boss was angry when she heard the words as if she was like a person doing that kind of business.

"Look at my mouth!" Huang Qiu fanned his mouth lightly, hippie smiled.

The boss frowned, and said impatiently, "Okay, don't pretend to be a gesture, what's wrong, don't just talk about it, let's not say anything else, pay the old lady back first, don't pay back, hurry up Get out of here, just be blind! "

Huang Qiu grinned, stretched out his arms, pulled out about twenty red bills, and patted them on the counter. Huang Qiu proudly frizzled his hair and said, "Lady, look at this?"

"Oh!" The boss's eyes widened sharply, and she reached out and took the banknote in her hands. After scanning her eyes, she knew it was genuine, and said in astonishment: "Huang Qiu, where did you get the money?"

Huang Qiu waved his hand and said, "Then you don't have to worry about it. Is this money enough to pay you back?"

The boss nodded: "Enough!"

"Is that enough to buy pork meat? Is it enough to buy a wine?" Huang Qiu smugly said.

"Enough, that's enough!" The boss returned to her, and said, "Brother, you wait, my sister will cut your pig's head and drink it!"

"Shoo ~" Huang Qiu watched the boss go into the inner room with the money, and couldn't help smirking, and it turned out that the treatment of the rich and no money was completely different. Just called Huang Qiu and the old lady, Qian Pai Come out and immediately became a big brother and sister.

‘He ~ tui! 'Huang Qiu spit out sputum in his heart, he can understand this world, rich can have everything!

Reached out and touched the statue in his arms, after that he had everything.

Soon, the proprietress carried a bag of pork head meat and two bottles of shochu, and walked out with a smile on her face and said, "Big brother, pork head meat is full of weight. Shochu is also the best!"

"Hey, thank you, Madam!" Huang Qiu took it.

"Big brother, what are you thankful for, and you are still polite with your sister?" The boss gave Huang Qiu a white look, and chubby Huang Qiu with a chubby hand, but stopped looking at the dirty clothes on Huang Qiu's body, and her hand stopped. In mid-air, she couldn't shoot.

Huang Qiu also glanced at his clothes, sneer again in his heart, and said with a grin on the surface: "Thank you so much, give me two boxes of good cigarettes, and I will go!"

Said Huang Qiu took another banknote!

"Okay, I'll get it for you!" The owner said with a smile, grabbed the banknotes, and took a few boxes of the most expensive cigarettes in the store in front of Huang Qiu.