Chapter 205 Five Spirits Make a Fortune

"Try it, even if it's fake, you waste some blood!" Huang Qiu gritted his teeth and decided to try it the way the old Taoist said, and see if the old Tao said that Five Spirits' method of making money is true.

Huang Qiu began to place five wooden statues according to the method of the old Taoist priests and placed them in an east-to-east and west-to-west orientation according to the slogan on the back.

Then Huang Qiu severely bit his finger and whispered in pain. The red blood dripped from Huang Qiu's finger and dropped on five wooden statues. Huang Qiu dripped on each statue. Three drops.

The wooden statue was small, and three drops of blood-stained all the heads of a wooden figure.

After dripping blood, Huang Qiu knelt down on the ground and began to worship five wooden statues. At the same time, each time he worshiped, Huang Qiu said: "Give Five Spirits, please show up quickly!"

This has been repeated over and over nine times before it ended, but there is no change. Five wooden statues are still five wooden statues. Huang Qiu immediately scolded the mother and said: "I'm so stupid old priest's gossip. I even believed it, damn it! "

Said Huang Qiu was about to get up, but at this moment a voice sounded in Huang Qiu's ear: "Small mortal, what are you asking us to do to the sanctuary?"

Huang Qiu was startled when he heard the words, and the whole person jumped up from the ground, watching vigilantly and drinking: "Who are you? Don't pretend to be a ghost. Are you, Lu Ergouzi, you want to scare? is it not it?"

Huang Qiu only thought that Lu Ergouzi in the same village was scaring him. Lu Ergouzi pretended to be a monster to scare him and bully him not once or twice.

"Stupid people, don't compare you, stupid humans, with us, Sage Five. Say it, people, what are your requests, let's talk now, we will satisfy you, you only need to pay the corresponding price!"

Huang Qiu heard that sneer said: "Oh, Lu Ergou, you still want to lie to me? This one is quite similar, but it's useless, I will never be fooled by you again!"

"how stupid, mortal, we are not Lu Ergou, oh my God, why are the people calling us is stupid? Mortal, you listen, we are East, South, West, North, Middle, Five Spirits, you can call us Sages Five! "

"Finance Five Spirits?" Hearing these words, Huang Qiu trembled and looked down at the five wooden statues on the ground. I do n’t know when the five wooden statues on the ground changed. The blood had disappeared, and the five wooden statues exuded a faint red light.

But the red light was too weak to be noticed by Huang Qiu.

Seeing this, Huang Qiu couldn't help swallowing his throat, and he wasn't too brave. He was even more scared in the face of the situation at this time, and yelled, "Five Spirits, you Five Spirits?"

"Nonsense, you awakened us without even knowing our Five Spirits? Forget it, you mortals are so stupid, don't say anything else, let's say, what are your requirements for calling us to wake up? As long as it is about money In terms of things, I can meet you, you only need to pay a little price! "

"Really?" Huang Qiu's eyes were slightly bright, but his mind was still alert, and he was not dazzled by the scene in front of him. The last sentence of Five Spirits made him vigilant. Although Huang Qiu had been dreaming, he got rich for nothing, but Knowing that you get nothing for nothing comes at a price.

"You mortals are so annoying to us that we will leave without asking you!" The voice said the red light on the five wooden statues was even weaker.

"Don't do it!" Seeing this, Huang Qiu panicked and hurriedly stopped. "I'm asking, I'm asking now, but Grandpa Five Spirits, can I ask a question before that?"

"..." Five Spirits was silent for a while before he said, "Ask, mortal, let us give you a chance."

"Thank you Grandpa Five Spirits!" Huang Qiu heard a few words, and then began to kneel lick, desperately, "Grand Five Spirits, what did you just say? Wouldn't you want my life?"

"Huh! What are we going to do for our mortal life, Sage Five? Rest assured, we just need you to provide us with some energy, which is equivalent to an exchange. It wo n’t kill you, although Makes you feel weak, but eats something good, and it will be added soon! "Five Spirits said.

On hearing that, Huang Qiu breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, that's good!"

Of course, although Huang Qiu said so, he did n’t really believe what Five Spirits said. How can I wait until I tried it? Huang Qiu then said, “Grand Spirit Fives, let me say my wish. It's up! "

"Say, mortal, as long as it is about the desire for money, we will meet your requirements. We can help you realize how much you want!" Five Spirits said, his voice was full of confusion.

Huang Qiu swallowed, carefully fingering deep down, "I want one ..."

"Oh? A small goal? Good, we'll meet you now, and give us the energy now!" Five Spirits said, five wooden statues trembled on the ground, black smoke from five The seven smoke tricks of the wood spurted out, and the black smoke monster turned into five teeth dancing claws towards Huang Qiu.

Huang Qiu almost scared his urine and waved again and again: "Slowly, slowly, Grand Five Spirits, I don't want a small goal!"

"Huh?" Five Spirits' action stopped abruptly, a Dongling Road with the word "East" on his forehead: "Mortal, I didn't expect your ambitions to be so great, could a small goal not satisfy you?

No matter if you want ten small goals or one hundred small goals, as long as you say specific numbers, we will satisfy you. "

"No!" Huang Qiu's face was bitter and he waved, "Five Spirits, my lord, I don't want a small goal, I just want 10,000 yuan!"

Five Spirits: "..."

"You are ... you stupid mortal, tell us to come out and want ten thousand yuan? Are you, your ambition so small?" Xiling roared loudly.

Huang Qiu smiled and said, "Yes, yes, Grand Fives. I think ten thousand yuan will be enough for me to spend some time. I will ask Grandpa Five Spirits when I have spent it!"

Five Spirits was silent, and for a while, Dong Ling said: "Okay, since this is your wish, we will be satisfied. Now you pay the price!"

The words fell, and when Huang Qiu didn't respond, it turned into five black clouds of smoke passing through Huang Qiu's body one by one, then penetrated through the walls of Huang Qiu's house and disappeared.