Chapter 204 Woodman

Over Pinglong Lake, a door of space appeared, and six figures slowly walked out of it. It was Su Yu who returned from the dimensional world. The six looked at each other, all exhaling a long breath. Six talents really relax.

This time, it felt more dangerous than the one in the Bone Land, but with the help of the treasure of Soul Ball, it was a safe return.

"Xuan Nv ..." At this time, a shout came from the shore of Pinglong Lake, and the six of Su Yu saw several figures flying towards them.

Su Yu took a closer look and turned out to be Xuan Yi, Xuan Mu, Xuan Guang, and Xuan Mu.

"Xuan Nv, you guys have appeared, and we will go down to find you if we don't," Xuan Yi came to Xuan Nv's side and said.

"Xuan Yi, why are you here?" Xuan Nv was a little surprised.

Xuan Yi rolled his eyelids and said, "It's not too long since you disappeared, the boss can't rest assured, let's take a look at it, and also deal with the new spirits ashore!"

Upon hearing this, Xuan Kong frowned and said, "A new evil spirit has landed again? It seems that our mission has indeed delayed a lot of time. It should be that we have lost the original memory for too long after entering the dimension world. It's up! "

With that said, Xuan Kong smiled and thanked the four of Xuan Yi: "Thank you so much for helping us wipe our buttocks. I need no help in the future."

"Who cares?!" Xuan Yi pouted his lips, then pulled Xuan Nv and flew towards the shore. She only cared about Xuan Nv.

Xuan Kong shrugged his shoulders, helplessly spread his hands, and he put his hot face on the cold ass.

The crowd smiled when they saw this, and they didn't take it seriously and headed for the shore together.

Xuan Mu came to Su Yu and put on Su Yu's shoulder and said, "Similarly, what kind of world is there in the dimension world. I have never encountered a task about the dimension world. Xuan Zhen, you are so lucky. It's only been more than two months, and you have encountered it twice, hey ... why didn't I meet it, Xuan Zhen please tell me!"

Xuan Mu's eyes glowed, apparently curious about the dimension world.

Su Yu smiled bitterly: "I would rather not have encountered it. The dimension world is too dangerous. This is the land of the bones, this time the land of the spirits, this time is even more dangerous than the last time ... "

Although Su Yu smiled bitterly, there was nothing to hide the story of the task, and the eloquence made the Xuan Mu and Xuan Tu both exclaimed.

Afterward, the people repaired for a day, and after confirming that the source of the evil spirits would not appear again, the people returned to the Investigation Bureau.

So far, the Pinglong Lake case is over!

Days, back to the usual days, except for practicing, Su Yu read novels to Dao Gui. The previous book "The Invincible Monk Tang"(guys, you can search it on webnovel) has been read, and now Su Yu began reading a novel for Dao Gui called "Monsters Around Us ".

Su Yu felt this novel was very interesting, and even once suspected that the author of the novel Jiu Qu Kun Peng was also a member of their detective bureau, and wrote the novel under such a pseudonym.

Because Su Yu found that many of the monsters described in "Monsters Around Us" they have met.

Therefore, this incident not only caught Su Yu's attention but also Xuan Laogua's. Xuan Laogua also specially arranged for someone to investigate the author named Jiu Qu Kun Peng.

After finding that Jiu Qu Kun Peng was just an ordinary street writer, the description of the monsters was also purely coincidental.

Of course, this is just a small episode in life. Su Yu didn't just relax for a few days, and new tasks appeared.


When can I get rich?

This is basically a sentence that most people have asked themselves, but it is definitely not often asked.

However, for Huang Qiu, that phrase is a mantra, and it's strange to not say it ten or eight times a day!

"When can I make a fortune?" Huang Qiu sat on a tattered chair, watching the sun sinking slowly.

"He ~ tui! You! A lazy guy is still thinking about getting rich? Unless the sun rises from the west!" A villager passing by Huang Qiu's house heard Huang Qiu's words and immediately did not hide his scorn.

He was considered to have served Huang Qiu, and it was delicious and lazy all day long, and still thinking about getting rich. If Huang Qiu was getting rich, it would be unreasonable.

"Hey, I'm lazy, but what about dreaming about you? Maybe I've gotten rich tonight!" Huang Qiu replied unwillingly.

"Lazy talk to you!" The villager shook his head and left quickly, disappointed with Huang Qiu.

Huang Qiu was the champion of the college entrance examination in Xiangfei County and was the only college student in the village. When Huang Qiu was admitted to the university, everyone in the village thought that Huang Qiu would have great success and it would be the hope in the village.

But later, without reason, Huang Qiu suddenly dropped out of school and went home. He became an old lazy man. He didn’t do anything from days to nights. At first, the villagers didn’t take it seriously. They thought Huang Qiu was stimulated by something. After thinking about it, he will go back. There is still a glimmer of hope for Huang Qiu.

But then, that hope was gone, and some were just disappointed.

Because of Huang Qiu, even if he later strangled his father and mother, there was no change at all, and he became even lazier.

As a result, Huang Qiu changed from the enviable college student that year to the slacker everyone spurned.

Even the children in the village scorned him, and the bear child deliberately makes a song his to scold Huang Qiu.

Of course, that's all. Villagers have been completely disappointed with Huang Qiu. Now they are disdainful of Huang Qiu and respected them. They even can ignore Huang Qiu if he is hungry to death.

After the villagers left, Huang Qiu continued to sit back to the few pieces of furniture left in his house. On the broken wooden chair, he continued muttering, "When can I get rich!"

This mumbled until the sky was completely dark. There was no electricity or rice in Huang Qiu's house. Without supper, he started to sleep when it was dark.

In the middle of the night, Huang Qiu woke up hungry. In the dark, Huang Qiu groped and turned out five wooden villains in another broken wooden box in the house. By the light coming in from the window, he faintly saw five small men. Behind the person are carved five 篆 characters: East, Southwest, North, and Middle!

"That old man, shouldn't he lie to me? Worshiping these five wooden men will make me rich? I hope that the meal is not wasted!" Huang Qiu whispered as he looked at the five wooden villains, he remembered A few days ago he saved what an old Taoist who was starving to death said to him, a way for him to make money for nothing.