Chapter 203 Return

For the power of Soul Ball, the Spirit King felt disgusting and fear in his deep heart.

And the best way to defeat fear is to destroy it. The Spirit King is determined to destroy the power of Soul Ball, existing in the world, which is too dangerous for their evil spirits.

However, the Spirit King does not know that this kind of power is hard to find in the real world. This Soul Ball has been treasured by the Detective Agency for many years.

This one is used up, and the next one is not known when it shows up.

"Huh?" When the Spirit King was determined to destroy the power of Soul Ball, she suddenly snapped. "How can you be all right? Why doesn't that power affect you?"

The Spirit King watched Su Yu's six in the light of Soul Ball, without any painful expression, and was a little stunned.

"Guess, as long as you guess right, I'll tell you!" Su Yu laughed.

I heard that the Spirit King's invisible eyes burst into two blood-red rays. At this moment, Su Yu felt a sense of being seen through the whole body, and couldn't help trembling with a chill.

In the same way, Xuan Nv has the same feeling.

"Hahaha, hahaha, this is the case, this is the case, it turns out that you are all human beings, and you have to be afraid of this power? The king is very curious, how did the Spirit find you? The reason why you are not exposed is the spirit! She helped you cover up the taste of human beings. "The Spirit King laughed, and he couldn't hide the joy in his voice.

Su Yu's eyes flickered a little, secretly saying that the Spirit King was really smart. After seeing their original identity, they suddenly thought of so many things. The Spirit King not only has great strength but also powerful wisdom. The presence of tadpoles.

"What? Your Majesty, they are all human?" Smart Brain couldn't help exclaiming when he heard the Spirit King's words.

At this time, Padma Higanbana and others have gradually eased from Xuan Shui's earlier blows and gathered next to the Spirit King.

"Hum, wouldn't I was wrong?" The Spirit King hummed.

"It's great, Your Majesty, it's great that they are human beings. It's so good that they are human. Hahaha, our chance of coming to the real world hasn't disappeared. They have a new chance of coming to the real world. Your Majesty must not let them go Ah! "Smart Brain laughed and looked at Su Liu's eyes, anxious to swallow Su Yu Liu's life.

The Spirit King knows what Smart Brain is saying. In order to be able to come to the real world, she and Smart Brain have actually prepared two plans.

The first solution is to create a space shuttle, in conjunction with the Spirit King's power when devouring the dimension world, and move them all into the real world.

The second set of solutions uses the blood and energy of the human in the real world and cooperates with the Spirit King to devour the powerful power of the dimension world ontology, and all of them conduct a reverse call, summoning them all into the real world.

This second set of solutions is one that Ling does not know.

However, in the beginning, the second set of plans was rejected by the Spirit King and Smart Brain. Over the years, humans who have come to this dimensional world are not without, but they do not meet the requirements. Those who meet the requirements must be The extraordinary can only do it, and it can't be very weak. The level must be at least Spirit Captain.

In addition, the number must be no less than five.

Therefore, the conditions of the second plan have not been met for the past countless years.

So the Spirit King and Smart Brain have been following the first plan to implement the plan for the real world.

Unfortunately, the space shuttle was destroyed by Su Yu et al. It takes decades to re-start the plan to have the opportunity to come to the real world again.

Therefore, when the space shuttle is destroyed, Smart Brain will be so resentful, so crazy, he can afford to wait for decades, but it is not equal.

However, at this moment, Smart Brain saw hope again. The first plan could not be implemented, and the conditions of the second plan were met. The Spirit King and Smart Brain have a kind of doubt about the mountains and rivers. feel.

And there are more than two schemes. The Spirit King and Smart Brain both know that Xuan Kong is a space superhuman. In addition, Xuan Kong is a human identity, and they have another chance to come to the real world. Let Xuan Kong open the door of enough space for them to come to the real world.

The Spirit King didn't speak, so she just started. Although Soul Ball's power made her jealous, the Spirit King didn't want to let Su Yu's people down and give up the opportunity to come to the real world.

With a bang, the spirit of the Spirit King erupted again, and his body like a cape rose against the wind, shrouding towards the six of Su Yu, covering the sky like a huge curtain.

The Spirit King's cloak-like body touched the light of Soul Ball, and it suddenly made noisy sounds and billowing smoke, but the Spirit King could not feel the pain, and the body continued to face Su Yu, those six people. Shrouded away.

"Okay, let's go!" Xuan Kong yelled at this moment, and the door to the real world was finally built. After Xuan Kong's voice fell, a five-meter-high door to space appeared in front of everyone.

"Want to go? Well, King said, King will not let you go, no one of you wants to leave!" The Spirit King looked at the suddenly appearing door of space, and the invisible eyes burst into two shots again. Bloody, humming.

When the voice fell, the 'curtain' covering the sky instantly turned into a big hand and shrouded toward the six of Su Yu.

The magnificent hand holds the space of one side, squealing and squeezing the door of the space as if it would be broken at any time.

"shit!" Su Yu couldn't help but yelling at it, and couldn't help looking at Xuan Kong. If the door of space collapsed, it would be difficult for them to open another door of space and leave.

Xuan Kong was sweating coldly. At this moment, he felt great pressure. The door of space almost could not be maintained, and Xuan Kong also felt that it was difficult to pass through the door of space. The door of space was extremely difficult at this time. It is unstable, and it is an extremely high risk to return to the real world through the door of space at this time.

Fortunately, Xuan Kong has expected some things, knowing that the Spirit King will not simply let them leave, so Xuan Kong has already considered this situation, and he has a way to break the game, and he has already prepared.

The thing that broke the game was Soul Ball. Xuan Kong threw Soul Ball at this moment, blasting towards the Spirit King's big hand, and then approaching the big hand, Soul Ball burst into a blast.

Immediately, the light of the town soul became a hundredfold brighter, like a little sunburst, engulfing that big hand, and in a moment's effort, the big hand turned into fly ash.

The moment the Spirit King's big hand turned into fly ash, the power of imprisoning the gate of space was dissipated, Xuan Kong laughed, rolled a roll of power, wrapped around five people Yu Su and jumped into the gate of space.

"Do not!"

The Spirit King can only watch Su Yu and others disappear into the door of space, but there is nothing they can do.

The soul-repression strength generated by the explosion of Soul Ball was too strong, giving the Spirit King a sense of death threatening and making her afraid to approach.