Chapter 202 The Power of Soul Ball

The stench was so faint, the smoked Su Yu and others were dizzy, powerful and oppressive and oppressed on the body, making the Su Yu and others difficult to move, trying to avoid the devour of Zombie Dragon at this moment.

All five of them have a sense of powerlessness. They are equally afraid of any enemy in the same level, and can even win by crossing one or two small levels.

However, the gap between them and the king is too big, even if the five of them are at the limit at the moment, they still can't hold it.

I can only watch Zombie Dragon open mouth and swallow at them with open mouth.

Xuan Kong has Soul Ball in his hands, ready to inspire.

Just before being swallowed up, the moment Xuan Kong was about to inspire Soul Ball, a huge blue spear fell from the sky like huge blue lightning and hit the Zombie Dragon.

With a short bang, the blue spear pierced Zombie Dragon and nailed it to the ground.

"Howl ~"

Zombie Dragon roared painfully, his huge body rolled, but he could not break the spear's repression.

At the most dangerous moment for Su Yu and others, the blue giant rescued them and hit Zombie Dragon in one fell swoop!

Boom ~ The blue water giant figure came to the front of Su Yu and others in a flash, stepped down with a big foot, stepped on the head of Zombie Dragon directly, and at the same time pulled out a spear and fired at Fire Lotus · Higanbana. Waiting for someone to sweep past.

The blue brilliance of the water shone, and Padma Higanbana and others were swept away and blasted away like a cannonball toward the distance, spraying blood in the air.

Even a weak Spirit Captain was blown out directly in the air!

Although Padma Higanbana and others are powerful, they are also vulnerable to the Aqua Blue Giant.

The five people were stunned. At the same time, they were a little surprised at why this aqua-blue giant would rescue them.

"Come on ... I can't hold on!" When no one was wondering, the water giant spoke, very difficult, but it didn't matter, the important thing was that the voice was too familiar, it was Xuan Shui's voice.

"Xuan Shui?"

The five were shocked and instantly understood why the water giant would save them. The water giant was all that Xuan Shui knew.

However, the five did not understand why Xuan Shui suddenly became like this, and why it became so powerful.

However, none of the five people have been entangled with this too much. Now that Xuan Shui has been waiting for them, it is time to leave. Xuan Kong starts to activate the Soul Ball in his hand while opening the door to the real world. !!

Sci ~ The harsh howling sounded!

A huge blade of light, radiated from a distance, divided the world into two.

The Spirit King made a slash in the distance towards this side.

The huge sword light flashed from Xuan Shui's huge body at this moment and continued to fly into the distance. A big mountain in the distance was instantly split by the power of lighting.

"Want to leave? My King won't let you go? You won't be able to go!" The Spirit King chuckled coldly as he held the sickle of death, and the figure flickered before him.

Reaper's sickle was held high by the Spirit King and split off towards Xuan Shui.


Xuan Shui raised his gun to block, stopped the Spirit King's attack, and protected Su Yu and others  people behind him.

The ground under Xuan Shui couldn't withstand the huge force, it collapsed instantly, forming a huge pit.

"Hurry, the borrowed power has reached its limit!" Xuan Shui sighed again.

When the voice dropped, five of Su Yu saw that a crack appeared on Xuan Shui's body, like broken glass.

Ahm ~ The Spirit King was cut again, Xuan Shui blocked again, but although the block was blocked, Xuan Shui's huge body also collapsed in half, Xuan Shui lost balance and fell to the ground with a bang.

"Xuan Shui!" Seeing this, Su Yu could not help but exclaim.

"Well, the borrowed power also wants to compete with the King? Really wishful thinking! The King will now send you on the road to vent the hatred of the King's heart." The Spirit King said coldly, and the sickle in his hand was high again. Raising it high will give Su Yu six people a final blow.

However, the Scythe of Death in the Spirit King's hand was about to fall, and she felt a force rising from the ground that made her fear and hate.

Frightened, the Spirit King quickly withdrew, and distanced himself from the Su Yu six, watching Su Yu six in unsure.

At a critical moment, Xuan Kong finally activated the Soul Ball. The power of the Soul Ball was poison for the evil spirits, restraining them to death.

Although the Spirit King hasn't seen Soul Ball, by her instinct, she also realized that the power of Soul Ball was dangerous for her.

"Xuan Kong, if you don't activate Soul Ball again, I'm going to die!" Xuan Shui watched the Spirit King who dared not step forward, breathed a sigh of relief, and his huge body continued to shatter as he spoke, Soon Xuan Shui's body appeared before everyone's eyes, and his face was pale and terrible.

The power borrowed from Ling, although Xuan Shui has the power to compete with the Spirit King in a short time, the price paid is not small. At this moment, Xuan Shui is weak, and any ordinary person can easily kill it now. he.

Su Yu and others heard that their faces were all black. If it wasn't for Xuan Shui's extremely weak condition, they would spray Xuan Shui.

The goods are so special that they didn't wait for him, they activated Soul Ball and left here!

Soul Ball shines brightly in the hands of Xuan Kong. It rises like a little sun, where the light shines, the weak evil spirits fly away instantly, and the powerful evil spirits are burned by flames. It was billowing black smoke.

It's as good as the Spirit King. When it is illuminated by the light of Soul Ball, black smoke will emanate from the body.

"What's that?" The Spirit King screamed and pulled back quickly, avoiding the light.

"Huh! Of course, it can kill you, the Spirit King, don't you think we will come to destroy the space shuttle without preparation? How can we dare to break into the Lingwang Palace without enough grasp?" Xuan Kong hummed.

"Where did you get this power? Damn, was it given to you by Ling? No, it is impossible, Ling cannot survive under this power for too long. Damn, why is there such power? She doesn’t have such power!"

The Spirit King yelled, his heart stunned, Soul Ball's power is too restrained against their evil spirits. If this power is strong enough, their evil Spirit Captain will be vulnerable.

The Spirit King never thought that there would be a power that would restrain their evil spirits in this way. This is definitely not good news for their evil spirits. For their evil spirits, such power should not exist.

Destroy it, destroy this power---at the moment in the Spirit King's mind.