Chapter 201 Intention

Hearing Xuan Nv's words, feeling that Xuan Nv was secretly accumulating her strength, Su Yu could not help but jumped and said: "Don’ t, my boss! I just talk about it, we haven't been at the end. Don’t think to die with the enemy.

Don't stop me if you can sacrifice everything for the task. When the task is completed, but the person is gone, so what is the point of that thing? "

Xuan Nv frowned and heard a glance at Su Yu. She didn't speak, she just planned for the worst.

"Xuan Zhen is right, we have not been at the end!

Do n’ t forget, before we set off, the boss gave us something? I think that the boss gave us a maneuver. Maybe we will encounter the situation at this time, which is all within the calculation of the boss.

Boss, he won't give us useless things for no reason!

Xuan Nv, you shouldn’t have the idea of dying with the enemy, we can save more lives to complete more tasks and protect more people. "Xuan Huo said.

"Huh!" Xuan Nv snorted, and then quietly dispersed the ability to summon meteorites, also remembering the Soul Ball that Xuan Laogua had given them before they set off.

"Xuan Kong, is Soul Ball with you? Shall we use it?" Xuan Dian asked.

"Yes, but wait, wait until Xuan Shui comes, we will use it again, it is not time now, it may be wasted now, Soul Ball can only be used once." Xuan Kong said.

"Kill!" Xuan Kong's voice had not completely fallen, and the shouting and killing of Destruction Thunder and others sounded.

Destruction Thunder and others did not give Su Yu and others people too much time, besieged Su Yu and others, and did not leave any escape space for the five Su Yu, and then killed the five of Su Yu.

Only Zombie Dragon stayed the same without moving, just staring at Su Yu and others.

"Fight, let's talk about it!" Xuan Kong looked at the enemies who rushed towards them, so he yelled, and he couldn't escape the fight.

As for why Zombie Dragon did not shoot with Destruction Thunder, the Xuan Kong five did not have time to think.

Instead, when they saw that Zombie Dragon was not in action, they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. The pressure that a king put on them was too great.


Xuan Kong's voice fell, and Su Yu broke out in an all-round way, with no reservations.

If this is not enough, you can only use the Soul Ball from Xuan Laogua!

However, Xuan Kong and others were unwilling to use Xuan Shui before it appeared, and that was the last resort.

Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!

The five people did not retreat and greeted many enemies.

With a bang, there was a big collision between the five of Su Yu and Destruction Thunder.

With a bang, a silver gun protruded out of the void, marking a deep bloodstain on Su Yu's shoulder, Shan is back!

Mot**rF**ker!Suddenly, Su Yu was really angry.

Kara, Su Yu blows out with a punch, crushes a piece of air, and directly flies out the Spirit Captains who killed him. Su Yu kills the silver gun. Although the silver gun is in all Spirit Captains, the strength is It may not be ranked in the top ten, but the threat is extremely high, and the silver gun that is intriguing can always unexpectedly cause damage to Su Yu and other people.

Shan is equivalent to an assassin. Although he can see himself, he can't see where he moves from.

For such an assassin-type character, Su Yu thinks it is better to get rid of it first.

"Go to hell!" Su Yu strode quickly in the air, soaring to the extreme, and killed towards the silver gun.

However, the silver gun that has always been in the shadows, watching Su Yu kill, did not choose to slam Su Yu as before, but the figure changed to avoid Su Yu's pursuit.

Su Yu is uncomfortable. When chasing, not only must guard against Shan's cold gun, but also other Spirit Captain's attacks. Su Yu was horrified and was hit by attacks.

Only at the beginning of the battle, the five of Su Yu fell into a comprehensive downwind, but this was also expected by the five of Su Yu. None of them were taken away by Destruction Thunder and others. To be honest, they were satisfied.

Not to mention everyone else, only Destruction Thunder Qianjie, Padma Higanbana and other four the King’ s Guards shot, in fact, they can quickly suppress them.

The level difference between the two sides is at least three or more. The difference in strength caused by the level difference is not small.

Not to mention there is a King-level Zombie Dragon detached from the Spirit King.

If it wasn't for Zombie Dragon just wandering around, but choosing to attack directly, Su Yu would have been defeated.

However, at this moment, although the Su Yu and others have not lost, the scope of their activities has actually become smaller and smaller. Padma Higanbana and others pushed the five of Su Yu step by step together, besieged in a small range Almost five people are back to back against the enemy, and there is no room for extra flash.

"Damn, they deliberately forced us together!" Xuan Dian noticed the intent of Padma Higanbana and others, his face ugly.

Su Yu was naturally aware of it, but they did not understand the specific reasons for this by Padma Higanbana and others.

Is it to humiliate them?

Still, want to kill them slowly?

The five of Su Yu couldn't figure it out.

"Howl ~" Zombie Dragon, who had not been involved in besieging Su Yu and others at this time, suddenly growled in a low voice.

Listening to the low roar of Zombie Dragon, Su Yu couldn't help looking at it and saw that the big mouths of Zombie Dragon were all open, and the smelly drool came out, a pair of bloody eyes filled with Color of greedy longing.

It looked like the old lady saw the deliciousness of the world.

And when the roar of Zombie Dragon sounded, the attack intensity of Smart Brain and others who besieged Su Yu decreased dramatically, and Zombie Dragon actively gave way to the Su Yu and others.

Seeing this, Zombie Dragon swung his tail and rushed the boss with his mouth open towards Su Yu and others.

"Eh!" Seeing this, Su Yu couldn't help but yelled, and understood the real intention of Padma Higanbana and others to see them forced together—Padma Higanbana and others would feed Su Yu and others to Zombie Dragon, please Zombie Dragon.

Zombie Dragon and the Spirit King are one, please please Zombie Dragon to please the Spirit King!

It can be said that the abacus of Padma Higanbana and others clanged, and it was considered that the five people of Su Yu were 'waste utilization'.

The king-level coercion rushed towards the face, Su Yu's five people suddenly became a little stagnant, and the frequency and speed of their moves decreased a lot.

"Damn!" Naturally, Xuan Kong wouldn't watch his five people being swallowed. After a bit of pain, he took out the Soul Ball and used it. Although Xuan Shui hasn't appeared yet, it can only be so.