Chapter 200 No Way to Escape

Su Yu was aware of the danger, and the figure disappeared in the spot, hiding away, while punching out, hitting the silver gun, the powerful force acted on Shan through the spear, making Shan's body tremble, Go back.

And Su Yu didn't think about too much entanglement with Shan, just wanted to avoid, wait until Xuan Shui appeared, and then left.

So after slamming Shan back with one punch, Su Yu pulled back immediately.

Like Su Yu's idea, Xuan Nv and others did not choose to fight because they could not beat so many enemies.

So instead of wasting power to fight, it is better to use power to avoid enemy attacks.

Their task has been completed, and now they have to leave. As for killing the enemy, everyone will not force it, they will naturally start if they have the opportunity, and they will not force it if they have no chance.

Su Yu and others were sober at the moment.

Because of this, Su Yu and others only chose to evade. Although Destruction Thunder had many people and strong strength, it was impossible for them to win them for a while. The angry Destruction Thunder and others yelled.

Even because they were a little too many people, they all wanted to kill Su Yu and others to perform in front of the Spirit King. Destruction Thunder and others even accidentally injured themselves.

"junk! Useless dumb! Zombie Dragon Dragon!" The Spirit King, who has been observing the situation below, saw Destruction Thunder and others for such a long time that he couldn't even get Su Yu and others, and was immediately angry and shouted.

Anyway, the Spirit King will do it by himself!

After the Spirit King's voice dropped, his shape changed again. One arm swelled and became huge. The arm was covered with gigantic mouths and tusks.

Then the arm broke away from the Spirit King's body, like a gigantic dragon, whistling, and swimming, killing Su Yu and others.

Although this rampant dragon is only one arm of the Spirit King.

But the power on it is still terrible. It is still above the Spirit Captain, reaching the king level, but it is much weaker than the Spirit King.

Compared with the four the King’ s Guards such as Destruction Thunder, it is only one line stronger and is the weakest king.

Suddenly, Su Yu made a judgment.

However, Su Yu still does not have any countervailing thoughts. Wang Wangwang, not everyone can casually fight.

Pong ~ Su Yu's feet slammed into the air and his body burst out, avoiding the attack from the Zombie Dragon dragon.

Xuan Nv and others also exploded in the face of Zombie Dragon attacks, and the speed broke the limit and was dodging.

"Ah ~" There was a scream, Su Yu and others avoided the attack of the Zombie Dragon dragon, but there was Spirit Captain who did not dodge and was bitten by the Zombie Dragon dragon with a snap, blood-splattered, and the Zombie Dragon dragon was swallowed. Into the mouth.

Seeing this scene, everyone was discolored. They did not expect that the Zombie Dragon would attack Spirit Captain. Su Yu did not expect it. Destruction Thunder and others did not expect it. The Spirit Captain that was swallowed was even more unexpected.


At this moment, Su Yu has the most intuitive evaluation of the Spirit King, killing himself, and killing in front of his own, which is already cruel to a certain extent!

In addition, seeing this scene, Su Yu also understands that although the Zombie Dragon's attack was directed at them, it was also directed at the Spirit Captains.

The phrase "What do you want" from the Spirit King's mouth just now is not to say, the Spirit King was equally ashamed of these Spirit Captains.

At this moment, in a face-to-face time, a Spirit Captain was swallowed by a Zombie Dragon dragon transformed by the Spirit King's arm.

The sound of crunching and chewing from the stiff dragon was so harsh.

"No, Your Majesty, please spare him." Destruction Thunder's face changed, facing the Spirit King who was still fighting Xuan Shui at high altitude, and he wanted to save the Spirit Captain's life.

"Huh!" The Spirit King sneered coldly: "Thousands of calamities, do you want to disobey the king's order? Or you can't convince the king's decision? You have loyalty to the king, then everything, including your life, belongs It is your pleasure, King, to be a part of King! "

Suddenly, Su Yu and others saw that Destruction Thunder and others fell to their knees in a volley, slumped with cold sweat on their faces, and bowed towards the Spirit King who was fighting Xuan Shui.

Destruction Thunder honestly feared: "My subordinates didn't dare. My subordinates didn't mean that. My subordinates were wrong!"

Seeing this for a moment, Su Yu didn't expect Destruction Thunder and others to be so afraid of the Spirit King. Su Yu even saw Dao knelt there honestly at the moment, like a quiet big cat.

Su Yu suddenly knew that the Spirit King was more terrifying than he thought. Destruction Thunder and others' fear of the Spirit King had penetrated into the bones.

"Only once ... cooperate with the Zombie Dragon dragon and kill the invaders!" The Spirit King's voice was clear.

Hearing this, Destruction Thunder and others breathed a sigh of relief, and then shouted in unison: "Subordinates obey!"

After all, Destruction Thunder and others stood up and looked at the five Su Yu. Immediately, the five Su Yu felt that the belief that Destruction Thunder and others wanted to kill them was more firm.

Not good!

The five of Su Yu were shaking their hearts. If Destruction Thunder wanted to kill them before, the value is now one, and this value has soared several times.

The level of danger has soared more than ten times.

With a grunt, the Zombie Dragon Dragon swallowed that Spirit Captain down, and the momentum of the Zombie Dragon Dragon increased dramatically at this moment-the Zombie Dragon Dragon could even become stronger by devouring the Spirit Captain!?

Su Yu couldn't help but have a look in his heart.

"Howling!" The Zombie Dragon growled and swayed his tail and rushed towards Su Yu and others again.

"Kill!" Destruction Thunder roared as the Zombie Dragon rushed out, leading Spirit Captain to follow the Zombie Dragon and kill him.

Seeing this, the five of Su Yu didn't even think about it, and immediately ran their legs and ran, but they couldn't fight before, let alone add a king-level Zombie Dragon.

However, the five of Su Yu soon found out sadly that they had underestimated Destruction Thunder and others, and even underestimated the king-level Zombie Dragons. The speed of Zombie Dragons was too fast. They were not comparable at all. Each time the dragon flicks its tail, the distance between the two sides is shortened by a large margin.

After a few breaths, the five of Su Yu were surrounded by Zombie Dragon dragons and Destruction Thunder.

Su Yu looked bitter, and said, "Xuan Shui, this big swindler, if you will never show up. We are really going to be cheated!"

At this moment, it is difficult to leave this dimensional world. All sides are blocked and there is no way to escape.

Xuan Nv said frostily: "Since we can't escape, we can kill one enough, and killing one more is also good!"

Speaking, Xuan Nv secretly began to accumulate gravity superpower. If it really can't escape, then it will all be done. Xuan Nv is ready to summon meteorites again. She is sure to summon meteorites again and can kill most of the enemies here.