Chapter 20 Yacht

Looking at the environment around, Su Yu didn't have time to be surprised. Xuan Nv said, "This is the Xuan Kong’s power, the door of space. As long as Xuan Kong has visited, Xuan Kong can open the door of space to shuttle through space. "

The door of space behind was quickly dissipating. After hearing the words of Xuan Nv, Su Yu remembered why Xuan Mu and others had asked Xuan Kong if he had been to a certain place.

At that time, Su Yu didn't understand the reason, but now he understood.

Su Yu was somewhat envious of Xuan Kong's power. This ability was convenient, and it was necessary for home travel.

It's a perfect tool for escape!

"Leader, is this a city even here?" Su Yu asked, looking around and not feeling the life of the big city.

"Well, it's Liancheng, but we are located should at a relatively remote place, so it's easy to open the door of space at any time!" Xuan Nv nodded.

"Leader, what do we do next? Do you want to contact Xuan Shui?"

"No need, he's here!" Xuan Nv said, looking at a puddle of water not far from the two, and said, "Xuan Shui, come out, I saw you!"

The sound of the water sounded, and Su Yu saw the thin water trail suddenly turning up, like a fountain spouting a high water column, and transformed into an adult shape. "Still can not hide from your eyes, next to you is the newcomer Xuan Zhen in the bureau? "

A man with black hair, wearing a combat suit and faceless mask appeared in front of the two.

Su Yu could not see his eyes, but Su Yu felt that Xuan Shui was looking at him.

"Xuan Shui, don't chat nonsense, don't waste time. How many days have you been in Liancheng? What do you think about the disappearance of maritime personnel? Are there any clues?" Xuan Nv asked.

"Xuan Nv, you are still the same, do you have to work so hard?" Xuan Shui shrugged helplessly.

"That's none of your business. Say what you should say." Xuan Nv said, with a cold air spreading from her body.

"Okay, okay, I will say the clues I found." Xuan Shui raised his hands and surrendered, "I investigated the case of the water monster only yesterday, but I also paid attention to this case of missing personnel at sea.

Although there is no exact news, I have heard some related legends. "

"What legend?" Xuan Nv raised her eyebrows asked.

"The legend of the sea monster. It is said that 321 people who disappeared at sea were captured by the sea monster. Their minds and behaviors were controlled by the sea monster and then they followed the sea monster.

By the way, there is also a legend about a mysterious island. It is said that there is a mysterious island in the sea near Liancheng.

That island sometimes appeared, and sometimes it suddenly disappeared. This time, so many people disappeared. Some people said that they were on the mysterious island and then disappeared along with the mysterious island.

Although it is a legend, I think you can follow these two legends to find out. What do you think? Xuan Nv! "Xuan Shui said.

Xuan Nv: "Yes! Did Xuan Shui go to the sea where the people disappeared? I heard that the mysterious disappearance of the people happened in the same sea area, and not too far away from here."

Xuan Shui: "No, with my current power, I can't survive in the sea for a long time. Because of the impact of the case, although there are ships out to sea, no ships are willing to go to that sea area where other ships disappeared, all are afraid of a mysterious disappearance in the sea.

Oh, by the way, I've been to those ships and I found nothing. There are no useful clues, and I did not feel the super power on it!

To get useful clues, we must go to the real crime scene to see!"

Xuan Nv nodded slightly, then took out the phone and made a phone call: "Okay, the yacht is ready, we will go to the sea in a moment, and strive to solve this case as quickly as possible."


The port of Liancheng was very lively. Although the mysterious disappearance of maritime personnel occurred not far from Liancheng, it did not cause any particularly bad impact on Liancheng. Instead, more people who loved the mystery case came to Liancheng.

Although no ship dared to go to the sea where the ship personnel disappeared, there were still many people going to the sea. Even if they could not go to that sea, there were still many people who were willing to take a look from afar.

Because of this, Liancheng ushered in a new tourist peak.

Of course, none of this was about Su Yu. Standing on the pier, Su Yu looked at the luxurious yacht in front of him. Su Yu once again realized that Xuan Nv was rich. This woman was extremely rich. She just made a phone call, the private yacht was in place.

"Come on, let's go up, let's take this yacht to the area where the crime occurred. It's not too far away. This yacht is enough for us. Although it's not very good, the time is tight, just use it for the time being!" Xuan Nv said and boarded on this small private yacht.

Xuan Shui may have been used in this situation. He got on the yacht very naturally, and said indifferently: "Well, this yacht is enough, the size is just right, you and I can drive!"

Only Su Yu was a little amazed. He got on the yacht carefully, stepping on the yacht.

Buzzing ~

The engine of the yacht started with a slight buzzing sound, and then sailed into the sea, getting faster and faster, and headed towards the sea where the incident happened.

After a while on the yacht, Su Yu calmed down and had time to visit the yacht. Although not too big, this yacht has all the necessary parts, such as bedrooms, restaurants, etc..

In the case of abundant materials, there were no problems for seven or eight people living at sea for more than ten days. Su Yu wanna say the rich were different than the poor!


Well, it took at least seven or eight hours to reach the target sea area, and Su Yu started to enjoy it.

This was a luxury yacht. Although the world was large and the population was large, how many people had taken private luxury yachts. If he missed this time, there may be no next time. Su Yu did not want to miss it.

Time passed quickly. After three meals on the yacht, they finally approached the target sea area, and a few people who had a relaxed look became serious.

It was not that they feel the danger. This was their working attitude. This was a state of entering work.

Xuan Shui was driving the yacht, and soon entered the target sea area, but the yacht did not stop but headed for another place. Xuan Shui stopped the yacht when he reached that point. He said, "According to the coordinate, here was the place where the cruise ship stopped for no reason, and the people on board should also disappear here.

Then the cruise ship wandered with the current until it was found. "

Xuan Nv nodded, and then closed her eyes to sense, and then she opened her eyes and said, "I can't feel the sense of super power, it may be passed too long, it has completely dissipated, go to the next incident!"