Chapter 2 Foreign Object Into My Body

Bang ~

Accompanied by a loud roar, the earth shook violently, and a scream sounded on the lively street.

But after a few seconds, it just calmed down, and some flustered people immediately calmed down, do what they should be done!

In less than three months, the Jisong people have experienced nearly a hundred earthquakes, and they got used to earthquakes.

And Su Yu did not take the earthquake seriously, he was born with a big heart, as long as he did not really fall into the sky, he can remain calm.

At that moment he was holding a dinner he just bought and ready to have a meal. As an unfamed online writer, he wanted to have a good meal, but it was not an easy thing. Today he spent a large amount to buy the dinner, cause he received his royalties!

“People today, happy today ...” Su Yu hummed the song and walked towards the 300-month rental house three steps at a time.

But he didn’t find out that the bustling night market just behind him had suddenly disappeared.


Another loud noise came as if it exploded in my ears. Su Yu was finally startled this time, and said, ”What the motherfucking, another earthquake? Why Mr. Earthquake was so diligent ...”

Before the words were over, Su Yu couldn’t help stunning while watching the situation in distance, and the earthquake didn’t happen.

The reason for the huge roar was that a ten-story high-rise building not far from him collapsed instantly.

"The shopping mall collapsed?" Su Yu opened his mouth wide and felt so surprised that he nearly want to throw away his dinner to the ground. There was nothing more astonishing than this situation, not even the earthquake.


At this time, a huge abnormal noise was generated, like the sound of a mirror shattering. A building next to the shopping mall cracked like a mirror, and then the building fell to the ground and the ground shook.

"Shake power?"

This scene in front of him gave Su Yu a very familiar feeling. He was kind of a half otaku, and the anime was a must-see, especially in the episode of One Piece. The scene in front of him and the White Beard in the anime use the shock power. The picture formed by the power was really similar.

The bang ~ the ruins were cracked, and the reinforced concrete spread out, like raindrops splashing in all directions, "What the hell! " Su Yu screamed and evaded to avoid continuous falling foreign objects.

“What was that thing just now?” Su Yu shuddered to hide in a corner. When the ruins were cracking, he saw a blue monster and got out of the ruins.

That thing was huge, like a big bug, it had a blue crystal body, with four small feet under its belly, and coral-like things on its head.

The thickness was about one meter and the length was unknown, but the part I saw just now was already about three meters.

This was a big guy, a big bug!

What the hell was that Su Yu very confused at the moment?

Was there such a thing in the world?

For a while, Su Yu felt a sense of subversion of the world view, and instantly imagined a lot, for example, this monster was cultivated by a certain evil scientist, and then ran out of the lab out of control.

"Xuan Kong, don’t let this monster run away, stop it!”

"Xuan Mu, use your power to trap it and limit its range of activity.”

"Xuan Dian, paralyze it with your current, I will implement the seal!”

A female voice rang, crisp but the sounds too cold, making people heard the voice felt standing in the cold winter.

Su Yu raised his eyebrow. He didn’t care much about the sound. There were many people who sounded good, but they didn’t necessarily have a good appearance. Su Yu was concerned more about the content.

Power? What power? Su Yu was even more confused.

At that moment, Su Yu suddenly felt that something was coming out of the ground under his buttocks, and he arched to the ground. Su Yu saw that something like a vine was coming out of the ground.

And after the vines got out of the ground, they twisted like snakes and quickly became thick and entangled, and for a while, many vines were intertwined into a huge green vine cage.

Su Yu looked at everything blankly, and his world view was overturned more completely. At this moment, he was stand out of the vine cage, but he could see the situation inside the cage through the gap of the cage.

At the moment, in addition to the big blue bug, there were three men and one woman in the cage. They were dressed in similar clothes, but unfortunately, he didn't saw their looks, because the four people’s faces were covered with a white faceless mask.

One of the men’s hands waved, and dozens or hundreds of vines emerged from the ground, sweeping towards the big blue worm. In a blink, the big blue worm was bound by the vine.

However, the big blue worm’s body twisted and clicked, and the space around him seemed to crack like glass, and the vines bound to it also shattered instantly.

The big blue bug instantly recovered its freedom, its body twisted, like a big snake, and it was about to run away.

However, the moment the blue worm acted, another man walked with countless electric current, pointing to the blue worm.

There was a rumble of thunder, a thunderous sky, a flash of lightning burst from the air, and it right pointed toward the big blue bug.


The big blue worm’s whole body was smoky, making a painful howl. After being struck by lightning, the body seemed to be stiffer.

At this moment, the woman moved, her palm was scratched against the void, and a sharp-pointed object appeared in her hands. Her body fluttered against the blue worm, and when she came to the blue worm, she raised her arm to the big blue bug.

But just touched the blue worm’s body, the blue worm resumed its normal action and hissing again, its body glowed blue light.

Kaka, the sound of mirror fragmentation sounded again, and the range was huge, covering hundreds of squares, and three men and one woman were also shrouded in it.

The next moment, space seemed to break apart like a mirror. Three men and a woman were struck by lightning, they all moaned, and it could be heard by Su Yu, even in the distance.

At the same time, the four flew out.

The big blue bug seized this opportunity and fled quickly, and the direction of the escape was Su Yu. Su Yu’s first thought when he saw this was also fleeing, but the speed of the blue big bug was beyond his imagination. At that time, the big blue bug clicked and broke the cage and hit him.

Suddenly Su Yu felt like he was hit by a train, his body seemed to be fragmented, and Su Yu was in a coma immediately.

But what Su Yu didn’t see was that the moment the big blue bug hit him, it seemed like the fish was in the water, and after a little ripple, it disappeared.