Chapter 199 The Battle of the Two Kings

"shit!" Su Yu saw the hairs stand upright, and couldn't help swearing in her heart. Padma Higanbana and others wanted to take them away with a wave of attack.

"apart!" Xuan Kong yelled with a dull expression. It was impossible to resist such an attack. The only evasion was allowed.

Hearing that Su Yu burst out in various directions immediately.

However, the five of them just stopped violently at the beginning, because of new changes.

There was a boom, a huge roar from the ground, and the ground visible to the naked eye protruded upward at a lightning speed, and within the radius of the kingdom, a big electric ball was raised!

Suddenly, the terrain here in Kingdom changed dramatically.

The bulging bale, like flat ground, suddenly raised a high mountain, making the elevation of the entire kingdom seem to be much higher.

Almost, the protruding ground hit the crowds.

It was startling to see the crowd, but this was the beginning. At the next moment, the protruding ground suddenly cracked, the cracking sound kept ringing, and huge cracks spread over it.

Then, with a loud bang, the 'mountain mountain' suddenly broke apart, and numerous huge blocks of earth and rocks blasted away in all directions.

Bang Bang Bang ...

The landslides collided with attacks from Padma Higanbana and others, and a series of explosions occurred.

Suddenly, the attack that brought a great crisis to Su Yu and others was eliminated by the sudden change.

Su Yu's five people were stunned, and a crisis just disappeared?

The five of Su Yu were a little unbelievable. I felt that some of them were really lucky as if God were helping them.

As for Destruction Thunder Qianjie, they are depressed and dying. When will this accident not occur, but it will appear at this time? Is it not sincere to find them happy?

"Bastard!" Destruction Thunder Qianjie and others are all scolding the creators of this misfortune.

But the next moment, Destroy Thunder and others all stumbled back, and the angry expression disappeared, replaced by panic.

After the 'mountain’ collapsed, a huge incomparable pit appeared, and it was not known how deep it was underground. The black hole is like an abyss that can swallow everything, and it is terrible and peaceful.

However, just after the people like Destroyer Thunder cursed, two powerful pressure rose into the sky, and they closed their mouths.

Two extremely powerful pressures rose from the hole and rushed into the sky, and the clouds in the sky burst instantly.

At the same time, the coercion acted on everyone's body, and everyone felt as if they were carrying a big mountain on their backs.

Some relatively weak Spirit Captains were directly suppressed to the ground by these two king-level pressure.

This is the top king-level pressure, everyone shivered.

But what is shocking is why there are two king-level pressures.

One of them is familiar with the pressure of the Spirit King, and the other is that they feel very strange.

But everyone understood that the Spirit King's place didn't appear for such a long time, because there was the same King-level strong entangled the Spirit King.

Su Yu and the other four glanced at each other. Although they didn't know who the strange Wang-class powerhouse was, from the situation at this moment, the strange king should be with them.

Just thinking about this, two huge and incomparable figures wrapped in terrible momentum, flew out of the holes in the ground, interrupted everyone's thoughts, and all their attention was instantly drawn to the past.

Everyone saw that two huge figures, one hundred meters tall, rushed directly to the sky, and the powerful momentum made the whole world's void into a distorted image.

One of the huge figures is a water-blue giant. The whole body is highly condensed by water. Because of the high condensation, it looks more like a huge water-blue crystal, giving it a magnificent beauty.

It was holding a huge spear, also aqua-blue, and pierced the void to kill the Spirit King.

At the moment, the appearance of the Spirit King is very different from the image of the meat mountain in the underground space. Although it is also human, the overall image is more like a death in the Western fantasy world. Hidden under the huge 'robe', the Spirit King also holds a huge weapon in his hand, which is a huge death scythe.

When the Aqua Blue Giant was stabbed with a shot, the death sickle in the Spirit King's hand was also shot out.

With a short slap, the two huge and extremely incomparable weapons collided violently in the void, and the incomparable sound rang for nine days, forming a terrible sound wave spreading in all directions.

In the next moment, two huge and incomparable figures flew upside down.

The terrible sound wave hit, Su Yu and others had already made defenses, but the moment the sound wave hit the body, they still couldn't help humming, being injured by the shock, and almost sprayed blood.

At present, Su Yu and others are horrible. The power and horror of the king are once again shown to the crowd, and this is still so intuitive. The battle between the two kings can make the king truly show his power.

"Spirit Captain, listen to my order, kill all the invaders!" The Spirit King and Xuan Shui screamed after a fight.

The Spirit King was furious. Although she was underground just now, she knew the situation on the ground.

She 'watched' the whole process of destroying the tower by Su Yu and others, which made her irritated. The tower was destroyed by Su Yu and others. The influence on the Spirit King was not small, and she lost her lead to the real world. Not to mention the opportunity, but also reduced her strength a lot.

Otherwise, would she be so entangled by Xuan Shui?

At this moment, the Spirit King hates Su Yu and other people more than Smart Brain and others. If it is not Xuan Shui entanglement, the Spirit King wants to kill Su Yu and others in person. Otherwise, she can’t let go of her. Waiting for someone's hate.

But in the face of entangled Xuan Shui, the Spirit King had nothing but the second-best, letting the destroyer Thunder and others go to kill Su Yu and others.

"Yes, my king!" Upon hearing the Spirit King's words, Destroy Thunder and others instantly sobered from the battle between the two kings, one by one, they exploded and killed five Su Yus again, and attacked one after another to the five. Drop it.

"Scatter!" Xuan Kong gave a swift sip, and the five of them rushed away, avoiding the destruction of Thunder and others.

On the side of Su Yu's body, a silver spear passed in front of him. It was an attack launched by Shan from the air. Shan followed him again.

It was no surprise that Shan saw Su Yu dodge his attack. He smiled coldly at Su Yu: "Xuan Zhen, where do you want to go? Is our battle not over yet?"

Saying that Shan was stabbed again, the silver gun emerged from behind Su Yu, piercing Su Yu's head!