Chapter 198 Earth Quakes

Of course, not all Spirit Captains are so resentful that they want to kill Su Yu and others. Not many people know the Spirit King ’s coming to the real world plan, limited to the four the King's Guard, Smart Brain, And some special groups.

Spirit Captain, such as Dao, Feng, and Shui, didn't know this plan, so they didn't want to kill Su Yu and others as crazy as Smart Brain and others.

Everything just happened too quickly, and the Spirit Captain, such as Wind and Soil, and water, hadn't fully reacted yet, and we still had no idea about the whole thing.

I only thought that Su Yu, Xuan Huo, and Xuan Dian simply betrayed the Spirit King and became the mysterious little The Spirit King, helping the mysterious little The Spirit King to destroy any plans of the Spirit King.

However, Wind and Soil, water, and others also felt deceived. I thought they were all companions who were loyal to the Spirit King. I did not expect to be a traitor, and the feeling of being betrayed was extremely uncomfortable. The anger was in Spirit Captain such as Wind and Soil. The chest also burned.

Wind Spirit Captain even roared: "Fire, thunder, Xuan Zhen, why, why do you betray the Spirit King? Damn, have you become the Spirit King that Spirit Captain should not be loyal to?"

"Stupid!" Smart Brain yelled and yelled: "The thunder and fire you see are not the thunder and fire you are familiar with. They are fake. Haven't you seen them yet? Betrayal? Oh ... they are not There has been no loyalty to the Spirit King, where's the betrayal? "

Although Smart Brain is extremely angry, at this moment, the mind is becoming soberer. Combining the fact that Xuan Kong is not Kong Xuan, it is determined that Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian are not the Spirit Spirit Captain and Wind Spirit Captain!

In the words of Smart Brain, the same lightning struck Wind Spirit Captain and others, making Wind Spirit Captain and others tremble!

Wind Spirit Captain looked at Xuan Dian and Xuan Huo innocently and asked, "Is what he said true? Are you really not Thunder and Fire?"

Hearing the words of Wind Spirit Captain, Xuan Huo could not help but smiled and nodded bitterly: "Yes, I am indeed not the Spirit Spirit Captain, he is not the Spirit Spirit Captain either, we are just very similar to the Spirit Captain of Thunder and Fire. Similarly, the superpower is the same.

In fact, you should have noticed Wind Spirit Captain, right? It's just that you didn't think much. "

Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian are now in a very complicated mood. Although Wind Spirit Captain is a little stupid and a little bit reckless, he is not stupid but has a sense of wisdom.

If Wind Spirit Captain is not an evil spirit, Xuan Huo thinks they will really be good friends.

Wind Spirit Captain heard his body tremble slightly, exhaling a long spit of air, "Is it still useful to say that? I just don't want to doubt my friend.

Now you just need to tell me where the real thunder and fire are now. What are they doing? "

"I don't know!" Xuan Dian said: "We really don't know!"


Wind Spirit Captain erupted, the wind superpower boiled, the body swelled out, revealing the evil spirit itself, and turned into a huge giant tornado-like evil spirit. He shouted: "At this time, you should Dare to lie to me, since you don't tell the truth, I will kill you! "

The words fell, and Wind Spirit Captain blasted away and killed Su Yu and others.

"Kill!" Spirit Captain, such as Tu and Shui, was also annoyed by being deceived by Su Yu and others.

Boom ~ At this moment, dozens of Spirit Captain-level strong evil spirits are killing Su Yu and others together. The feeling of oppression formed just like bombarding Su Yu's chests with the same handle, Su Yu A man's uncomfortable desire to spit blood.

"Can't withdraw?" Su Yu looked at the Smart Brain and other faces that were killing them, and their faces were green. At the same time, he scolded Xuan Shui for a big pit, but when did it still appear?

Why did Su Yu and others destroy the tower and did not immediately retreat? Not wanting to withdraw, but waiting for Xuan Shui.

Xuan Shui came with them, naturally leaving the dimension world together.

Su Yu and others can feel that Xuan Shui is nearby, although you can't feel the breath of Xuan Shui, you can't see Xuan Shui.

But the five of Su Yu could feel that Xuan Shui was near them, and it was definitely not far away.

Don't ask why, ask, intuition.

However, Su Yu is uncomfortable now. Dozens of strong men of the same rank are killing them together. No one can resist it!

Xuan Kong's face was slightly heavy, he gritted his teeth, and when he was about to say something, the ground suddenly began to shake.

At first, the vibration was small, but it quickly became huge, and the whole earth seemed to be shaking.


The Lingwang Palace, which was originally crumbling, collapsed at this moment.

But no one cares anymore, they are all attracted by the shaking earth, whether it is Su Yu et al. Or Padma Higanbana, watching the shaking earth is inexplicable.

Padma Higanbana and others also temporarily stopped the impact on Su Yu and others because of this sudden change and looked at the ground under their feet with an uncertain look.

Today, for the Spirit Captains of Padma Higanbana, there are too many changes that have taken place, and they are tense and nervous, and a little change will attract their great attention.

"What's going to happen? Is this the ghost of the invaders again? Damn ~" Padma Higanbana looked ugly as he looked at the shaking ground.

Smart Brain's tentacles are waving wildly in the void, and his look is uncertain. Although his brain has been calculated to the extreme now, it is not sure what caused the scene in front of him.

As for whether it is related to Su Yu and others, Smart Brain is not sure. At this time, he can see the expressions of Su Yu and others. It is obvious that they do not know what the reason is.


At this moment, Su Yu and others also rose up into the air, looking at the ground under their feet with suspicion, and at the same time watching the stopped Padma Higanbana and others were relieved.

Although I don't know what caused the movement, it has to be said that it was a very good time, at least giving them a little more time to wait for Xuan Shui to appear.

The ground moved fast and went fast. It was over in less than a minute. After the ground moved, everyone at the scene was relieved, and neither side wanted to see anything about the moth at this moment.

"Kill! Don't let one go!" At the moment the ground motion stopped, Destroy Thunder Thousand Calm shouted, turned into a dark electric light and rushed towards Su Yu and others, while a black Thunder pike was in his Cohesion around.

Uh ...

A black pistol of thunder pierced through the void towards Su Yu and others.

Smart Brain and others also started at this moment. A series of powerful attacks were launched from their hands, and they poured down on the five Su Yus. The attacks were distorted in the void.