Chapter 197 Murderous

Alas, a bloody figure fell and frowned at Su Yu and Smart Brain, who was embarrassingly flattering each other.

Padma Higanbana's eyes fell more on Su Yu. This new Civilian Spirit Captain even surpassed him in speed, first came to the Lingwang Palace and solved two invaders.

This surprised Padma Higanbana, wondering how Su Yu did it.

However, the fire lotus industry fire · Higanbana did not think too much, as long as the intruder was solved and the space shuttle was not destroyed, it is not important how Su Yu did it.

With the arrival of Padma Higanbana, Su Yu and Smart Brain discovered it immediately. They stopped the embarrassing commercial blow and saluted to Padma Higanbana: "See Lord Higanbana!"

Padma Higanbana nodded gently, "Is there a problem with the space shuttle? When will it be complete?"

"There is no problem, and the space shuttle can be perfected immediately!" Smart Brain said lightly, and he was absolutely confident in this regard.

"That's good!" Padma Higanbana nodded, looking at the ever-expanding swirling vortex on the tower, a flash of excitement flashed in his eyes, and he came to the real world.

Uh ...

Figures fell from the air, and soon, the Spirit Captain of the meta world was basically all here and gathered here.

Finally, the three Spirit Captains exuding an extremely powerful breath came from the other three directions.

Seeing all three of them, Shan and other Spirit Captains saluted immediately: "See Thousand Calamity, Dangerous World, Reincarnation!"

"You're late!" Padma Higanbana was coldly three-way against the Thunderbolt Thousand Robbery.

The three people of Destruction Thunder Qianjie nodded to the Spirit Captain first. Although they are the four royal families Patriarch, they don't dare to ignore the Spirit Captain. At the very least, everyone is on the surface of Spirit Captain.

Clear Water Dangshi hummed: "Aren't you just here? It's as if you were a lot earlier than us, but I saw it all!"

Buried Soil Samsara seeing the two met immediately, some headaches, these two are really intolerable.

He rubbed his head with a headache and said, "You two want to quarrel with me, but now is not the time to quarrel, the most important thing is to improve the space shuttle and protect my king to complete the final advance."

"Yes, if there is no reminder from the king this time, we have no idea that an intruder has invaded the kingdom.

This is our failure!

This is really not the time to fight.

Although the two invaders have been caught, it is difficult to guarantee that they will not have other companions. Since the Little Spirit King has arranged for people to make trouble, there will never be only such a simple method. "

Destruction Thunder, who has not spoken at the moment, said at the moment, and the effect of a final sound would be given at the beginning of the speech. Higanbana and Dangshi who were about to exchange each other immediately stopped each other.

Padma Higanbana groaned for a second and yelled, "Come, bring the two intruders, and I will personally interrogate them to see if they have other associates."

"Yes, Master Higanbana!" A Spirit Captain responded immediately and said, walking towards Xuan Nv and Xuan Kong.

"I'm here, I'm here. They fainted me. They must let me come. No one is allowed to grab credit for me!" Seeing this, Su Yu moved, blocking the road in front of the Spirit Captain, and waiting for the other side to react Just trot all the way to the tower.

"Xuan Zhen, let's help you!" Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian said, chasing after Su Yu.

Padma Higanbana and others can't help but frown slightly, why are these three guys so active?

Smart Brain is frowning too. The bad feeling suddenly becomes clearer, but it's a little bit worse to see through. This makes Smart Brain tangled, looking at Su Yu and others constantly, looking at Su Yu After someone had reached the tower, Smart Brain finally figured out where he felt wrong.

After figuring it out, Smart Brain's face turned wild and shouted, "Stop Xuan Zhen them, they and the two invaders are a gang. Damn, they lied to us all!"

Smart Brain roared while flying towards the tower at high speed.

When I heard the roar of Smart Brain, Huo Lian Ye Huo · Higanbana and others all heard the words for a moment, and it took a while to react, and all of them changed their looks.

"Bastard!" Padma Higanbana, Destruction Thunder Qianjie and the King’ s Guard, the four destroyers of Thunder and Destroyer, roared and rushed towards Su Yu and others.

‘Are you aware? late! 'Hearing the roar of Smart Brain and others, Su Yu heard a sneer in his heart, not only did not stop, but accelerated his speed, shocked the superpower and the power of the superpower to erupt, wrapped in fists of two powers, and punched in the tower Above.

At the time of Su Yu's shot, Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian were not hiding. The superpower broke out, launching a fierce attack on the tower, and making a final blow. Whether this task can be completed or not depends on this time.

At the same time, the Fire Lotus Higanbana and others saw Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv, who were comatose on the ground, at the same moment. They also bounced off the ground and launched powerful attacks against the tower.


The attack of five people fell on the tower at the same time, and a huge muffled sound was emitted, and the whole world was shaken a bit!

"Do not!"

Seeing this scene, the faces of Smart Brain, Padma Higanbana and others were completely distorted.

Although the material used to make the space shuttle is extremely strong, the strength it can withstand is also certain.

Under the joint attack of Su Yu and other people, the space shuttle reached its limit in an instant.

The sound of cracking and crackling kept ringing, and cracks spread over the tower.

Kara ~ With the sound of the air crashing, under the attention of Smart Brain and others, the tower shattered into pieces of the ground.

Huge fragments fell on the ground, and the ground trembled and roared.

"Look what you guys have done? You all damn it!" Smart Brain, Padma Higanbana, and others saw this scene all crazily distorted, monstrous killings rising, crazy and generally killing Su Yu and others !!

Over the years, Su Yu and others have broken it. This hatred is no less than hatred for killing children and hatred for wives.

kill! kill! kill!

Smart Brain and others filled their chests with killing intentions. Only one thought killed them, killing Su Yu and others.

The killing intentions rose from the bodies of Smart Brain and others, and the clouds in the sky seemed to be stained with blood red. The horrible killing intentions affected the sky, and how angry the Smart Brains and others were.

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