Chapter 196 Flattering

Xuan Kong didn't know that Xuan Shui was already fighting the horrible The Spirit King at the moment, only thinking that the Spirit King was because of his serious problem, and didn't appear after waking up.

When Xuan Kong thought in this way, before he came to the tower, a space erased and fell on the tower.

However, the rigidity of the tower is a little bit beyond Xuan Kong's imagination. Only a thin layer is erased, which does not hurt the true body of the tower at all.

Xuan Kong saw this gaze, the superpower of space converged between his hands, Xuan Kong pulled his hands one by one, and the space blade slowly formed between Xuan Kong's hands again.

"Xuan Kong, be careful!"

While Xuan Kong was condensing the sharp edge of space, Xuan Kong suddenly heard a shout from Xuan Nv, and at the same time, Xuan Kong felt the danger coming from behind him.

Xuan Kong tried to escape, but it was too late. Xuan Kong felt only a pain in his chest, a flashing hook running through his chest from the back.

"Wow ~"

Xuan Kong couldn't help spitting blood, and at the same time, the sharp blade of space that had not yet fully formed in his hand collapsed at this instant.

"How could you, haven't died yet?" Xuan Kong's mouth poured blood, looking at Smart Brain.

The attack that ran through Xuan Kong's chest was the one that had been cut by Smart Brain.

"It's just a little bit worse, Kong Xuan. It's a little bit worse, you can kill me!

You didn't kill me, so let me kill you now! "Smart Brain said.

Smart Brain's huge skull slowly soared from the ground, and underneath the neck was unknown when it was covered with dense red crimson tentacles, with a sharp hook at the top of each tentacle.

Smart Brain's voice dropped, and tentacles pierced the air and stabbed at Xuan Kong.

"Do you dare!" Xuan Nv was stunned, blasting a mechanical giant with a sword, forcing the attack of other mechanical giants towards Xuan Kong, trying to rescue Xuan Kong.

But Xuan Nv is a long way from Xuan Kong. Although it has reached the limit, it is still too late.

Seeing that Xuan Kong was about to be sifted, even when Xuan Kong felt that he was going to be killed like this.

A figure descended quickly from the sky like a blue meteor, while screaming loudly throughout the world: "Well, the thief is dead!"

Su Yu punched in front of Xuan Kong.

Buzzing ~ shock power surged, the sound of cracking and cracking of the glass continued to sound, and the dense cracks spread out around Su Yu's fist to diffuse into the air.

Kara heard a crisp sound, the air shattered and rumbled, and the sky and the earth shook at the same time.

At the same time, all the tentacles that stabbed Xuan Kong were broken in the air, and Xuan Kong was also lifted up by a high maggot, smashed onto the tower, sprayed a large mouthful of blood, and there was no sound.

"Ah ~ what are you doing? You ..." Xuan Nv screamed at this, looking at Su Yu unbelievably, but did not expect it to be Su Yu who attacked Xuan Kong.

"Abominable!" Smart Brain also roared, watching Xuan Kong can kill him, but did not expect to be cut off.

Su Yu ignored the Smart Brain, slamming his feet towards Xuan Nv, rushing with his fist, interrupting Xuan Nv, shouting, "What the hell are you, you intruder damn it, eat me a punch!"

Su Yu continued to punch, and for a while, she defeated Xuan Nv, who was so miserable that Xuan Nv could only defend. She had not recovered from Su Yu's attack on Xuan Kong!

Rumble, Su Yu's attack was extremely fierce, and everything he went through was a mess. The scene was like Su Yu and Xuan Nv had a deep hatred.

However, Xuan Nv felt something else at this moment. Although Su Yu's expression was extremely fierce and outsiders looked at Su Yu's attack extremely fiercely, in fact, Xuan Nv did not feel any strong injuries, although his body seemed to be beaten. Xuan Nv can feel a clever and constant effect on himself.

It was this clever energy that kept her body constantly being hit.

There was a flash of light in his head, Xuan Nv understood what came over, and flew into the body, just looking at Su Yu's eyes.

For a moment when his eyes were wrong, Xuan Nv saw Su Yu blink at her, and Xuan Nv understood something instantly!

"Go to death!" Su Yu yelled at the moment, punched out with a punch, and banged in the abdomen of Xuan Nv.

Shoop ~ Xuan Nv's body was blasted out like a cannonball, and a bang hit the tower.

"Wow ~" The moment he hit the tower, Xuan Nv spit out blood, then fainted when his eyes rolled, his breath became extremely weak.

Su Yu saw the corner of her mouth twitch concealed, secretly said that this woman really acted.

Su Yu couldn't help but think that women are indeed born actors, even Xuan Nv, a cold woman.

"That's it!" Su Yu punched a fist, his blood was so hot.

The Smart Brain watching this scene was stunned, so it's over?

The two invaders who had not spent a long time on their own efforts, were just solved by this sudden man?

Smart Brain recognized Su Yu, knowing that Su Yu killed the one-eyed guy that day, but Smart Brain doesn't think Su Yu is very powerful, at least not much stronger than him.

However, Su Yu's appearance at such a conference has won two invaders. Smart Brain always feels that there is something wrong.

Just when Smart Brain felt that he was about to grab that point, Smart Brain felt that his tentacles were being pulled by him. Smart Brain couldn't help but look down and saw Su Yu's face full of sincerity, shaking his tentacles and shaking "Thank you, thank you, Master Smart Brain, right?"

If it weren't for Smart Brain, the two invaders were seriously injured, I wouldn't be able to solve them so quickly!

I can solve two invaders so quickly, all of you Smart Brain, it’ all because of you.! "

"Ah? Is it my contribution?" Smart Brain was a little hesitant and suddenly felt like the brain was not enough.

However, Smart Brain agrees very much with Su Yu's words, and it is indeed the greatest contribution to solve the two invaders. Without him, the two invaders would have destroyed the space shuttle.

"Hahaha, there are my credits and your credits. After all, the two invaders were the ones you defeated them last!" Smart Brain laughed. Although Smart Brain didn't care about any contribution, it was Su Yu. Suddenly, it still made Smart Brain feel a sense of flutter, even the slightest doubt in his heart was left behind.

The whole person ... the whole head is fluttering with a mood called pride, happy, and extremely comfortable by Su Yu.

Su Yu' s discomfort suddenly disappeared!