Chapter 195 Xuan Shui battles with the Spirit King

Ling giggled, and her petite body flashed beside Xuan Shui, and said, "You just need to be prepared to accept my strength, nothing else needs to be done!"

After all, Ling stretched out a small palm, which was printed on Xuan Shui's chest when Xuan Shui did not respond.

Immediately, Xuan Shui was shocked and wanted to ask, but just when he was about to open his mouth, Xuan Shui felt a huge force from the small palm of the spirit, like a raging Yangtze River flowing into his body.

‘Is this King’s power? Too strong! 'Xuan Shui was extremely shocked. He felt his own smallness in front of this power. His own power was in front of this power, just like a stream like a sea of rivers. There is nothing comparable!

It's incredible, Xuan Shui is very surprised, the King is obviously five or six levels away from him now.

But in contrast, the difference in power is definitely not a level that can be described.

The power of the king is a qualitative change, and the density is different. Xuan Shui has a feeling that his power is now in front of the power of the king, just like the contrast between cotton and steel, and the density multiples are too different.

"Ah ..." Xuan Shui couldn't help screaming and was shocked by the powerful power. He felt he was stronger than ever, and this powerful power fascinated him.

And Xuan Shui felt that this power of the spirit was special. Although it was not his power, he could obey his control.

And when this power entered his body, it merged with his original water superpower and began to quickly grow his water superpower.

In an instant, Xuan Shui felt that he was constantly improving.

This may seem slow to say, but it is actually very fast. Just a matter of breathing, the spirit lent her power to Xuan Shui, raising Xuan Shui's level to the king level.

“Damn it! Ling, how dare you?" The Spirit King saw this roar and did not expect that Ling would actually lend strength to others and lend it out, but it was not just as simple as borrowing it. Without power, she can fall into a state of weakness, which is very dangerous.

The Spirit King doesn't know why Ling is so bold to lend out her power. Isn't it afraid that the power won't come back to her?

The Spirit King's huge face was dull at the moment, with anger and dignity. The Spirit King felt the threat of Xuan Shui at this moment. She knew that Xuan Shui was no less powerful than her at this moment if not, no Will give her a sense of threat.

But that's all. The Spirit King still doesn't take Xuan Shui to heart. The borrowed power may not be able to play several layers.

"I have already done this. Do you dare to say that?" Ling said pale before she could finish speaking, her body floating in the air could not stop falling to the ground.

But just after falling, she was hugged by a pair of powerful arms, and Xuan Shui hugged Ling.

Ling looked at Xuan Shui and said weakly: "Xuan Shui, it's up to you, you must entangle her, give your companions time, and let your companions destroy the tower and stop her!"

Xuan Shui nodded solemnly: "Relax, with your strength, we will succeed, not only that, I will defeat her here and even kill her!"

"Don't ..." After hearing the words, Ling was suddenly speechless, saying: "Don't swell, your current strength is what I lend to you is much weaker than the Spirit King's strength. With your strength, you want to be killed The Spirit King is impossible, just entangle her! "

"how do you know that if you don't try?" Xuan Shui snorted and heard the surging power in his body. He was indeed a bit swollen and confident to fight the Spirit King or to kill the Spirit King.

"Hahaha ..." The Spirit King laughed angrily when she heard the words. This was the first time someone had said such words in front of her since she was wise. The Spirit King said angrily: "Let you borrow The power that comes is trying to kill me? Really ignorant! "

Xuan Shui put the spirit on his shoulders so that the spirit can rest, and his eyes were refined: "What about it?"

The words fell, Xuan Shui's superpower of water boiled, and the blue water of the whole body bloomed, rumbling as if the earth could not bear his current power and began to tremble.

"Cut, water knife!" Xuan Shui slashed his palm into a knife and volleyed into the Spirit King. A huge water knife burst from Xuan Shui's palm and split across a few hundred meters in an instant. Cut on the Spirit King.

With a short slap, the water knife slashed at the Spirit King's flesh, making a sound of sharp cutting into the flesh, and a huge wound appeared on the flesh.

Uh ~ the next moment, there was a lot of dark blood and blood smelling from the wound.

Xuan Shui snorted, "Don't look down on me, I'm very strong now!"

"Ah, damn it! How dare you reptile hurt me? Seek to death!" The Spirit King roared, the huge wound closed instantly, and the meat mountain swarmed towards Xuan Shui.

Xuan Shui could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth. The speed of healing was a bit foul. When he stepped on it, water guns were born beside him. With the wave of Xuan Shui's palm, the water gunshot at the Spirit King. Out.

You don't need to aim at all, so a big meat mountain can shoot with closed eyes.

Alas, a water pistol shot at the Spirit King. Each shot can cause a huge wound. Although it heals instantly, the Spirit King is still roaring in pain.

"Huh, I thought the Spirit King was so amazing, it turned out to be so!" Xuan Shui hummed at this, Spirit King felt very powerful before, an unmatched feeling, But watching the Spirit King only allowed him to fight at her this moment, and the unmatched feeling in his heart disappeared.

When Ling on the shoulder heard Xuan Shui's words, she couldn't help but rolled her eyes and secretly said that this man was inflated too much, but the Spirit King was hit by Xuan Shui at the moment, which also surprised the Spirit King.

She is also part of the Spirit King and naturally knows how powerful the Spirit King's true strength is. At this moment, the strength shown by the Spirit King is completely inconsistent with what she knows.

Ling looked at the Spirit King and said, "Sister, it looks like your problem is more serious than I thought. How could your strength drop so much?"

"So what? Oh, even if my strength has fallen, it is still possible to kill you, just to hurt King a few times, then you are proud? Are you really looking down on me! I will be a little more serious, now "said the Spirit King sneer.

When the words fell, Xuan Shui saw that the Spirit King's meat-like body flowed like a liquid, converging toward a center point, and in a split second, it became a huge human figure about a hundred meters high.