Chapter 194 Borrowing Power

Xuan Shui felt that he was unlucky, and he wanted to cry a bit. He just wanted to drill a groundwater tunnel and sneak into the Lingwang Palace. Why did he slip to the Spirit King's side?

It's so scary. The moment when I felt the Spirit King's terrible coercion almost scared him to death.

The moment Xuan Shui sensed the Spirit King, Xuan Shui's first thought was not to go to the Spirit King to fight dead but to turn around and run because of the pressure of the Spirit King's two outbursts was too terrible. He simply did not have the confidence to resist.

And Xuan Shui remembers that their mission is only to block the source of evil spirits, not to fight the Spirit King dead.

So when Xuan Shui felt the existence of the Spirit King, his first thought was far away from the Spirit King.

But when Xuan Shui was about to turn and leave, he felt that the Spirit King's breath seemed extremely unstable, which made Xuan Shui curious, and he couldn't help but feel in the direction of the Spirit King's existence.

Soon after, Xuan Shui came to a huge underground space. A metal probe was inserted directly from the ground into there, and deep into the ground.

Next to the metal probe was a beautiful woman in a red palace dress, wearing a phoenix crown.

"She's the Spirit King?" Xuan Shui is extremely different. He didn't expect that the Spirit King would be a female image. Of course, Xuan Shui knew that this was just the appearance of the Spirit King's transfiguration. The appearance of the body might be extremely scary.

"Oh ~" The Spirit King snorted, purple blood flowing from the corners of her mouth.

Xuan Shui stunned: The Spirit King was injured?

Boom ~ At this time, the spirit of the Spirit King fluctuates violently and becomes extremely unstable. A powerful storm spreads around the Spirit King in all directions.

"Damn it!" Xuan Shui swears in his heart, ready to go away at any time, and at the same time he put on a mask to reduce his own existence to the extreme. Although he was going to go away, Xuan Shui's eyes are always on the Spirit King, Xuan Shui wanted to see what happened on the Spirit King.

Of course, Xuan Shui didn't look directly at the Spirit King.

Xuan Shui knew that a powerful being like the Spirit King would be in danger of being discovered as long as it looked straight for a little longer.

"Ah ~" At this moment, a painful cry came from the Spirit King's mouth.

Xuan Shui saw it, the Spirit King's body suddenly bulged up one after another. There seemed to be something out of her body, and Xuan Shui could tell that it was a humanoid thing. There was a person's face.

And this is just the beginning. Every part of the Spirit King's body is beginning to bulge. It is a horrible face.

"I order you go back. You are just the power of my body. Want to rebel? You want to die?!" The Spirit King was angry, the horrible superpower broke out, and those raised human faces broke out in the Spirit King was suppressed again later!

"The Spirit King's power has been violent?" Xuan Shui saw this to distinguish the status of the Spirit King at the moment.

It can be said that the Spirit King is very weak at this moment, but Xuan Shui still hasn't acted deliberately, weak is only relatively speaking.

Xuan Shui knew that if he dared to kill him now, the Spirit King would slap him to death!

Xuan Shui decided to wait a bit, but it was better to retreat.


Just then, a little girl laughed in the underground space.

Xuan Shui froze, how could there be a little girl's voice.

The next moment Xuan Shui saw that a petite figure emerged slowly in front of the Spirit King. That looks to Xuan Shui. The reduced version of the Spirit King, even the clothes and hair accessories are the same, but the size is different.

It was the mysterious Ling that appeared in the underground space at this moment, but Xuan Shui did not know the existence of the spirit.

At the moment when the spirit appeared, the Spirit King's eyes looked like electricity, the Spirit King said: "After all these years, you finally appeared in front of me again, why not to swallow you to let me become complete!

Or do you think I can't swallow you now? "

"No, I know that you can devour me, but since I'm here, I'm sure I won't let you devour!" Ling shook her head gently. Although his voice was very immature, it gave Xuan Shui a sense of maturity.

The Spirit King heard silence for a moment, then couldn't help laughing, and said, "Hahaha, it's up to you? Spirit, you have been separated from my body for so many years, have you forgotten my strength?

Don't forget, you are just a collection of good thoughts. Although you also have powerful power, you can't use it. Why are you not swallowed up by me accounting on your useless power? "

"That elder sister may have forgotten that although I can't exert great power, I can lend my power to others and let others exert this power to fight against you, my elder sister!" Ling said.

"Of course I haven't forgotten, but there are only you and me here. Who can you lend your power to? You are just throwing yourself away now!" The Spirit King said coldly, "be obedient, and let me devour, let me be completely fulfilled! "

At the next moment, the Spirit King's original body appeared, which is a large meat mountain. The huge underground space occupies almost a third of the area.

"Swallow you!" The Spirit King growled, a huge face appeared on meat mountain, opened his mouth wide and swallowed towards Ling.

Ling petite figure flickered, and avoided lightly, giggling: "Sister, you are really impatient, I said that I am here to be sure not to be swallowed by you!"

"Haha, do you want to lend your power to the air?" Laughed the Spirit King, Roaring Mountain, chasing toward the spirit, like waves advancing in layers.

"Giggle, sister, you are so confident, do you really think that only we can come here? No one else can come in?" Ling said.

"What do you mean?" The Spirit King said.

Over there listening to the two of the Spirit King, Xuan Shui didn't feel well and turned to leave, but the words of the spirit made Xuan Shui stiffly stop trying to leave.

"Come out, I know it's here, and we have to deal with the Spirit King together. We must drag the Spirit King here to give your companions time to destroy the space shuttle, otherwise, you won't be able to complete the mission.

Don't come out? If not, I will be devoured by the Spirit King, and she will have no restrictions. At that time, she can rush to the ground to kill your companion, and she will also come to the real with millions of spirits. world.

But it's a disaster for those who deal with the real world! "

The Ling said as she avoided the pursuit of the Spirit King.

Heard that his face was changing. He doesn’t know if Ling is true or false, but her words are directly against the heart of Xuan Shui, especially the sentence to give your companions time. For Su Yu and others, that's the equivalent of death!

Entangling her, engulfing the Spirit King, Xuan Shui burst into a firm light in his eyes, walked out of the hiding place, and yelled, "OK, what do I need to do?"