Chapter 193 Above ground and underground

Bang ~ Xuan Nv's gravitational explosion erupted, crushing a giant mechanical beast to the ground, and then pressing into discus.

At the same time, Xuan Nv's long sword was slashed out, and the icy ice sword blasted, freezing all the mechanical giants.

After Xuan Nv arrived here, Xuan Kong's pressure was greatly reduced, and she could free up her hands to deal with Smart Brain and start destroying the tower.

However, it is not easy to destroy the high tower. Smart Brain also has the real ability at the moment. With the help of a mechanical beast, Xuan Nv and Xuan Kong are dragged away by one enemy. The tower is tens of meters away.

Xuan Kong's figure flashed and wanted to make a short-range teleport to destroy the tower next to the high tower, but Xuan Kong's figure just bounced out of space when it disappeared in the void, and Xuan Kong seemed to hear a teleport Tiny drum sound.

Xuan Kong's look was a bit sloppy. It was clear that the space enchantment had collapsed. Why couldn't it move in? Where does the drum sound come from?

Smart Brain completely changed its appearance at this time, becoming horrible, like a stitched monster, and its height soared to more than ten meters. After seeing Xuan Kong being ejected from the void, he couldn't help but laughed: "No With Kong Xuan, the space enchantment has shattered, and you don't even want to teleport to the space shuttle, I said I won't give you a chance to destroy it! "

As he spoke, Smart Brain's chest jumped like a drum.


With that beating, a small, almost inaudible drum sound sounded, and with the sound of this sound, an invisible spatial wave spread out in all directions and sank into the void.

"Spatial interference?" Xuan Kong immediately noticed this hidden spatial fluctuation.

It's too secret, if Xuan Kong is not an extraordinary person in space, it wouldn't be perceivable at all.

But Xuan Kong is very surprised because he knows that Smart Brain's superpower is a kind of ability that can greatly improve intelligence, so Smart Brain will be called the smartest person in this dimension world.

Without this ability, Smart Brain's intelligence is not enough to study the towers that can break through the barriers between the dimensional world and this world.

However, Smart Brain is showing spatial superpower at this moment, which makes Xuan Kong have to be surprised.

For a while, Xuan Kong didn't figure out what was the reason for this. His look was cold. Since he couldn't move instantly, he forced to break in.

"Erasing space!" Xuan Kong drank softly, grabbed both hands towards Smart Brain, and died without hiding!

"Hey!" Smart Brain smiled at Xuan Kong's attack and didn't evade it, as if he didn't care about Xuan Kong's attack. When Xuan Kong's attack was about to fall on Smart Brain, he saw Smart Brain's The eyebrows burst suddenly, and a volleyball-sized eyeball groaned out.


A beam of light spurted out of that eyeball and bombarded the space-erasing force of Xuan Kong with a bang, the attacks of both disappeared at the same time.

Xuan Kong was a stunner, and Smart Brain showed a superpower again.

In between, another beam of light spurted out from Smart Brain's eyebrows and blasted towards Xuan Kong. Xuan Kong made a mistake, avoided the attack, and rushed towards the tower.

"Kong Xuan, I said it's useless, don't try to destroy the space shuttle when you're with me, let me die!" Smart Brain laughed and saw Xuan Kong rushing towards the tower without any panic, During the conversation, a pair of huge palms on his back flew from his back and shot at Xuan Kong at a very fast speed.

There was a muffled sound, and the speed of the giant hand was much faster than the speed of Xuan Kong. The first came later, and Xuan Kong was shot before Xuan Kong wanted to destroy the tower.

Xuan Kong immediately flew out like a volleyball, hitting a wall on one side, hitting a humanoid pit.

Xuan Kong snorted and shook his head. After a while, he woke up from the dizzy state, and then the power of space erasing broke out, and he wiped the wall behind him directly into the room on the other side of the wall.

Alas ~ Just after doing all this, a huge palm was photographed on Xuan Kong's previous position.

"Space slash, Cut off!" Xuan Kong whispered, Xuan Kong space superpower broke out, gathered between his hands, and saw Xuan Kong pull a handful of hands, a three-meter-long transparent blade like a crescent Appears in the void, hovering in front of Xuan Kong.

When the word "Kill" in Xuan Kong's mouth fell, Xuan Kong's hands shoved sharply, and the sharp blade shot from the void.

Hiss~ The space is split, leaving a thin black line where the blade passes, it takes a long time to dissipate.

Where the blade passed, everything was split, the wall was split in half, and the giant palm became two.

The sharp blade flashed through the neck of Smart Brain at a very fast speed, and then Smart Brain's desktop-sized head fell off its neck-Smart Brain was also divided into two by the sharp blade.

"Look, you're not dead!" Xuan Kong gasped, this space cut out, and Xuan Kong cut was also quite expensive.

If it's not for a quick battle, Xuan Kong will not usually use this trick. This trick is basically used when he decides to win or lose.

Xuan Nv was still indifferent to fighting with many mechanical monsters over there. Xuan Kong glanced out of the wall hole and flew towards the tower. Xuan Kong felt that there was a strong and angry atmosphere in all directions. Converging quickly towards here.

Xuan Kong knew that it was the Spirit King who screamed and rushed from all sides of the dimension world to hunt down their Spirit Captain.

The towers must be destroyed before these Spirit Captains come here-Xuan Kong's eyes are firm!

But Xuan Kong didn't understand why the Spirit King didn't appear in the protection tower but just disappeared after a cry.

If the Spirit King appeared, their plan to destroy the tower would be cracked!

Does the Spirit King really have a great problem that prevents it from waking up at will?

Xuan Kong thought of what Su Yu had said to him, and Su Yu had heard from Spirit that the Spirit King itself had a problem and had to fall asleep.

Xuan Kong feels that 80% of them are right. The Spirit King has been forcibly awakened several times in the past few days. It must be because of this reason that the physical problem has become more serious, so the protective tower cannot appear at this time.

With this in mind, Xuan Kong couldn't help but feel upset that it would be best if the Spirit King would not appear there!

What Xuan Kong didn't know was that when he was fighting Smart Brain on the ground, Xuan Shui was fighting a war underground.

It was because of Xuan Shui that the Spirit King did not appear on the ground to protect the tower after being forcibly awakened by Smart Brain.