Chapter 192 Meteorite Falling

Spirit Captain, who is in charge of commanding the spirit soldiers, is all bad, watching the meteorite falling from the sky, swallowing, and yelling, "Run, run away!"
When he yelled, people were already rushing towards the kingdom like a burning their butts.
At this time, the sky of the entire dimension world became fiery red, and the white clouds in the sky became fire clouds.
This change caught the attention of all the creatures in the dimensional small world, and they could not help looking up to the sky.
Even Su Yu and Shan, who had been fighting to the heat, stopped temporarily at this moment, watching the sky look a little dazed.
The martial arts are strong, all felt a strong threat from the sky.
"What's that?" At this moment everyone except Xuan Nv and the person who didn't see the scene came up with the same idea.
It was said that time later, the meteorite broke through the clouds at an extremely fast speed and appeared in the eyes of everyone.
The meteorite was burning fiercely, emitting a dazzling light.
When I first saw it, the meteorite smashed through the clouds. When I looked at it again, the meteorite had hit the Lingwang Palace.
The next moment a sun was born on the Lingwang Palace, it was extremely dazzling. Anyone who saw this scene was tingling with eyes, and tears could not help flowing.
People who close their eyes a little later have red eyes that instantly turn red as if burned.
Then the earth shook, and the whole earth seemed to jump in place. Even a strong man like Padma Higanbana couldn't help shaking at the moment as the earth bounced.
What followed was a huge roar, like a cannonball blasting around, everyone felt a buzz in their heads, and they could hear nothing, and the world seemed to become a silent world in an instant.
In the end, there was a strong shock wave, which was more terrifying than the power of a typhoon of twelve degrees. All the buildings in the past were destroyed instantly. No building can persist under such a terrible shock wave for a second.
With a bang, Su Yu felt as if he had been hit by a mountain coming at a rapid speed, being swept by a shock wave, and he couldn't help but spit out a large mouthful of blood.
The body flew in the direction of the spread as if being hit by a baseball.
Similarly, everyone in the performance martial arts field was not spared, and all of them were rushed out by the shock wave, all of them were severely impacted, even the strong ones like Red and Blue Industry Fire Higanbana could not help Spurt blood.
After not knowing how long, Su Yu shook his head and stood up from the ruins, looked around, and couldn't help shrinking his pupils, Su Yu was horrified by the ruins in front of him.
At first glance, there was no complete building, all of which were ruins. The scene was like a city that had been baptized by a nuclear bomb. Everything in front of it was destroyed.
Eh ~ Su Yu stood up in the air and looked down. It was even more shocking. The kingdom had disappeared. Only the Lingwang Palace was teetering. Most of Lingji Street had disappeared, only Civilian Street. Relatively intact, but also a mess!
"What was that just now? Great power, but the power of a nuclear bomb, isn't it?" Xuan Huo sighed beside Su Yu.
Xuan Dian nodded, and his eyes were full of shock. This power is definitely equivalent to the power of a nuclear bomb with a sufficiently large equivalent.
The three did not know at the moment that this was done by Xuan Nv. If they knew, they would definitely startle their chins.
Like the three, the Spirit Captains are rising into the air at this moment. Looking at the messy ruins, most of their faces are cyanose, and they don't know how to face what is happening in front of them.
It took a while for these Spirit Captains to react, and all the expressions on their faces were replaced by anger and sorrow.
"Damn, what the hell is going on?" Padma Higanbana exclaimed, with blood-red flames burning all over him.
After the words of Padma Higanbana dropped, towering coercion rose from the Lingwang Palace. This was the coercion of the Spirit King. After this coercion, a voice that could not hear the anger of men and women was so empty. : "All Spirit Captain orders, come to the Lingwang Palace to kill the invaders!"
Hearing this voice everyone was stunned, only Padma Higanbana reacted in an instant, full of momentum, and flew towards the Lingwang Palace at a rapid speed, and at the same time, its voice sounded in everyone's ears: "Come with me, cut together Kill intruders, don't let one go! "
At the moment when Padma Higanbana was full of momentum, it was equally powerful from the other three directions and flew towards the Lingwang Palace.
"The Lingwang Palace, invasion?" Su Yu and Xuan Huo heard the words in a fierce rush, and instantly understood who the intruder was referring to, would be Xuan Nv and these people.
Then the three thought of the meteorite that had fallen down in the air, and could not help but have an idea. Could it be that the meteorite was summoned by Xuan Nv and others?
This idea just started. Su Yu and all three couldn't help shaking their heads, feeling a bit impossible.
What they thought was just a blink of an eye. The three did not think that the meteorite falling from the sky was summoned by Xuan Nv and others, but believed the so-called intruder, Xuan Nv, and others.
The kingdom was smashed, and the Lingwang Palace was smashed and almost gone. At this time, it was a great opportunity to enter the Lingwang Palace.
Looking at the shaky the Lingwang Palace, Su Yu's first thought was to take the opportunity to enter the Lingwang Palace.
The three looked at each other and understood each other's meaning. It was time to act, it was time to meet with Xuan Nv and complete the task, and then return to this world.
Uh ~
The three turned into a lingering shadow and hurried away towards the Lingwang Palace.
After the three of Su Yu left quickly, the Spirit Captains also flew towards the Lingwang Palace.
As he got closer to the Lingwang Palace, Su Yu's perception became more and more obvious, and he felt two familiar atmospheres, one was Xuan Kong and the other was Xuan Nv. They were fighting fiercely with the enemy.
And at the moment the Lingwang Palace, Xuan Nv has now merged with Xuan Kong and is fighting Smart Brain and his mechanical giants.
The meteorite sky not only smashed the protective enchantment that protected the Lingwang Palace, but the huge shock also shattered the space encirclement that guarded the tower. After the collapse, Smart Brain had only the choice and the Xuan Kong who wanted to destroy the tower in the battle, the plan to perfect the tower was postponed. He must not let Xuan Kong destroy the tower.
And not long after he fought with Xuan Kong, Xuan Nv was running towards from outside the Lingwang Palace, and Smart Brain had no choice but to forcibly wake up the Spirit King, who should not have woken up at this time and asked for their support.