Chapter 191 The Power of Fouls


The earth shakes, Xuan Kong rises to the sky, watching the changes in front of it, one after another, large objects are digging out of the ground, walls and even the ceiling.

These behemoths are one mechanical beast, the powerful breath emanates from the body of these mechanical beasts, each one is comparable to the Black level.

Xuan Kong's expression calmed down, although these mechanical giants alone were nothing to him.

However, there are too many mechanical monsters in front of them. These mechanical monsters are obviously a trump card in his hand.

"Kong Xuan, I ’ll still call you Kong Xuan. Let these little babies I made will play with you and have a good time with you. I ’m going to complete the space shuttle. Just play, but perfecting the space shuttle is even more important! "Smart Brain said.

"I won't make you succeed!" Heard Xuan Kong, yelling.

The words did not fall, Xuan Kong's figure disappeared, and it appeared before the space enchantment, and Xuan Kong was printed on the space enchantment.

With a bang, Xuan Kong's body flew upside down.

"It’s useless, Kong Xuan, you can't break this space boundary in a short time.

It's made by me specifically to prevent you, space extraordinary.

If you want to break, you must have strong strength or consume a little energy of clean space.

Moreover, my little babies will not give you the opportunity to attack the enchantment.

Hopefully, after I perfected the space shuttle, you haven't been torn into pieces by my little babies. "

Smart Brain smiled at Xuan Kong after being bombarded, then stopped looking at Xuan Kong and walked towards the tower.

"Damn!" Seeing this Xuan Kong cursed, the figure flashed back before the space enchantment again, waving his hand to prepare to attack again.

But at this moment a roar rang and the mechanical beasts attacked Xuan Kong.

Roar roar ...

The roar of mechanical beasts kept coming and going. They opened their mouths and spit out a breath of different attributes to Xuan Kong.

Breathing entangled, distort the void.

"Asshole!" Xuan Kong felt the danger, cursed, and the figure fled away.

With a bang, the breath spit on the wall, and the wall was suddenly opened by a large hole. The breath of these mechanical beasts was no less than the attack of some of the Black level strong.

The key is that the quantity is large, and the quantitative change has caused the qualitative change.

Xuan Kong glanced at the Smart Brain in the realm of space, his eyes flashed with anxiety. Based on his understanding of Smart Brain in the past few days, Smart Brain could complete the improvement of the tower in less than an hour.

At that time, as long as the Spirit King wakes up from his slumber again and devours and sacrifices this dimension world, the tower can transmit all the evil spirits of this dimension world to the present world.

You must stop him. Xuan Kong has seen Smart Brain begin to perfect the tower. With the continuous improvement, the vortex above the tower is gradually increasing, and the scenery reflected from the real world is becoming clearer.

But those mechanical giants are Xuan Kong's biggest roadblock at the moment.

Xuan Kong gritted his teeth and killed the mechanical giants. Since it was a roadblock, just kick it away.

Xuan Kong begins to kill these mechanical giants.

Xuan Kong's figure flickered. Every time he approached a mechanical monster, a mechanical monster fell down. You can see that the bodies of the fallen mechanical monsters were all missing from the air. That was the power of Xuan Kong's space. Erase it directly-spike!

Smart Brain in the space enchantment saw Xuan Kong's killing of the mechanical monster with a small smile. His mechanical monster could not be killed, at least not until Xuan Kong's superpower was used up.

When Smart Brain realized that Xuan Kong was not empty, it began secretly preparing to deal with Xuan Kong.

He calculated the amount of Xuan Kong superpower and other data.

And made a mechanical monster that consumes enough clean Xuan Kong superpower.


"Killing this intruder must not scare him to the Spirit King!"

In front of the Lingwang Palace, a Spirit Captain screamed in the sky, directing a team of spirit soldiers to rush to Xuan Nv.

"Kill her!" Many spirit soldiers shouted and formed a battle towards Xuan Nv, attacking intensively like rain.

"Gravity Slash!" Xuan Nv slashed her sword and blasted out hundreds of spirit soldiers, marching firmly towards the Lingwang Palace.

However, there are too many soldiers, and sometimes Sky Captain-level attacks are mixed in the sky attacks, making Xuan Nv difficult to move forward.

Looking at more and more spirit soldiers in front of him, and the Spirit Captain hanging in the air, Xuan Nv's eyes flashed fiercely, but the sword in her hand was fiercely sheathed, and the gravity broke out, converging towards the sword in her hand.

Xuan Nv is confident that she can penetrate the obstacles in front of her, but that is too wasteful of time.

Moreover, there is a layer of enchantment over the Lingwang Palace, and it takes some time to break it with conventional methods.

Now that Xuan Nv is short of time, she can feel that the powerful power in the Lingwang Palace has changed, which is not a good change for Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv wants to get into it as fast as possible to see why this has changed.

So Xuan Nv is ready to launch a big move.

Gravity superpower kept converging towards the long sword in Xuan Nv's hand, and it was quickly charged.

At the moment when the charging was completed, a snoring sound, Xuan Nv pulled out his sword, and the powerful and gravitational waves turned into ripples soaring into the sky and eventually disappeared into the endless void.

"Meteorite descends!" Xuan Nv returned to his sheath with a long sword, and spit out a cloudy airway slowly.

Then, in the eyes of many spirit soldiers and Spirit Captain, Xuan Nv turned and withdrew. The meteor fall is a big move that she could be affected and even died. It is a wise choice to run after opening.

Xuan Nv doesn't know how strong he is now, but Xuan Nv knows that this move will be powerful and terrible.

When the level was Xuan Xie, this move caused a lot of trauma to the Skeleton King.

Not to mention the trick she used when she advanced to the Black level!

Xuan Nv is looking for a safe enough place to avoid this big move!

"Damn, she wants to run away!" Seeing Xuan Nv suddenly turn around and retreat, the Spirit Captain in charge of the command first froze and shouted loudly after reacting.

While roaring, this Spirit Captain was also preparing to chase Xuan Nv, but she stopped short because she suddenly noticed that an extreme threat came from overhead.

She couldn't help looking up into the void, and his pupils shrank suddenly, and Trill said, "Is this a foul?"