Chapter 190 Tower

"Haha, what do you think? Xuan, is my masterpiece very good? This is the Void Shuttle that I have spent years building.

The space channel it opened before was extremely unstable and very small.

It is not enough to let the existence of spirit soldiers to pass to this world!

However, it will soon be different, and it will become a heavy weapon for the advent of our spirit race! "Smart Brain laughed.

"Well, it's more than good, it's not too much to say that it's amazing!" Xuan Kong nodded in agreement. Although the two sides were opposed, Xuan Kong couldn't say anything against his mind. The tower really made him a little breathtaking.

It is extremely difficult for the souls of the dimensional world to enter the real world. It is not possible to have a superpower in space.

There is a barrier between the real world and the dimensional world that is extremely difficult to break. It is like a protective wall that naturally blocks the living beings in the dimensional world.

Of course, there are many ways for the souls of the dimension world to come to this world, but it is very difficult to implement.

For example, the King of Skeletons, who wants to come to this world, wants to use Xuan Kong, the gate of space created by this being, to walk through Xuan Kong, the gate of space created by this life, to block the bones. The king is much smaller.

For another example, the Spirit King and others in this dimensional world now want to come to this world by relying on powerful forces to break down barriers and open a channel to force their advent.

This method is much more difficult than the Skeleton King's method because it takes too much strength to break that barrier.

The Spirit King, the incarnation of the dimensional world, can only be achieved at the expense of this dimensional world. The Spirit King is ready to use the power of a dimensional world to break down barriers.

The Spirit King devours the ontology of this dimensional world, and it only takes a small part to perfect itself, and the remaining huge part is intended to be transformed into a powerful force to break the barriers.

Of course, very few people know about it, even the Spirit King, who is not a little bit, does not know, just thinking that the Spirit King will devour the entire world.

"Amazing? Hahaha, this evaluation is good, Kong Xuan did not expect that you have a hand in research, even the words are so nice, well, now let us completely improve it, let us witness together, we the great moment when the spirits came into the world! "Smart Brain Spirit Captain said with a smile, his eyes were full of enthusiasm as if he had seen the images of the spirits coming into the world.

"Yes, Master Smart Brain!" Xuan Kong took a deep breath, firmly convinced that he was ready to start.

Although the tower shuttle in front of him made him feel astonished, he became more and more determined that Xuan Kong ruined his mind.

No one can let the spirit race come to this world. Don't look at Smart Brain. These people seem to be no different from the human race, but Xuan Kong is not confused by the sight. Smart Brain and others no matter how human they are, they are still evil in nature. spirit.

Xuan Kong understands that the evil spirits did not attack them, not because they did not attack humans, but because they did not feel the smell of humans on them.

Once they feel the smell of being human, even the wicked evil spirits cannot defeat human flesh and blood to attract them.

When these evil spirits come to reality, they will definitely attack humans. This is the nature of the race and there is no way to solve it.

The thought of tens of millions of evil spirits coming into the world together, Xuan Kong felt a shudder.

Once these evil spirits succeed, there is no doubt a disaster.

Stop, stop at whatever price is paid Xuan Kong firmly believes, and then Xuan Kong starts, space superpower is attached to the palm, and he is grabbed towards the Smart Brain and the tower facing away from him. Xuan Kong wants Smart Brain and tower erase.

From the perspective of Xuan Kong, the Smart Brain Spirit Captain and the high tower are things that should not exist in this dimensional world. Either of the two is a threat to this world.

As for whether the behind-the-scenes attack was shameless, Xuan Kong didn't care. What if it was to prepare some infamous people to protect the human race?

"Sorry for Smart Brain, the race position is different, you and I can only end like this!" Xuan Kong thought so, the power of space has covered the sky above Smart Brain.

Xuan Kong launched space erasure without hesitation.

However, when the erasing of the space was launched, the power of space hit a layer of transparent enchantment with a bang, and Xuan Kong's attack failed.

Immediately, Xuan Kong's complexion changed, and he said, "Space enchantment?"

A flash of his body distanced him from Xuan Kong. In an instant, Xuan Kong knew that he was exposed, and it might have been exposed very early. This made Xuan Kong look a bit ugly. He did not destroy the tower without a hit. Think again. It is undoubtedly many times more difficult to destroy.

"Sure enough, you are not really empty, how good is it if you are really empty? It's a shame!" Smart Brain sighed slowly and turned around slowly, looking at Xuan Zhen with some complexities first, Then the eyes became extremely cold.

"Smart Brain, when  do you know that I am not Kong Xuan?" Xuan Kong asked while watching the surroundings, wondering if he could break through the space enclave in front of him and scratch the tower.

Smart Brain can't kill, but the tower must be destroyed anyway.

As long as the tower is destroyed, even Smart Brain has the complete experience of manufacturing towers. If you want to build another tower, you can't build it for decades.

"When? It should be three days ago, but it doesn't matter, does it? What is your true identity?" Smart Brain said.

Hearing that Xuan Kong's eyes flashed, wasn't it exactly when that riot occurred three days ago?

Was something unintentionally exposed at that time?

Xuan Kong wondered where he was exposed.

However, Xuan Kong did not do more entanglement, like what Smart Brain said is not important anymore, but from the words of Smart Brain, he also understood that although Smart Brain already knew that he was not empty, he had not seen his real Identity.

Xuan Kong smiled and said, "It doesn't matter what I am. Knowing that we are hostile, isn't it enough to be enemies!"

"You're right!" Smart Brain nodded gently. "It's enough to clarify the relationship between the enemy and me. Is this enough? Are you going to be my experimenter or be killed?"

I hope you can choose the former. The living experimental body is more valuable to me! "

"It wouldn't be like your wish with Smart Brain Spirit Captain. I won't choose either. I will complete my task and leave here alive!" Xuan Kong laughed.

"Well, this is really your choice. To be honest, I hate killing and killing. I prefer experimenting, but if you want to destroy the space shuttle, I can only choose to do it!" Smart Brain was helpless Shrugged.


The voice of Smart Brain dropped, the place where the tower was located trembled, and giant creatures got out of the ground and walls!