Chapter 19 Xuan Kong's Super Power

[According to the latest news from Today's News Station: At 2.28 am today, the contact of the deep blue fishing vessel was interrupted. At 5.21 am, the deep blue fishing vessel was found by relevant departments. At the time of discovery, there was no one on board and all personnel on board missing.

This is the fourth incident in recent days that the mysterious disappearance of personnel occurred at sea, and the relevant departments have not yet given exact information.

We will continue to follow the report. I am the reporter ...]

In the canteen of the Monster Detective Bureau, Su Yu ate a hearty meal. Su Yu had a high-tense training in the past two days. He needed lots of food to replenish his energy while watching the latest news broadcast on TV while eating.

Not far away, Xuan Mu, Xuan Nv, and others were eating and watching the news. However, just after the meal was half-eaten, Xuan Laogua came to the cafeteria with a serious look: "Meet in the meeting room in five minutes!"

Su Yu and others heard the words for a moment and immediately understood that a new case had occurred and that the case was serious.

Xuan Nv and others immediately stopped eating and walked towards the conference room. Su Yu had no choice but to quickly grab two mouthfuls food and went to the meeting.

In the meeting room, except for some out-of-office tasks and specialized personnel, most personnel of the Monsters Detective Bureau were basically there, with a rough number of nearly 20 people.

This was the first time Su Yu has seen so many people in a meeting with the Monsters Detective Bureau. Su Yu knew only a few people.

It was not that Su Yu was not in a group, but that so many people were not seen at all in ordinary times, and they did not know where so many people were usually staying.

Xuan Laogua knocked on the table and said, "All here? Okay, the meeting starts.

Have you seen the news these days? Our new case is the disappearance of maritime personnel on the television news.

This is a big case. The relevant departments and leaders hope that our bureau will handle this case as soon as possible, find and rescue all the missing people! "

"Boss!" Xuan Mu interjected: "Isn't the missing person at sea an ordinary disappearance case? Isn't it that the missing people were all kidnapped by pirates?"

"The news that missing personnel at sea were kidnapped by pirates is just a rumor on the internet. This is not the case. There is no piracy in that area. Pirates in other areas have never entered that area.

Relevant departments have classified this case as a weird case and handed it over to our bureau. As for whether it is related to weird cases, it needs to be verified.

However, the case has been handed over to our bureau, and we must solve it. Xuan Shui has just processed another weird case over there and has now started investigating this new case.

Now we still need several comrades to go to work together. Whoever wants to go? "

"Me!" a cold voice sounded.

Su Yu heard that voice, he patted his forehead painfully, because it was Xuan Nv speaking.

Too positive, Xuan Nv was too enthusiastic about the case. As soon as there was a case, Xuan Nv would be the first to respond, Su Yu did not know how Xuan Nv felt, but Su Yu felt exhausted these days.

On average, one case would be given out every day. The most important thing was that even if they finished a case, he would continue to train, so Su Yu became tired every day.

Xuan Laogua frowned slightly, " Xuan Nv, you just completed a case yesterday, don't you need to take a break?"

"Don't need!" Xuan Nv answered coldly.

Su Yu almost wanna cry. You didn't wanna rest, but I wanna rest. I looked at Xuan Nv with a frustrated face: "Leader, I think the boss is right, you need to take a break."

Xuan Nv looked coldly at Su Yu and Xuan Laogua. Both of them subconsciously shivered.

Xuan Laogua immediately said: "I didn't say anything, you can choose by yourself."

Xuan Nv stared at Su Yu's eyes for a while and said, "If you want to rest, you can rest, you don't have to follow me to solve the case!"

Su Yu almost yelled with joy, but after saw Xuan Nv's cold eyes, he realized that if he believed what she said he would be a fool!

It may be true he did not need to go to solve the case, but it would definitely be suffered to stay in the Bureau. The training intense will definitely increase exponentially. With a positive look, Su Yu patted his chest and said, "Leader, what are you talking about? ?

You went out to solve the case, how could I stay in the bureau? Am I that kind of person? No!

Leader, I tell you, even if you ask me to stay at the bureau, I will also go, you can't stop me! "

Xuan Nv: "..."

Hu ~ Su Yu exhaled a long breath and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

Xuan Laogua, Xuan Mu and others secretly gave Su Yu a thumbs up: Brother, terrific, you survived again!?

Xuan Laogua coughed and said, "Okay, so, Xuan Nv, you take Xuan Zhen to join Xuan Shui together to solve this case. Go now!"

Hula ~ Everyone was scattered. There were only Xuan Nv and Su Yu in the meeting room.

Su Yu smiled awkwardly: "Leader, how do we get there? By plane or by high-speed rail? I'm booking tickets online now. The city closest to the incident should be Liancheng. The distance is a little far away. The plane is more appropriate transportation, it can be faster. "

"Don't need to worry, dress your combat suit and let Xuan Kong take us over!" Xuan Nv stood up and said, "You have five minutes to prepare!"

Then she left the conference room with two long legs, leaving Su Yu alone with an almost crying face in the conference room, but he didn't dare to delay any minute, hurriedly dressed the combat suit and went to find Xuan Nv.

If he later for one minute, the training intense would be doubled when he back to the bureau.


"Liancheng? I have been to Liancheng a few times, and I can take you there!"

Five minutes later, Xuan Nv took Su Yu to the handsome uncle Xuan Kong. Xuan Kong heard Xuan Nv's request and nodded.

Su Yu was confused. How can Xuan Kong send them over? Was it faster than a plane?

"Xuan Zhen, follow me!" Xuan Nv said to Su Yu, Su Yu nodded.

A minute later, Su Yu opened his eyes wide and saw Xuan Kong gently hit a ring finger, a light gate appeared out of thin air, stood on the ground, and Xuan Kong greeted gently: "Mr. Madam, please come in! "

"Go!" Xuan Nv whispered coldly, awakening Su Yu, who was in a hurry, followed quickly, and within seconds, the two entered the light gate.

There was a slight light changed in front of him, and the scenery was a change. Su Yu had already come to another place. Su Yu was no longer an intern who knew nothing about super power. He can guess the type of Xuan Kong's super power was the space!