Chapter 189 Taking Action

"Hahaha ... successfully succeeded, I finally succeeded!" Smart Brain in the Evil Institute laughed, the arc flashed on the brain, and Smart Brain was extremely excited at the moment.
After years of research, the last step is finally completed today, which can help Ling King to open a wide and stable road to the present world. Ling King can devour this dimension world ontology and complete the advanced moment, Ling King can Use his power to transfer everything in this world into this world.
Returning to the present world is the wish of the Smart Brain for many years. At this moment, the last step can be achieved. Can he not be excited?
Xuan Kong, standing not far behind Smart Brain, looked at Smart Brain with excitement and laughter, and his eyes were a little gloomy and complicated.
To be honest, Xuan Kong hopes that Smart Brain's research will succeed, nor does it want its research to succeed.
In the past few days with Smart Brain, Xuan Kong already knows what Smart Brain is doing, and several times he wants to destroy Smart Brain research.
But because the research results here are only a small part, more are on the Lingwang Palace.
So Xuan Kong resisted every time at a critical moment because he also needed Smart Brain to take him to the Lingwang Palace.
Only in the Lingwang Palace can the research on Smart Brain be truly destroyed and the source of evil spirits be destroyed.
And this time has come.
"Go, Xuanxuan, follow me to the Lingwang Palace, it's time for us to come to the world!" Smart Brain laughed for a while, finally calmed down, and greeted Xuan Kong, at this time Smart Brain seemed to have already I trust Xuan Kong very much.
Because the research can be successful, Xuan Kong's credit is also great from Smart Brain's point of view. Xuan Kong solves many important places.
"Yes, Smart Brain Spirit Captain!" Xuan Kong said immediately after hearing the words, his voice filled with excitement.
"Who are you?" Looking at the little girl in a palace costume suddenly appearing in front of her, Xuan Nv said coldly, cold air came from her body, and the air around him seemed to freeze.
Although Xuan Nv asked like this, she actually had some guesses about the identity of the little girl in the palace costume. Perhaps she is that the little girl Su Yu said, called Ling.
"My name is Ling! Xuan Zhen should have told you about me!" Ling said gently.
Xuan Nv heard and her eyes flash, “it is her.” she said in her heart, and asked, "why do you come to me?"
"I'm here to tell you that time is running out. Smart Brain's research has been successful. Ling King will soon begin to devour the world's ontology. The source of evil spirits will also be opened to the maximum. Ling Captain of this world is born. Will soon come into this world!
If you want to stop, just take advantage of it now, otherwise, you won't have time! "
Ling said, talking, the body of Ling gradually became transparent, and then completely disappeared, leaving only a small voice of Ling: "Be sure to stop Ling King's plan, be sure!"
"Stop, don't go, what exactly do you mean?" Xuan Nv asked and reached out to grab Ling, but she got nothing.
Xuan Nv's face becomes slightly dark. After watching the place where Ling disappeared for a few seconds, the figure flew in the direction of the Lingwang Palace. Xuan Nv had a bad hunch at this moment, and could not care about hiding herself. You must enter Lingwang Palace.
And Xuan Nv has no patience anymore. I feel that waiting this way is not the way. Rather than waiting for a good time to enter the Lingwang Palace, it is better to create it yourself.
The closer to the Lingwang Palace, Xuan Nv found that the guards of the Lingwang Palace became more stringent, and the number of guards was obviously more than when she observed these days.
Xuan Nv knew from the time that the Lingwang Palace had something new.
"who’s there?"
Although Xuan Nv has tried to hide her whereabouts, under the uninterrupted patrol of a team of spirit guards, Xuan Nv was found the moment she approached the Lingwang Palace, and some guard spirits came towards her with a drink.
Xuan Nv saw and coldly said, and a piece of ice was cut out. Wherever she passed, soldiers turned into ice sculptures, and half of the street was frozen instantly.
However, there were too many spirit soldiers guarding the Lingwang Palace. Xuan Nv froze a batch and was immediately discovered by more spirit soldiers.
In a moment, a war broke out in front of the Lingwang Palace.
Xuan Nv stands guard against the Lingwang Palace alone.
"as Majesty Ling King said, a mouse sneaked into the kingdom. Want to undermine Majesty's plan? Huh ..."
When Xuan Nv fought with the guard spirits, a pair of eyes flashing with black thunder opened in a room, snorted coldly.
Alas, a flash of black electric light, a figure in this room seems to disappear out of thin air, usually disappeared.
"Did the second King start to save himself? Hey, I won't let him succeed, real-world must come, although you are also a king!"
A deep pool sounded a cold sound. When the sound of the sound began, the water in the deep pool began to boil, and a figure stepped out at the bottom of the deep pool.
With a bang, a mountain peak collapsed, and a huge figure stood up among the broken mountain peaks. It was a rock giant, 100 meters tall, and a pair of stone eyes looked in the direction of the kingdom: "Are you going to start? Do you want to take action when the selection of the King's Guard and Ling Captain is slightly weak?
It seems that the mice sneaking into the kingdom still have a bit of a brain, but if I am buried in the thick soil and reincarnation, everyone will enter the reincarnation! "
Padma Higanbana on the battlefield, watching Su Yu fight with Shan. When Xuan Nv fought with the guard spirit soldier, he took a moment to sting, and then returned to normal, but if you look closely, you can find that the corner of Padma Higanbana's mouth There was a smile of icy coldness, and the two lotus flowers in the pupils quickly turned.
"Well..." Xuan Kong looked up at the huge machine like a tower in front of him, and couldn't help shaking it.
On the high tower, a vortex with a diameter of about one meter is slowly rotating. Through the vortex, you can see that the water is shaking, and there are ghost images of evil spirits flying from all sides, and then disappear into the vortex.
Powerful launches continued from this tower, maintaining the rotation of the vortex.
Xuan Kong saw this and understood that the tower was undoubtedly the 'source of the evil spirits' they were looking for. This tower opened the channel between this dimensional world and this world and is constantly transporting the evil spirits into this world.
It is just because of the immature technology that this tower has a major flaw. At this moment, the tower can only open a passage through which evil spirits below the Xuan step can pass.
However, this shortcoming can be quickly remedied. In order to make up for the latest results of Smart Brain research, as long as some simple operations are performed, the tower can open the way to accommodate high-level evil spirits to the real world.